what to do?

Oh, what to do, what to do, what to do?

John can’t go to the gym. I SHOULD go anyway, but it’s Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tempting not to. I mean, hey, it’s Friday, I had a crummy week, Alex let me go home 20 minutes early…

Crud. I’m torn. Going would help me stay at the 139 weight. Not going would let me sloth around. I’m supposed to go out to eat tonight, so I SHOULD go. But how much damage can I possibly do with one meal? It’s meatless Friday and I can’t eat chocolate either…

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March 7, 2003

Happy Birthday PopPop!!!
Your card’s honestly, truly in the mail!

So yesterday I went home from work, slept for two hours, went out to eat (Olive Garden) had a glass of WINE with dinner, went home, went to bed. An evening that boring almost makes me think I don’t deserve to have a website, much less a blog.

Wt: Didn’t weigh. Still happy from yesterday…don’t want to lose that feeling yet, since I’m inevitably going to bounce around 140 for a while
Mood: Stressed
Work docket: Hot properties (waiting on ads), banner for Mall Chevy, start Jersey arts supplement
Afternoon plans: Maybe take it easy because…
Evening plans: Early dinner (to celebrate the 139-age and bring me back over 140 again for sure) and then to Williamstown Middle School to see John Blackwell perform in Jekyll and Hyde at 8:00. Aerlinthe quest at midnight. :)
Weekend: Saturday: Wings game at 1:00 pm. Sunday: unknown
Health: Still snotty.

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March 6, 2003

I’d like to thank the Academy….
139 lbs...w00t!
Yesssssssss! Yar! W00t! I AM the shiznit…I r0x0r! Check it out! For the first time since, oh, let’s say 1997, I see the 130s on the scale!! Go Kimmy! Go Kimmy! Go! Go! Go Kimmy! It’s your birthday! (insert hip-circle dance here)

(tosses confetti)

139.6! (shriek!!!)

(composes self)

Ahem…moving on with my day.

Wt: 139.6
Mood: Fricking jubliant! I’m about to go out and flip cars over in the parking lot as a display of enthusiasm
Work docket: More cut-n-paste monkey crap. Have to check Communities, do scrapbook, a banner for a car dealer, get trained for new ad server stuff.
Lunch plans: I’m going SHOPPING! Yar! W00t!!
Afternoon/evening plans: Don’t know, don’t care!!
Health: I was gonna call out sick today. I feel crummy. But I waddled to the scale, hopped on it, and the adrenaline just surged. So I’m here.

And if you’ll excuse me…I have some SUVs to flip!

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You gonna wipe that off?

“You gonna wipe that off?” David asked before we went to the YMCA tonight.

I giggled. “No…we keep it on all day,” I replied.

He was referring to the smudge of ashes upon my forehead. (It’s Ash Wednesday, and I’m a lapsed Catholic trying to get back to the Church.)

I guess to those who aren’t Catholic, my religion seems like some sort of voodoo paradise. Incense, statues, smearing burnt palm ashes on one’s forehead. But to me it’s just another day. Ash Wednesday is the one day you can definately tell who’s Catholic. Yes, I do notice your eyes creeping up to my forehead when you’re talking to me. It’s ok…I’m used to it. And yes, when we see other smudges, we smile knowingly at the bearers.

I made the 4:30 mass at St. Andrew’s — which happened to be the Religious Education (formerly called CCD) Ash Wednesday Mass. So basically I was the oldest one there without kids. Ash Wednesday is a somber day, and many of the hymns were the ones used at MomMom’s funeral, which added another touch of sadness.

Now, what does Lent mean as far as I’m concerned?

  1. Today, and every Friday until Easter is meatless. I usually screw this up somehow.
  2. Sunday Masses. Dunno what time that’ll be yet.
  3. I’m going to go to Confession for the first time in over 3 years. I’ll be sure to enter my list into my Palm Pilot. You think 8 MB of memory’s enough? We are talking three years worth of sinning here. :)
  4. Chocolate is my Lenten sacrifice. It should be challenging, since I do partake of chocolate milk and chocolate cookies.
  5. Another gallant attempt to be a kind and understanding person.

My job is becoming extremely frustrating. I honestly think I’m burning out, and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m a cut-n-paste monkey. I don’t create content — I just alter others’ content. I’m stagnant.

By the way, I weighed in this morning at 140.0…which I think is the lowest I’ve weighed since Operation Chrysalis began.

NOW, dears…I’ll wipe off the smudge and go to bed.

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