October 7, 2003 – afternoon

Afternoon update:

I expressed my concerns about the ill-worded email to my boss. I don’t want to file a formal complaint. I don’t want to start trouble. But if I didn’t say what I thought.–nay, what I believed — then I’m a coward. Now if someone asks my boss, he’ll have to say he knows somebody who was offended. FWIW, others were equally appalled at the email.

I added two more entries to Freezer Burn. That makes 17 meals! I downloaded MySQL so that I can start databasing this stuff, thereby making it searchable. But the software has very little documentation and looks so frightening! I think I need to buy a book.

Now I’m going to dig up a sports bra and go to the gym. If I wasn’t eating so many minature candy bars, I’d skip.

Oh, and yes, the hair was flat by 8:30. (sigh)

October 7, 2003 – morning

A momentous morning…I threw out my very-worn Minnie Mouse makeup case and replaced it with a chic black one with a pink lowercase “k” on it. What a very grown-up thing to do!

Another grown-up thing: I’m considering registering a political party affiliation…but I’m concerned that as soon as I do so, I will be inundated with requests for money.

Set my hair in hot rollers today, since I woke up at 3:00ish. By the time the world troops in, my hair will be straight again.

Speaking of…3:00 am seems to be a good time to get out of bed. I can shower up, take time getting ready, and even get an hour of Asheron’s Call in before having to go to work!

Yesterday, an email was sent to everyone in the building regarding a project. Without risking getting myself into trouble, if the text of the email had the word “black” in it where the word “white” was, the lawsuits would be flying. I saw the mail over 90 minutes ago and am still in shock. I’m afraid to complain about it, though. Isn’t that horrid?

Just like I’m afraid to take any more sick days this year. I get 10. I’ve used 5 (4 for my illnesses, 1 for the non-blogable worries of last month). If you use almost all of your sick days in one year, it is held against you in the form of a lower raise. This is open policy. So despite our paper’s health reporter writing: Flu and other cold viruses are easily transmittable, but that common-sense knowledge is often ignored by people who believe they must show up for work when sick, we don’t practice what we preach.

Mood: Was pleasant until I got to work today — now I’m irritable
Work docket: Did hand section, checked static. Going to continue work on the millionaire section, since I was informed I don’t have all of the logos for the sponsors. I knew that — I requested the logos on 9/22 — but wasn’t given them until yesterday. Because I wasn’t given the logos, I had to hunt them out online. I think I’m doing the weekly numbers today as well. Joy.
Lunch: Smart Ones Turkey Breast with some sort of side
Afternoon: Walk the Hopeslayer, head to YMCA
Evening: Coffee ‘n’ Coping with Mom’n’John at Starbucks.

October 6, 2003 – evening

I don’t talk about him much…because he’s kind of shy and doesn’t want to be all over my site. But I have to tell you…my husband’s a real winner. I came home to a cleaned up living room, kitchen, and lots of laundry done, and the Hopeslayer walked. Such a treasure!

I cleaned up the garden from the balcony to prepare for fall things. And now I’m sitting here, bored to death. Hey! I think I’ll go to the mall!!

(zips out the door)

October 6, 2003

Kim’s rules for early morning walkers/joggers:

1) Realize that I envy you for your committment to fitness. Getting out in the dark of morning to engage in such a demanding physical activity is a Herculean task.

2) Remember that even at that unGodly hour, there are motorists travelling the highways and byways of our great land. Some are going to work. Others have insomnia. We’re all sleepy, because unlike you, it’s not our choice to be out before sunrise.

3) Two teeny pieces of reflective tape on the backs of your sneakers will not help me see you. All I’ll see is brief flashes of reflected light above the road. Untill I see the rest of you pass beneath a streetlight, (or God forbid beneath my tires,) I won’t realize that there is potentially 5+ feet of object above those flashes of light.
     3a) And if I’m approaching you head-on…I don’t see those teeny strips on the back of your sneakers at all.

If you choose not to wear a stitch of reflective clothing, please don’t wear all black! What are you trying to prove? That you prepaid your funeral?

5) Do consider those dorky reflective safety vests worn by construction workers, crossing guards, and me at the yard sale two weeks ago. Very lightweight, and I can see you from blocks away. I may even smile and nod a greeting at you while I drive by. How about sticking reflective tape to your shirt in a smiley-face pattern? I’d love that.

And a special shout-out to the two (occasionally three) ladies who cut through our parking lot at 5:20 am during their morning walk: Please don’t give me dirty looks for pulling into the parking lot. I work here. But thanks for wearing the dorky vests!

Wt: 143.8
Mood: Middling. Being sick is really weighing on me. Since August!
Work docket: Already did the Ingle column. We don’t have “Hot Jobs” anymore on Mondays, but I do have one “Not Job” to do. Inside joke. Two Swift ads to track down. And I’m going to try to crank out some Letters to the Editor PERL magic before the world troops in.

The Millionaire Mania contest is on, and the site was finished on deadline. Like the gold? The logo was already designed — all other graphics and coding are my own. I’m proud of it.

Lunch plans: Smart Ones barbecue chicken. Pray for me.
Afternoon/Evening: Take the Hopeslayer out for a rousing walk. Restart laundry. Clean kitchen. Vacuum. Call maintenance for broken toilet.
Days until vacation:12
The world of Max: He “Sit“s on command. Am now working on “Down” and “Omigosh stop chewing that!!

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