Erg. I did manage to get out with Mom and John, despite the cramps and an allergy attack that resulted in my left eye turning red and sticky and goopy. Dunno what triggered it, but I’m glad it’s subsided. There is some puffiness below my eye — I hope that disappears before tomorrow. Spent about an hour sobbing to Mom about Mickey, and now I feel oddly peaceful.

And I didn’t buy a darn thing!

Yay Devils! I think I’m going to be a snot and wear the Devils Jersey to work tomorrow. ;)

The three baby robins flew the coop…their little nest was empty yesterday. I never realized how quickly birds mature once they’re hatched. These little guys were out in less than two weeks from birth. And the Circle of Life continues….


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… drugged up and curled in fetal position…

I have cramps so bad right now that it feels as if my body is about to turn inside-out. I have 12 minutes left of my workday, then 20 minutes later I will be drugged up and curled in fetal position on my chair. I am now merely staring at the screen…I have ceased even pretending to work.

At least I know I’ll feel better in about 3 hours. And I have Martha’s words to comfort me.

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Wt: 138.2. I have ascertained the reason for the upswing in weight, and have happily concluded that by next week all should be well. That’s all I have to say about that.
Mood: Soggy ;)
Work docket: Scrapbook. I THINK I’m going to start gathering info for the community guide due out in August. I’m going to ask for that work today.
Lunch: Errrrr..didn’t bring anything.
Afternoon: MUST MUST MUST CLEAN KITCHEN. In other news, we have ants coming up from beneath our fireplace, so we’ll be calling maintenance about that today as well
Evening: Meeting Mom and John for outing to Donato’s for dinner (drool) and then to Cherry Hill Mall for shopping. (and a stop at Starbucks in Macy’s hopefully)

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Free Martha!

Fight it, Martha!!When heroes fall:
Martha Stewart Resigns as Chairman, CEO
Martha Stewart Indictment
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Puts Into Effect Senior Management and Governance Changes
Stewart Quits Top Posts After Indictment

You know, people have done such far worse things than this. I swear she’s being pursued just because of who she is and what she does. You know how much I hate to play the gender card, but if she were a man, I wonder how this would be different?

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