Almost Easter

Yes, I’m back! (waves to her three readers)

It’s pretty funny…I missed chronicling my daily activities. Even as mundane as they are. So, to wrap up my last 10 days…

Weight: Low of 137.2. High of 143.8. I’ll never get to 135 by the time I leave for my trip. I’m now OK with that, since I’m firmly into size 8 jeans, shorts, and skirts.

Mood: Still bummed about many things, but not to the sobbing point I was when I wasn’t blogging.

Asheron’s Call: Dierdre the Pain is 63. Muireann (my archer) is 40!! Forty levels in three weekends. Pain took 2 1/4 years to make it to 63.

May Disney Vacation: We switched our reservation to the Polynesian. We are pleased.

Hair: Mickey has his spring haircut. I’m getting red ‘low-lights’ this afternoon. Because it’s not really a new season until I alter my hair.

Lent: I’ve gotten used to meatless Fridays. I miss chocolate with a passion, and will probably need to borrow Mickey’s insulin on Easter Sunday. I think it would have been easier had I given up Asheron’s Call!

Baking: Mom and I are baking Easter Bread on Thursday and Friday — it’s MomMom’s recipe. Although MomMom couldn’t bake for us last year, it will be tough knowing she isn’t here to tell us that hers was better. ;) If I can find an inexpensive webcam that doesn’t make me look like I’m 58 years old, I’ll fire it up while I bake. That’s a big IF.

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Today is our Sixth Wedding Anniversary!

Today is our Sixth Wedding Anniversary!

I got weighed today and was 137.4 Only 2.4 pounds til goal. Inconceivable. Maybe this is payback for the days I seemingly ate nothing but sprouts and still gained.

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Ugh…what’s WRONG with me?

Ugh…what’s WRONG with me? It’s like I don’t care about anything anymore. This has got to change. Stat.

Wt: Oh, please. I’ve been eating old-school these past few days. I’m not getting weighed until NEXT week.
Mood: Blah.
Work: Hot Properties, various sundry boring things. Dumbing down things for the least common denominator. Cleaning up the newsroom’s mistakes.
Lunch: Lenten Meatless Friday. Which is good. It’ll keep me away from Fast food. I have to buy an anniversary card for David, and pick up a swanky Swanky Bubbles Dress. What do you think about this one?
Afternoon: YMCA.
Evening: Food shopping. Get Muireann up to level 30. Maybe level Pain.
Saturday: ANNIVERSARY DAY! Dinner at Swanky Bubbles
Sunday: Church at 8:30 am. Lunch with Blackwells at ChiChi’s in Deptford.

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Didn’t go to gym yesterday either.

Didn’t go to gym yesterday either. I’ve been feeling so sluggish lately. I slept after work until Mom called asking if I wanted to go to Goodfellas with them. I never say no to food, so off I went. Had about 1/3 of the baked ziti dinner before I felt full. Took the rest home for David. Later, I played Asheron’s Call for about an hour with Dierdre the Pain. She’s progressing quite nicely. My second April Fool joke was when I posted on the Obsidian Knights board that I was quitting the game. ;)

Wt: 139.6. Plateau city, baby! If I could JUST get down to 138 again before my anniversary….
Mood: Still tired and blue. :/
Work docket: Launch ICON customer service stuff when I get the goahead. Update recipes. Continue to redesign the scripts and pages that time forgot. :)
Lunch: Not sure. I brought a Healthy Choice lunch. But as we know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And I’ve personally paved MILES of that road.
Evening: Yoga.

I need to get a swanky lil’ dress for our Anniversary Dinner at Swanky Bubbles on Saturday night.

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