August 5, 2003

Today marks my 30 11/12th birthday. I only have one month less until I officially (according to mathematicians, anal-retentives, and folks-who-are-just-being-difficult) enter my 30s. And you know what? I’m OK. Seal up my 30th year. Put it in a hermetically sealed oil drum and chuck it to the bottom of the ocean. Between MomMom, and Mickey, and the job stress I had earlier this year, I’m ready to march onward. To the beat of my own drummer, natch!

Take a look at the picture to the right. Can you figure out where I am? Answer is below.

Wt: Continuing my self-sabotage kick. Still 140.8, and not remorseful about the cheesesteak and Mt. Dew I had last night.
Mood: Mischevious
Work Docket: Checked Static, Did Hand and Dateline sections. Doing Community Guide
Lunch: Will perhaps go to the Mall.
Afternoon: I enjoy taking a nap in the afternoons and staying up later at night. I swear I’m more lucid in the mornings when I do that.
Evening: See yesterday, since I didn’t accomplish any of it.
Where was I ?: Start highlighting with your mouse here:That’s me being all Betty Grable inside the “U” of the big “All Star Music” sign at WDW. It was either this picture or post the one with me taking a bite out of a hot dog from Casey’s. And don’t you think I embarrass myself enough already? :)End higlighting

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We’re survivors!

We’re survivors!

Four parks, two shopping meccas, two delayed flights, one nightclub and an unairconditioned shuttle bus later, I’m back at work. Honestly, the whole weekend seemed like a dream. I do, however, have photos to prove that it really happened. I didn’t get in the apartment until 9:00 last night. Naturally, I’m a bit tired!

Wt: 140.8 I had hot dogs, and ice cream, and french fries, and soda and pastries during my weekend.
Mood: Sleeeepy, but happy with my weekend. Trying to get into the Monday swing of things
Work docket: Hot jobs, community guide
Lunch: Subway sandwich. Out of frozen lunches.
Afternoon ZZzzzzzzzzz…
Evening Head to gym. Perhaps grab some stuff at Genuardi’s.

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Two women…four parks…one weekend

Two women…four parks…one weekend

Yippie-ki-yo-ki-yay! I’m out of here at 1 today (at the expense of my lunch hour). Our plane should touch ground at 6:20 pm. I’d love to be on property by 7:30. Needless to say, Erin and I are stoked about the weekend getaway. At first, the only toiletries I packed were a toothbrush and deodorant. Horrified that it looked like I was packing for a one-night-stand, I swung by CVS before work and picked a trial size toothpaste (was going to bum some from Erin), two razors and a trial size of shaving cream. Also bought replacement batteries for my Magical Moments Pin.

My hair still looks fantastic from yesterday. I wish I had the wherewithal to blow it out every morning like they do at the Salon. But I’d rather sleep in an extra 45 minutes. Wearing a kicky pink and blue WDW t-shirt and capri jeans (size 8 and baggy…yay!) and my Strawberry Shortcake socks. Of course, all the world sees of the socks are the pink band around the top. But I (and now you) know that they’re festooned with strawberries and a big pic of Strawberry Shortcake. Yes, I am almost 31 years old.

Mood: Excited. About the TRIP, you perv!
Work docket: The community guide will never end. Hot properties once I get the ($#&%# ads to convert. Also have some August housekeeping to do on the site.
Afternoon: Meet Erin at Mom’s at 1:30. Drive to Pacifico Airport Parking. Flight out at 3:55 pm.
Evening: Arrive in Orlando at 6:20. Mears shuttle to All Star Music. Dinner at the Magic Kingdom. Hopefully an e-ride night, and then off to Pleasure Island to close the joint.
Saturday: Animal Kingdom, Epcot (to preview the new Mission:Space attraction!), Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island.
Sunday: MGM and maybe another trip to DtD. Mears picks us up at 2:00…flight out of Orlando at 4ish. Back home at 7ish. Hope to be in apartment before David goes to work. :)

(ads still not #($&# converted…one more try)

ANd now…the Friday Five!

1. What time do you wake up on weekday mornings?
Alarm goes off at 3:30ish. I try to be out of bed before 4.

2. Do you sleep in on the weekends? How late?
Absolutely! Depending on how late I stay up, I’ll sleep in until 9:30. But my eyes will always open at 5:30 am. I just have to slam them shut again.

3. Aside from waking up, what is the first thing you do in the morning?
Use the loo and get weighed.

4. How long does it take to get ready for your day?
If I shower and blow out my hair the night before, and know what I’m wearing, I can be out of the apartment in about 20 minutes. If none of the above happens, it takes me about 45 minutes.

5. When possible, what is your favorite place to go for breakfast?
Since our Perkins closed, I’ve become quite a fan of Old Country Buffet.

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July 31, 2003


I did not sleep last night. I slept yesterday afternoon, and had a very relaxing/rejeuvinating yoga class. Got hungry at 11 pm-ish so I scooted to Wendy’s for a Combo #1 with cheese, without pickles. When I walked in the door, it hit me. Mickey used to love french fries. I sat and visualized how he used to get so excited and yappy when he smelled fries. Cantankerous little dustmop. Nevertheless, I was a wasted wreck for the rest of the evening/morning. Went hunting with the guild in AC to try to take my mind off of things. It’s amazing I managed to keep everyone healed — what a daze I was in!

So now it’s 4:24 am. I’m showered and ready for work. All I plan on doing now is putting some curls in my hair, getting dressed, and heading out. It’s going to be a loooooooooooooooooooong day.

Wt: Not today. :)
Mood: Calmed after a very cathartic evening. A bit nervous about how I’m going to get through the day. Not to worry, dear Reader…I’ve done this before. And I’m sure I’ll do this again.
Work Docket: I think my Community Guide project literally got 2 more weeks of work added to it. Plus I’ll do scrapbook, communities, and create a special ‘section’ for an ongoing series of community stories.
Lunch: Will grab a coffee from *bux and see if I can’t rest in my car for the hour.
Afternoon: Boy howdy…this is where it gets fun. At 2:30 I have an appointment at Salon at the Ritz for a hair cut, highlights, and brow wax (since I’m starting to resemble Bert from Sesame Street again.)
Evening: At 6:00, I’m meeting Mom, Sue, Tricia, and Aunt Dee at the Olive for fun, drinks, and music to celebrate Sue’s 39th birthday. (Geez, Louise…Sue’s 39…in my mind she’ll always be a pretty teenager because that’s how I remember her when I was a little girl) There’s a guild meeting at 9:00 pm. I may or may not make it. I should hurl myself into bed as soon as I come home from the Olive.

Oh yeah…have I mentioned that I’m going AWAY Friday immediately after work? I packed my clothes tonight. Will pack toiletries Friday morning.

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