So I get up today…EARLY

So I get up today…EARLY! And I triumphantly take my shower, half-dry my hair…and I’m still early. In my infinite wisdom, I decide to lay on the bed for a moment or two whilst I decide what to wear. An HOUR later, I open my eyes, and it’s 5:37 (I’m supposed to be in work at 5:30, mind you).

Sweet merciful crap!

My hair dried all crinkly while I napped. I threw on some clothes (luckily they match) and got to work by 6:05. My heart is still racing.

Wt: Didn’t weigh this morning.
Mood: Feeling stupid for laying down. NEVER lay down in the morning. NEVER! (kicks self)
Work docket: I had to tweak the obit database a bit…it’s two files, totalling 35 MEGS, so it takes a while to download, manipulate, and upload. Just finished that. Online mall today…maybe a recipe update. I have a good idea of what Women on the Run will look like. That’s good…I’ve been thrashing with it for a few days now.
Lunch: As if! Because of my ineptitude, my lunch time has been whittled down to 25 minutes, in which I will nuke the Baked Potato from Monday.
Afternoon: Get sunglasses fixed (screw fell out) at Lenscrafters.Mail Father’s Day cards and get extra key made for Mom so she can check the cats while we’re away. Pack.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30. Guild festival meeting at 9:00. Finish packing.

Now I’ve got to go make sense of my hair.

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Big kids have feelings too, Mrs. Neidermayer

I’d offer a link to the Courier-Post’s coverage of the Devils’ win last night, but there’s no story. We don’t seem to think that anyone in SJ would care about a NJ team winning a championship. Instead, here’s the snarky “sour grapes” editorial from May.

Wt: 138.0. Headed back down. Again. I wanted to be trimmer for David’s reunion on Saturday, though.
Mood: For the first time in almost 4 weeks, I feel pleasant again.
Work docket: Static, Women on the Run Look/Feel. I can’t get a decent ‘theme’ going for that section. Everything I do looks silly.
Lunch: Will go get salad or subway
Afternoon: SHOULD go to the gym. We’ll see.
Evening: “Coffee and Coping” with Mom-n-John at *bux tonight.

Cold-hearted woman of the week: Carol Niedermayer, mother of NJ Devil Scott and Anaheim Duck Rob. Asked by the media which of her boys she wanted to win, she said she was rooting for Rob (younger bro), since Scott (older bro) had already won two cups. I totally understand her reasoning, but I think it was pretty classless of her to say it on national TV. Big kids have feelings too, Mrs. Neidermayer. Turns out Scott didn’t NEED you rooting for him, now did he?

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Yeah, baby!

Yeah, baby! Devils dominant at home again to win Cup

I skipped lunch at work and instead had Trader Ming’s (from Trader Joe’s) Kung Pao Chicken. It’s a frozen ‘kit’…only 240 calories per serving AND the bag only has 2.5 servings so there was no risk of going overboard. Other than that, I swung by Genuardi’s for some stuff, took a small nap, (which is why I’m chipper at 11:46 pm) and watched the Devil’s game.

Finally, I got to experience a summer day. It was 80 degrees and sunny (ah! my eyes!) this afternoon. Had lunch on the balcony in my white sleeveless sweater. I so missed the sensation of feeling the summer breeze and the sun’s warmth on my shoulders. Today was good for the soul.


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Weekend in a nutshell

Weekend in a nutshell: Rain. Devils lost. Potato chips. Chocolate Chip cookies. Mountain Dew. YMCA. Asheron’s Call. More rain.

Wt: Um…I don’t think so. Suffice it to say I’ll be eating nothing but veggies the rest of the week.
Mood: Depressed. I’m so tired of the rain it’s not even funny.
Work docket: Boss out of the office. Working on Hot Jobs (waiting for 5 ads to release). Did Ingle, Faith, and career updates. Will continue the Women on the Run Look/Feel
Lunch plans: Brought Smart Ones Baked potato and by God I will eat it because I NEEEEEED fat-free stuff in me.
Afternoon plans: I may ip-skay the gym today given that I went yesterday. Yes, Reader…I ate so poorly this weekend that we were compelled to hit the gym yesterday out of guilt. Then again, I need all the help I can get.
Evening plans: Food shopping so that I don’t have to exist on potato chips and soda. Stanley Cup Finals Game SEVEN tonight at the Continental Airlines Arena. Go Devils!

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