July 24, 2003

It’s alive!

…and all it took to get me back online was a new modem, new network card and a new cable to connect them both. Well, plus the technician to do it all.

I tore into my parking lot at 1:55 pm for my 2:00 pm appointment to find the Comcast van already in the parking lot. He’d arrived at 1:30, according to David, who hadn’t slept yet when I got home and mouthed the words, “Please let me go to sleep” when he saw me. *smirk*

Even after the new hardware was installed, it took some time for the connection to return. Like in the movies where the drowning victim is pulled from the ocean, and even after being ‘treated’ still lays limply on the ground. Only after you think they’re doomed do they start coughing up water and returning to the land of the living. We held our breath and waited those interminable seconds. Finally, when the tech decided to call Comcast for support, the modem coughed to life. I think the connection’s speedier now.

Wt: Dunno. Trying desperately to counter the inner demon who makes me hit the vending machine at 10:30 am and who prompts me to eat chips instead of lite popcorn after work.
Mood: A bit sleepy and sore. We had a sub last night for yoga who worked us a bit harder. However, I did manage to get into Plow pose.
Work: Communities looks great. Grabbing scrapbook photos as I type (ah…the benefits of Photoshop actions)
Lunch: With 83 cents in my purse and no more frozen lunches, looks as if I’m out to get my allowance from the Commerce ATM (hopefully no paranoic schizophrenics in the lobby) and grab a sandwich.
Afternoon: Still waiting to beta-test the “sleep in the afternoon and less at night” theory.
Evening: Blessedly, NOTHING planned.

Happy Birthday, Sue!

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She still lives, but her internet connection’s dead!

She still lives, but her internet connection’s dead!
So yesterday afternoon, I’m curled in my chair in my post sick-day stupor (for it was after 2 pm, and therefore I was again heading toward another day of work) reading RealSimple and wondering if I should try to turn Basil (see garden page) into pesto. It was a dark and stormy afternoon, and the rumblings of summer thunderstorms surrounded Chez Kim.

FLASH! A bolt of lightning…

BAM! A crash of thunder…

POP! Something popping behind me as the lights flickered ever so slightly.

(and the much less dramatic thumpthumpthump of overweight cats running for cover)

After I got my bearings, I checked vital signs. Lights on. VCR clock still on. PC monitors on. OK. All good. (Though it woke David from his slumber)

I put the magazine down, and go to the RealSimple website for the pesto recipe. Can’t connect.

Unplug modem. Replug modem. Reboot. Nothing.
Unplug modem. Replug modem. Reboot. Nothing.

Instead of three happy flashing green lights, I have two flashing green lights, and a sickly flashing orange one in between.

Oh, craptastic. I’m SURE that was the popping noise. David (maintaining that my modem could not have popped) and I run out to grab some prescriptions and get them filled. I charge back into the apartment at 6:00pm like a kid on Christmas morning. SURELY it was better?

Nope. Called Comcast, got a great customer service rep who, after guidng me through the requisite “Unplug modem. Replug modem. Reboot” routine, sets up a service appt for today between 2pm and 6pm. Modem may be fried. No prob…tech guy can switch them out if need be.

At 7:30, we find the green light is back on. Huzzah! But no…can’t connect. Unplug modem. Replug modem. Reboot. Nothing. Call Comcast back w/the recent development. I’m guided through the winipcfg.exe utility, and still no connection is reached. Support rep says that it could be a bad network card. Ewww…now it’s getting scary. The service appt stands for 2-6 pm today.

Ohno! Could Orrin Hatch have managed to break my PC because I downloaded those two MP3s last night??? Devious man.

But life goes on, because David’s PC is on DSL, so I can still surf about. (Smiles at those who mocked her for having two modes of connectivity in her house)

Moral: Thinking about cooking brings bad things.

(Note: The above was written last night…I’m not daft enough to spend 45 minutes blogging at work. Sheesh)

Wt: 139.0. And the self-sabotage continues. Doritos, anyone?
Mood: Anxious about cable modem issue…still queasy in the tum from yesterday.
Work: Did online mall, will update recipes and continue with Community Guide script. (And catch up on gossip from yesterday)
Lunch: Will only do 30 minutes today, and leave at 1:30 to make my 2-6 pm window. I brought a Lean Cuisine meal…Fiesta somethingorother. Makes me queasy thinking about it.
Afternoon: Snooze on chair while waiting for Comcast tech, who has no idea that whatever he does will end up on my blog.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30. Hopefully I won’t have to run to COMPUSA before hand for a new network card.

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She lives!

She lives!
I had a pretty crummy night last night so I called out of work today. Would you believe I woke up only two hours ago? Actually, I think I can’t eat junkfood anymore. It does a number on my stomach.

you wanna piece of me?Two months since Mickey’s passing, and I still have a hard time coming home and not seeing him. I was looking at some old photos, and I found this gem. I bought Mickey a sweater for Christmas last year. It was very cute — navy with white stars — but he hated it. It was also a bit small. He humored me and wore it twice. This is not the cutest picture of him by far, but he looks so perturbed and tough in it that you just have to laugh.

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What makes me smile on a Monday Morning

What makes me smile on a Monday Morning:
I live not far from a Melitta plant. According to their web site, they roast and package coffee there. It’s what I smell every morning when I drive by. That smell of fresh-ground coffee that makes even us non-coffee drinkers want to grab a hot cup. That smell that says, “Good morning!” and reminds me of waking up as a small girl to the smell of coffee perking. It’s been around as long as I remember — and since I know that some people live close to a paper mill or a fertilizer plant, I consider myself lucky that we live close to such a great-smelling factory. :)

In sad news, the yellow highlighter that I’ve been using at work for almost 4 years now has gone AWOL. It’s pink sister was swiped over a year ago. It’s ok though. I know where the stash is, and I availed myself (a benefit of working in the morning) of a new yellow and a new pink one. Straight from the box, not from someone else’s desk.

And speaking of desks, Damon’s is very tidy this morning. Much tidier than usual. Tidy enough that it makes me wonder if he’s coming in. Hmm…

Dierdre the Pain got her upgraded Mage armor last night. I’ll get a screenshot up later today. She’s almost level 79.

Mood: Sleepy.
Work docket: Did Ingle, will do hot jobs (ads *just* converted) and start on rewriting the community guide script.
Lunch: I brought Lean Cuisine Salisbury steak.
Afternoon: I’m finding that a nice 60-90 minute siesta in the afternoons makes me more productive in the evenings. I may research that further today.
Evening: Unknown. I’m toying with making some Strawberry Shortcake.

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