Yesterday was pretty uneventful.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I actually did go to the gym yesterday (15 min on treadmill, 10 assisted chinups, 60 stomach crunchies, weight work for knees, legs, and chest. I hurt.) I got Dierdre the Pain up to level 65 last night. This morning, Muireann hit 44.

I missed Church today, which makes me feel crummy. It’s pure laziness that keeps me in bed.

To do today:
Target: Purchase various household items
Storage Put away suitcase and cooler
Chores: Continue fab-u progress with laundry. Scoop out litter box. Tidy bathroom.
Material goods: I may pick up a new suit for tomorrow. I may be meeting with the President/Publisher of our paper, who is my boss’s boss. I met him once before, but I think that slipped his mind. If I don’t pick one up, I have two other suits in the closet I may go with.
Fun: Update Pay-per-view at Mom’s from 8-11.

The dog looks pretty hale and hearty today. I think he’s just happy not to be poked.

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I took Mickey to the vet this morning

I took Mickey to the vet this morning for a simple followup blood test. His sugar level was 18. That, Reader, is NOT good. NOT good at all. Normal blood sugar level for dogs and humans is 120ish. Eighteen is very close to seizure-level.

Doc gave the poor doggie some IV sugar (dexamathan-something) and some dextrose on the tongue to jack that number up a bit. We’re taking him off the insulin altogether for the weekend and bringing him in Monday morning for another followup.

Right now he’s sleeping on the chaise. I had some Berry Burst Cheerios before the vet appt and am filled with a lot of nervous energy, so I’m off to the gym.

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What a surreal evening.

What a surreal evening. David slept until 7pm. I fell asleep on the chaise after watching a bit of TV. That was around 8ish. David woke me up at 3am to go to bed, since I was looking a bit pretzel-like. I lay in bed and the mind started to wake up. I thought about if I had staged something for the site. If I didn’t, it would be gone all weekend. ( has two servers…staging and live. Changes made to the live server happen immediately. Staging overwrites live at 3:00 each morning. That lets us post tomorrow’s news. If I put something live and NOT on staging, it disappears at 3am) Hm. Tortured, I get back up, hop on the PC. Stuff is gone. Damn.

So I can’t let it be broken all weekend, given big raise and kudos given less than 24 hours prior, so I throw some clothes over my nightie and prepare to leave. David’s still awake so he offers to accompany. Go to the office, re-upload the stuff, (staging and live) and am out in about 10 minutes. Now we’re hungry, since we skipped dinner.

We stop at Starlite diner in Magnolia around 4:10ish for a bite to eat. Of ALL things, I end up eating an openfaced grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and tomato! I’m back in bed by 5:00 am and dream the psychadelic dreams of one who had grilled cheese w/bacon and tomato before bed. David hobbles in at 9am. I hobble out, since someone has to be awake to take Mickey to the vet at 11:00 for his blood test.

So that was my big “Celebrate the HUGE raise” evening. :)

I also missed our Guild Festival Meeting, which happened at 9pm EST…I feel like a real bum about that. :(

And while we’re at it:
Wt: 139.0. Not too shabby for one who had a freaking grilled cheese sandwich w/BACON and tomato before bed.

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Vet says that Mickey’s seizure(s) may be due to hypoglycemia

Vet says that Mickey’s seizure(s) may be due to hypoglycemia — meaning too much insulin. We knocked him down to 5 units twice daily, put him on Vasotec for his heart, move him to a whole fluid pill (he’s on a half now). Believe it or not, that’s actually good news. Vet believes Mickey’s treatable. We’ll take him back for more blood to be drawn tomorrow. From today’s blood tests, his liver and kidneys are functioning fine. We’re going to keep the Little Dog around with us as long as we can. :)

Tomorrow morn’s Vet appointment takes precedence over Body Pump. And it’s too chilly to go to the gym.

Another positive development of the day is that my salary has been ‘adjusted’ upward to the tune of (over) six grand. This will put me in line with what others in our parent company are making for doing my job. I am elated! I am also tired and imprisioned by inertia.

How was your day?

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