Mickey will be at the vet overnight

Mickey will be at the vet overnight tonight, and perhaps tomorrow night as well. His sugar level’s still over 400. Tomorrow, they’ll do blood tests every 2 hours tomorrow and tweak his insulin until it gets under control. (sigh) I think I cried for about 2 hours tonight. I’m wiped. We went to visit him tonight, and he looks TONS better than he did this morning — that’s heartening.

I have no human children. These pets ARE my children. My heart aches like any mother’s heart would ache.

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So the Vet got mad at David…

So the Vet got mad at David because we gave Mickey 3 units of insulin this morning when we were expressly told not to. If he was hypoglycemic, the insulin would have killed him. Of course, we KNEW he wasn’t hypoglycemic, because the symptoms displayed were diabetic ones. (sigh) Turns out the insulin helped the dog out a bit. However, he lost 2 pounds this weekend. :( The Vet decided to keep Mickey there for the day to monitor him, test his blood count, and basically figure out what the hell is going on. This is the same freaking thing that happened with Noelle years ago, and I’m suitably nervous.

In other news, I think the Big Boss forgot about meeting me. And the water in the building is shut off, so nobody can use the bathroom.

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Mickey took a turn for the worse last night.

Mickey took a turn for the worse last night. It seems that a weekend without any insulin at all wasn’t good for him. He made ‘spitting-up’ noises every half hour or so last night, and did spit up once on the floor. This morning, he wouldn’t stand up, and had his head cocked at almost a 90-degree angle, with his right ear to the floor and left one straight up. When he tried to stand, he wobbled, stumbled, and would lay back down. He looks drunk. Basically, he’s dizzy, which is a sign of a diabetic without insulin. After a quick consult with David, I gave him three units of insulin this morning and came in to work. David will take him to the vet at 9:00.

Besides the 2 hours or so of fitful sleep, I’m in a new blue/green linen suit (how do you keep linen from wrinkling when you sit?) and the epitome of professionalism. Just pardon my yawns.

Wt: 139.0 Hey! I held the same weight all weekend!
Mood: Concerned about dog. Nervous about potential meeting w/Big Boss.
Work docket: Hot Jobs (waiting for ads now), piddly online job fair, banners and stuff.
Lunch plans: brought Smart Ones Mac and Cheese
Afternoon Plans: (all plans tentative until I hear about dog) YMCA, scoop out catboxes
Evening Plans: Probably sit and stare at dog.

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Yesterday was pretty uneventful.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I actually did go to the gym yesterday (15 min on treadmill, 10 assisted chinups, 60 stomach crunchies, weight work for knees, legs, and chest. I hurt.) I got Dierdre the Pain up to level 65 last night. This morning, Muireann hit 44.

I missed Church today, which makes me feel crummy. It’s pure laziness that keeps me in bed.

To do today:
Target: Purchase various household items
Storage Put away suitcase and cooler
Chores: Continue fab-u progress with laundry. Scoop out litter box. Tidy bathroom.
Material goods: I may pick up a new suit for tomorrow. I may be meeting with the President/Publisher of our paper, who is my boss’s boss. I met him once before, but I think that slipped his mind. If I don’t pick one up, I have two other suits in the closet I may go with.
Fun: Update LadyGypsy.net. Pay-per-view at Mom’s from 8-11.

The dog looks pretty hale and hearty today. I think he’s just happy not to be poked.

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