October 14, 2003 – afternoon

Mentioned to me by Shawn — I don’t even remember this character. But I like pie!

Which Pulp Fiction Character Are You?:

What Pulp Fiction Character Are You?.

You’re sweet, but not naive – though you like to be babied like a child at times. You prefer to have a bad boy by your side, but sometimes have problems understanding why he has to run off to take care of business. You want to settle down, yet deep down inside, you are excited by the surprises life throws your way.
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October 14, 2003 – morning

Good morning! Four days until I again fling myself upon the sandy beaches of Disney’s Polynesian Resort and beg Mickey Mouse to re-infuse me with much needed Pixie Dust. Today I will fax out the room request. Tahiti building (which guarantees us a Castle view); ground floor (which lets me run right out the sliding door to the beach like a certified nut).

I’m coming, Mickey…keep that Florida sun shining!

Yesterday went as planned, surprisingly. What’s up for today?

Wt: I give up weighing until after vacation. I will get to 133 by the end of the year. I’m now considering amputation. How much do ribs weigh?
Mood: Pleasant
Work docket: Opinion didn’t post any stories. Nor could I find the stories they planned to post. (sometimes they hide them in folders I don’t have permission to enter) So I ended up TYPING one straight from the paper. Oh well. Will craft appropriate flame mail this morning. I’m working on banners for a movie contest promotion right now. Boss will be back from his ‘business trip’ so I’m sure he’ll want to know everything we did. Oh yeah…there’s a Voter Guide due out tomorrow. Do I have info for it yet? Nope. Did I email them about it last week? Yep. Did I copy my own boss on the email to cover myself when it doesn’t go up on time? You bet! Smarter than the average blonde!
Lunch: Going to mall to get more Disney Dollars, pick up our Lion King DVD and grab a salad. Or a Mexican pizza if I feel especially naughty.
Afternoon: Dash home, walk Max, head to YMCA, take shower…run to Mom’s and pick John up for…
Dinner at Dad’s house. We’ll get to visit with PopPop, who’s up from Florida for a spell.
Evening: I hope to be home at 8:30 so I can be in bed by nine-ish.

And so will go my day. 🙂

October 13, 2003 – morning

Ugh. Another Monday. the closer I get to vacation (five days!), the more I need them. These 5 days will be interminable. Let’s give you my weekend at a glance.

BBQ Pizza: Very tasty initially, but disgusting once you think of what you just ate.
Misty: Eye swelling down considerably.
Max: Has learned the “down” command, and now can jump the baby gate. Joy.
Charlie: Hiding from Max again.
Ocean City: Rainy and chilly. The craft show wasn’t as good as Haddonfield’s, but we had a great time at the shore house just lazing about and eating.
Hopeslayer quest: slept through it. D’oh!
Dinner at Damon’s: Much fun! Dinner featured great Chicken Caesar Salad (w/apples!) and steamed artichokes with garlic butter dipping sauce. Chocolate Chip cookies for dessert. They have a loft master bedroom….drool. I can’t wait until we get a house now so that I can invite people over!

Which brings us to today:

Mood: Middling
Work docket: Did Ingle column. Maybe I’ll have the day to work on my Letters to the Editor script. Imagine!
Lunch: Saladworks.
Afternoon: Walk Max. Run to Target for new rawhide bones, treats, leash and harness for Max. (Max ate through his old harness…and he doesn’t like the collar.)
Evening: Blissfully, nothing. I plan on sitting at home in my comfy duds.

October 10, 2003 – afternoon

Misty update:

Misty doesn’t have a cold…she is suffering from a scratch to the eye. Well, not the eye, but the conjunctiva, which I have learned is the tissue surrounding your eye. Mine is pink. Misty’s is slimy grayish, I recall.

Prime suspect: Six year old Charles Archibald Turberville, of the same residence. Motive unknown.

The vet gave her a steroid shot to reduce swelling (kaching!) and a prescription for some antibiotic cream (kaching!) that we’ll have to apply to her eye THREE TIMES A DAY!!

So when you see the gashes all over my hands for the next week, you’ll know that I’m not trying to kill myself.


I have a super-strong suspicion that my boss is interviewing for a position at a much larger paper a great distance away. This will leave our department leader-less.

Why you looking at me?

Ohhhhhh….you think I’m next in line? Welp, don’t count on it. I’m not qualified to be a Gannett Online Director. I think I’d have to do time at an even smaller paper, which I’m not willing to do. What I think will happen it that we won’t get another Director. We’ll instead be folded into another department (we were originally Marketing) and be given a manager instead.

Why you looking at me?


David’s Lunch:
He has thrown his heart and cholesterol level on the line to sample Papa John’s newest pizza — BBQ Chicken and Bacon pizza. He has deemed it satisfactory and had to force himself to eat half of it. I’ll let you know my impressions when I return home for lunch.

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