Training went….ok

Training went….ok. I didn’t die. But I did muck up the booklets. Damn. Luckily Damon went back to our area and ran off copies of the corrected page. :)

Mickey seems better. He’s only ‘honked’ a few times. Nothing like the 20 minute or longer ‘honk’ sessions he had yesterday. I’m wiped out from lack of sleep last night, but now I have to hem leg TWO of David’s pants. I have 3 hours in which to do it. :)

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(breathing into paper bag)

(breathing into paper bag)

Less than 10 minutes until I run my training session. I have 15 booklets hot from the copier. Stapled and ready to go. All the info they need is in that booklet, so if my heart explodes while I’m presenting, they’ll get the point.

On a positive note, this is good resume-fodder.

On a negative note, I think every drop of saliva has dried up from my mouth.

On a canine note, David gave some cough syrup to Mickey, and he stopped coughing. We’re hoping it’s merely an infection.

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When the doggie’s asleep, he doesn’t cough.

When the doggie’s asleep, he doesn’t cough. When he’s awake, he coughs. He woke up about three times last night, and each time spent 20 minutes coughing. It reminds me of the honk of a goose. I hope the neighbors don’t complain.

So I got very little sleep last night, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus, and to top that off, I feel guilty for leaving him alone until David gets home. What a rotten mom. But it’s not like I DO anything when he coughs. I just pet him and tell him he’ll be ok. He’ll take his second antibiotic pill today. I hope he feels better. We’re to call the vet this morning to update him.

Wt: after yesterday, are you kidding?
Moods: Guilt-ridden, sleepy, terrified about training.
Work docket: Conference call at 10:00. Training session at 1:00. Must prepare handouts for 1:00 training.
Lunch plans: veggie sub. Gotta get back on track.
Afternoon plans: Hem other leg of David’s pants. Have you noticed yet how LONG it takes me to do chores?
Evening plans: Yoga at 7:30. I hope that we don’t have to make a trip back to the vet. :(

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or maybe get a “Freedom Manicure?

…or maybe get a “Freedom Manicure?” Yes, I’m still giggling over the Freedom fries.

I came home from work bearing a Donato’s Mariachi pizza, when David informed me that Mickey had been coughing all morning. :( Not just a “I drank too much water” or “I inhaled cat litter” cough, but a very loud, grating cough. “Please, God,” I silently prayed, “don’t take my dog.” The best vet appointment we could get was at 5:15pm. But poor doggie coughed and coughed. So we bundled him into the car and headed to Clementon Animal Hospital to get checked out. We cancelled the vet appointment from the cell phone. About a mile from the hospital, a horrible thing happened.

The dog stopped coughing.

We pulled into the parking lot and waited. Still no coughs. Ugh. So we bring our healthy-and-vibrant looking dog to the front desk and explain ourselves. But because the hospital wasn’t in “emergency” hours, they said since he was stable, we had to go to our vet.

Back into the car and home we go. David reclaims our appointment via the cell phone. We trundle back upstairs.

Dog starts coughing again.

David hurls himself into bed. I hang out with Mickey. Eventually, he stops coughing and naps on the chaise. I curl up with him and listen to him breathe. He started coughing again about 20 minutes before the appointment. When the time comes, I leash him up, and head to the vet. Two seconds before we enter the vet’s office, the unthinkable occurs.

Dog stops coughing.

I love my dog. Truly I do. But at that point I was irked. Luckily, Voorhees Veterinary Office (who has made a bundle from us through the years) believed me. They took Mickey to the back for a chest xray. (ka-ching) He has heart issues, and diabetes, so I was fearing the worst. Well, plus I was fearing that they’d find something scandalous lodged in his throat. Like cat litter. Or a pair of my underwear.

Dr. Mason said the X-rays were good (hurray!) and gave us antibiotic (ka-ching) to treat a possible respiratory infection. One pill, twice a day. Meaning his morning routine will consist of an insulin shot, fluid pill and an antibioticpill. Anything else and I may as well hire a health aide. I come home with a happy dog and a lighter wallet.

Of course, the dog starts coughing again. I wrap his pill into a slice of turkey and it’s swallowed in an instant. Now he’s sleeping on the chaise. He’s a sweetie.

Eatingwise, VERY bad day. So I topped my night off with a Starbucks (SBUX — support my stock!) Chai tea latte, to which Erin introduced me last year.

Now I’m staring at a pair of David’s pants, which I promised him that I’d hem. I’ve never hemmed a pair of pants before. Wish me luck.

I’m also anxious about tomorrow. I volunteered to train a group of folks in editorial on how to properly name and upload their stories for the website. Truth be told, I’m terrified. Totally totally terrified. I don’t like speaking in front of groups. Plus, there’s a substantial amount of tension swirling between online and editorial right now. I want it to go away. But that issue is larger than just me — so the best I can do is to just do my job and smile.

You know…that’ll be my strategy for the training tomorrow. Do my job and smile.


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