You’ve come a long way, baby!

You’ve come a long way, baby!

(phone rings)
Kim: Online Department, this is Kim speaking
Caller: Hello? Do you make the web site?
Kim: Yes, that’s what we do.
Caller: OK. I have a question about finding something on the web site.
Kim: Go right ahead, sir!
Caller: (pregnant pause) Are you the secretary?

I love that pregnant pause. It means, “Shouldn’t I be talking to a man about such scary, modern, techincal things as web sites and not some chick answering the phone?”

Nosir, this chick on the phone is the one who’ll be answering your questions today. She helps create and maintain this behemoth of a site. She codes and debugs. All in a skirt and heels. Any more questions?

Wt: 137.4, with hair soaking wet from shower. Wet hair weighs more, right?
Mood: Sleepy. Last night’s Bobo quest was very fun, but ended at 11:45ish. Luckily, our guild has an East Coast contingent ready to plan quests at more reasonable, East Coast Hours.
Work docket: Community guide, baby! Today I put the script into the template, get the rest of the town photos.
Lunch: Healthy Choice Chicken something or other. Or a subway sandwich and an Iced Chai. Not sure yet.
Afternoon: Going to try to nap so I’ll be awake for…
Evening: Yoga at 7:30. Oh yeah, and I have to pack for this weekend, since tomorrow will be a blur.

Yes, Dierdre is now 83. And last night was my last Tai Chi class. Summer’s ending! (sniff)

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July 29, 2003

David had a nice birthday. I gave him a new bathrobe, some snacky-foods from Harry & David’s and the first two seasons of M*A*S*H on DVD. I even managed to bake him a chocolate cake, replete with candles.

I think even those who live under a rock have heard about Bob Hope’s passing. To my mortification, the Courier-Post did a Commemorative section (with required full-page auto ad and cheesy appreciation column laced with lines from “Thanks for the Memory”). It’s not hard to look at the time, ink, and newsprint wasted on that section and realize why 18-34s don’t read newspapers. While I have an awareness of Bob Hope, by the time I reached my adult years he was pretty much out of the spotlight, or known for hanging with the almost-B list celebrities like Ann Jillian and Brooke Shields. He lived a full and magical life. He had family, friends, a robust career, and piles of money. He will live forever in Hollywood’s memory. How can we wish for more?

Wt: 137.6.
Mood: Peeved. No Static pictures were uploaded, and there’s a contest that supposed to run on the static page. We received maybe 1/15th of the information needed to put that info online, so I’ll have to retype from the paper.
Work docket: What I mentioned above, plus updates to Dateline, Hand section. There’s a post-it here that says “Expense Report!!” This refers to the Asbury Park trip last week. However, without the appropriate forms, I can’t do a proper expense report.
Lunch: Healthy Choice Sesame Chicken
Afternoon: To the gym, since I didn’t yesterday
Evening: Tai Chi at 6:30. Asheron’s Call Bobo quest (Dierdre’s first!) at 10:00pm, if I can be awake. I’ll probably try to level to 83 beforehand.

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July 28, 2003

Happy Birthday David!

It was a great weekend. Friday night we hung in, had Chinese Food, and played our games. Dierdre the Pain is now level 82. Practically 83. Saturday Mom and I hung by Sue’s pool. Saturday night, David, Mom, John, and I went to the Olive to celebrate David’s birthday. A very delicious (and expensive) meal it was, and it was topped off by a creme brulee! Yesterday, Mom and I shopped at the Promenade, a very snooty outdoor shopping lifestyle center. Ooo..I could *so* be an Ann Taylor girl if I could only justify spending $160 per outfit. Instead, I bought a sheath dress on sale at Strawbridges. I’d be wearing it today, but I lack the proper brassiere to wear with it. So today I don the cute lil’ denim number.

As part of my latest charge toward the elusive 135 lbs, I decided to shake up how I eat. I’m going to front-load my morning with the ever-trusty oatmeal and a pint of skim milk. I’m hoping that’ll take me until lunch without being hungry and hitting the vending machine mid-morn.

I’m excited about WDW this weekend, but I have a LOT to get through first. Let’s dive in!

Wt: 137.4 Highly unfair, given that I ate like a frat boy this weekend. I thought I’d be 141. Honest.
Mood: Overwhelmed at work ahead
Work: Glad you asked! Did Ingle/Faith. Waiting on some Hot Jobs. Will continue with community guide, but boss wants me to play with our shopping cart product.
Lunch: Have to run to Cherry Hill Mall (which, I guess, is NOT a lifestyle center) to pick up some last minute things. Will come back and have Healthy Choice Homestyle Chicken and Pasta, which will be the first addition to…
Afternoon: Start new section on site for reviews of lousy frozen diet meals. Hey, I’ve had almost every one… may as well share the knowledge, hm?
Evening: I’ll go to the gym, as penance for the weekend of hedonistic eating.

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This week’s Friday Five was so fun that I had to wait until I got home to actually do it. So I am proud to present to you….

internet_grrl  a story of girl meets URL

(geek alert…binary in the background is actual binary of my name, repeated 1.5 times…)

1. If your life were a movie, what would the title be?
InternetGrrl — the story of a woman who finds love, career, fun, and notoriety on the Internet, while maintaing a somewhat normal appearance to the non-Internet world. The passing time would be marked by shots of a “New, updated!” personal home page…each one using a tacky design technique. Like the time my homepage had 6 frames. *shudder*

2. What songs would be on the soundtrack?
Years ago there was a parody of Neil Sedaka’s “Calendar Girl” called “Internet Girl.” I’d want that to be in the movie somewhere
“Best of What’s Around” — DMB
“Beach Baby” — First Class
“The Way You Look Tonight” — Frank Sinatra
“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” –Mel Carter
“Beyond the Sea” — Bobby Darin
“In the Mood” — Brian Setzer Orchestra

See…I listen to a lot of old standards when I surf the web. I think the juxtaposition (SAT word!) of the old songs with the RL scenes would be fabulous. I’d also like the Dave Matthews Band to do some original songs. So I could meet ’em.

3. Would it be a live-action film or animated? Why?
Live-action, with touches of animation here and there, in an Ally McBeal sort of way.

4. Casting: who would play you, members of your family, friends, etc?
While it’s difficult to imagine who would play my family and friends, I told David many times that if there was a movie about us…the mains should be played by Bridget Fonda and Noah Wyle. Basically, cuter versions of us. :) Although she’s older than I am I think Bridget would make a great fit. She’s squinty like me!

5. Describe the movie preview/trailer.
You see a closeup of Kim’s (now Bridget Fonda) face. Her nerves are obviously jangled. Quick cut to a clock w/a second hand. Back to Kim. Back to clock. Kim’s tapping foot. Back to clock. Finally, you hear the sound of a dial-up modem connecting to the Internet. Kim relaxes into a smile, obviously relieved. Sound of mail notifier (not “You’ve Got Mail” though…that’s too AOL, and it’s been taken). Kim pumps her fist. Follow it up with scenes of meeting David in person, our side-by-side computers, comical scenes of David and I yelling at each other as our fellowed game characters die in one of the games we’ve played.

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