July 28, 2003

Happy Birthday David!

It was a great weekend. Friday night we hung in, had Chinese Food, and played our games. Dierdre the Pain is now level 82. Practically 83. Saturday Mom and I hung by Sue’s pool. Saturday night, David, Mom, John, and I went to the Olive to celebrate David’s birthday. A very delicious (and expensive) meal it was, and it was topped off by a creme brulee! Yesterday, Mom and I shopped at the Promenade, a very snooty outdoor shopping lifestyle center. Ooo..I could *so* be an Ann Taylor girl if I could only justify spending $160 per outfit. Instead, I bought a sheath dress on sale at Strawbridges. I’d be wearing it today, but I lack the proper brassiere to wear with it. So today I don the cute lil’ denim number.

As part of my latest charge toward the elusive 135 lbs, I decided to shake up how I eat. I’m going to front-load my morning with the ever-trusty oatmeal and a pint of skim milk. I’m hoping that’ll take me until lunch without being hungry and hitting the vending machine mid-morn.

I’m excited about WDW this weekend, but I have a LOT to get through first. Let’s dive in!

Wt: 137.4 Highly unfair, given that I ate like a frat boy this weekend. I thought I’d be 141. Honest.
Mood: Overwhelmed at work ahead
Work: Glad you asked! Did Ingle/Faith. Waiting on some Hot Jobs. Will continue with community guide, but boss wants me to play with our shopping cart product.
Lunch: Have to run to Cherry Hill Mall (which, I guess, is NOT a lifestyle center) to pick up some last minute things. Will come back and have Healthy Choice Homestyle Chicken and Pasta, which will be the first addition to…
Afternoon: Start new section on site for reviews of lousy frozen diet meals. Hey, I’ve had almost every one… may as well share the knowledge, hm?
Evening: I’ll go to the gym, as penance for the weekend of hedonistic eating.

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This week’s Friday Five was so fun that I had to wait until I got home to actually do it. So I am proud to present to you….

internet_grrl  a story of girl meets URL

(geek alert…binary in the background is actual binary of my name, repeated 1.5 times…)

1. If your life were a movie, what would the title be?
InternetGrrl — the story of a woman who finds love, career, fun, and notoriety on the Internet, while maintaing a somewhat normal appearance to the non-Internet world. The passing time would be marked by shots of a “New, updated!” personal home page…each one using a tacky design technique. Like the time my homepage had 6 frames. *shudder*

2. What songs would be on the soundtrack?
Years ago there was a parody of Neil Sedaka’s “Calendar Girl” called “Internet Girl.” I’d want that to be in the movie somewhere
“Best of What’s Around” — DMB
“Beach Baby” — First Class
“The Way You Look Tonight” — Frank Sinatra
“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” –Mel Carter
“Beyond the Sea” — Bobby Darin
“In the Mood” — Brian Setzer Orchestra

See…I listen to a lot of old standards when I surf the web. I think the juxtaposition (SAT word!) of the old songs with the RL scenes would be fabulous. I’d also like the Dave Matthews Band to do some original songs. So I could meet ’em.

3. Would it be a live-action film or animated? Why?
Live-action, with touches of animation here and there, in an Ally McBeal sort of way.

4. Casting: who would play you, members of your family, friends, etc?
While it’s difficult to imagine who would play my family and friends, I told David many times that if there was a movie about us…the mains should be played by Bridget Fonda and Noah Wyle. Basically, cuter versions of us. :) Although she’s older than I am I think Bridget would make a great fit. She’s squinty like me!

5. Describe the movie preview/trailer.
You see a closeup of Kim’s (now Bridget Fonda) face. Her nerves are obviously jangled. Quick cut to a clock w/a second hand. Back to Kim. Back to clock. Kim’s tapping foot. Back to clock. Finally, you hear the sound of a dial-up modem connecting to the Internet. Kim relaxes into a smile, obviously relieved. Sound of mail notifier (not “You’ve Got Mail” though…that’s too AOL, and it’s been taken). Kim pumps her fist. Follow it up with scenes of meeting David in person, our side-by-side computers, comical scenes of David and I yelling at each other as our fellowed game characters die in one of the games we’ve played.

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July 25, 2003

The new top that I was SO excited about wearing to work today now has me afraid I’m going to be brought up on indecency charges. It’s not a bad top in the least. It’s sleeveless and v-neck, but no lower than tops I’ve worn before, and let’s face it, I’m no Pam Anderson. But it’s not a Friday-friendly polo shirt, so now I feel like a trollop. Let’s just hope the air conditioning isn’t intense today.

Wt: 138.8. JUST in time for pool party tomorrow. I have noone to blame but myself though.
Mood: Timid
Work docket: Grabbing Hot Properties stuff now, then will dive into the Community Guide stuff, which editorial has FINALLY finished with. Now it’s up to me to get it into shape. Lots of “stuff” today!
Lunch plans: Brought a Lean Cuisine Beef Portobello meal today. You know, there needs to be a place with reviews of these crappy frozen meals.
Afternoon: Well, I suppose I should head to the gym, shouldn’t I?
Evening: Nothing planned. Maybe I’ll update LadyGypsy.net
Weekend: There is a pool party at my cousin’s house tomorrow afternoon. And David’s birthday is Monday, so maybe we can do something in commemoration. I’ll leave it up to him.

One week ’til I go to Walt Disney World for the weekend. I’ve been keeping this SO on the down-low here at work. Boss and co-worker think I go too often anyway.

I’m going to do the Friday Five later today — I have too much work to get into now. But I’ll leave you with this: In Star Wars galaxies, I have two players. One is a scout. One is a dancer/entertainer. My scout needs to beg for assistance, is short on cash, and is having a difficult time in general. My dancer, who I hardly play, has already trained her first skill level, been in two groups, and has made a fair chunk of cash. She rarely leaves the cantina — except to go to the bank. :) I could have some serious fun with her. I’m seriously thinking of rerolling the scout as a dancer so I can be on a server with more people that I know.

Darn. Here comes the air conditioning.

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July 24, 2003

It’s alive!

…and all it took to get me back online was a new modem, new network card and a new cable to connect them both. Well, plus the technician to do it all.

I tore into my parking lot at 1:55 pm for my 2:00 pm appointment to find the Comcast van already in the parking lot. He’d arrived at 1:30, according to David, who hadn’t slept yet when I got home and mouthed the words, “Please let me go to sleep” when he saw me. *smirk*

Even after the new hardware was installed, it took some time for the connection to return. Like in the movies where the drowning victim is pulled from the ocean, and even after being ‘treated’ still lays limply on the ground. Only after you think they’re doomed do they start coughing up water and returning to the land of the living. We held our breath and waited those interminable seconds. Finally, when the tech decided to call Comcast for support, the modem coughed to life. I think the connection’s speedier now.

Wt: Dunno. Trying desperately to counter the inner demon who makes me hit the vending machine at 10:30 am and who prompts me to eat chips instead of lite popcorn after work.
Mood: A bit sleepy and sore. We had a sub last night for yoga who worked us a bit harder. However, I did manage to get into Plow pose.
Work: Communities looks great. Grabbing scrapbook photos as I type (ah…the benefits of Photoshop actions)
Lunch: With 83 cents in my purse and no more frozen lunches, looks as if I’m out to get my allowance from the Commerce ATM (hopefully no paranoic schizophrenics in the lobby) and grab a sandwich.
Afternoon: Still waiting to beta-test the “sleep in the afternoon and less at night” theory.
Evening: Blessedly, NOTHING planned.

Happy Birthday, Sue!

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