Today I saw something that made me smile

Today I saw something that made me smile…a little car with a hyperactive turn signal. It blinked 4 times as fast as mine. (We were at a looooong red light so I could actually count how fast it blinked) I couldn’t help but think of a small, yappy dog. “Hey! Hey! Lookit me! I’m going left? See? Left? I’m ready to go left!! Let’s go! Left!”

Another person showed for Tai Chi last night, so the class is no longer comprised of Mom and me. I did the “Heart of Innocence/Weeping Weapons” quest w/the guild last night. Earned about 2 million xps in the process, and I didn’t die, which is a shocker. Unfortunately, I don’t have the proper weapon to make “weep.” SOoooooo I need to run and get that today. Then I’ll have a weeping wound WAND, which I’ll never use, but hang on my cottage wall so the world can see it weep.

Wt: 137.8, despite my best intentions to get to 150 in record time.
Mood: Dozy.
Work docket: Did online mall and some general site repairs. Will do recipes, dining guide. Community guide script.
Lunch: Payday! I’m going OUT to eat for a change. Yeah!
Afternoon: Start some laundry, get my weeping weapon, start Harry Potter 4: Goblet of Fire.
Evening: Laundry, yoga at 7:30.

**looking back at this entry, I can’t help but realize that I’m SUCH a geek.**

Yesterday we bought the California plane tickets, and tickets to tour Alcatraz on Monday, August 25. Although the itinerary we wanted went up in price, another itinerary went down, and we ended up saving almost $90.00 per ticket. This time we went thru Travelocity.

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Yesterday’s plan didn’t quite pan out.

Yesterday’s plan didn’t quite pan out. I ip-skayed the gym. Oh well. At least I remembered my access card and got into work at 5:30 on the dot.

Wt: Didn’t weigh today. I know in a few days I’ll level out.
Mood: Rested
Work docket: Today was the first day of the “Static” automation. I used to to it by hand on Tuesdays. Because this is the first ‘run’ of the script, there are some changes that need to be made to the templates. I’ll do that, then update the ‘hand’ section, add today’s wedding story to our bridal guide (my baby) and move on to beginning the new(!!) Community guide MivaScripts.
Lunch: Smart Ones Basil Chicken, plus more Perl. I’m currently STILL going through Chapters 7 and 8, which are about pattern matching and regular expressions. According to the book, these are the two hardest chapters. According to me, I think I’m too old to learn anything. But I’ll keep plugging.
Afternoon: Second meeting with Financial Advisor #33 at 2:30. I’ll head there straight from work.
Evening: Tai chi at 6:30, will scoot over Mom’s afterward to purchase plane tickets for California. If I’m still awake, I’ll go on the “Weeping Weapons” quest w/my guild. Dunno about you, but “weeping weapons” sounds messy to me.

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July 7, 2003

Back to the grind…

Picture a young woman at dawn, fresh from the holiday weekend, striding confidently through a dewy parking lot toward her place of employ. Picture the feeling of doom when she realizes that her access card is NOT in its usual spot. Hm. Turns out I LEFT it on my desk all weekend. Yeesh. Much thanks to my buddy at Havco Vending for letting me into the first door and to Pat for letting me into the second one.

Wt: Haha…funny thing! I stepped onto the scale and it stopped at 137.8 (typical for weekend) then popped up to 139.0 (Sweet merciful crap!!) then back down to 137.8. (whew!) I’m not too concerned though. Weekend weight usually falls off quickly. BOY did I eat. Ben&Jerry’s, Doritos, Water Ice, pasta salad, devilled eggs. Yum! I wouldn’t do any differently. Well worth the two pounds.
Mood: Rested
Work docket: Did Ingle. Have to do Friday’s Hot Properties (waiting for ads), today’s Hot Jobs, faith update, and a buncha stuff.
Lunch Plans: Brought Healthy Choice Turkey and Mashed potatoes. Will finish Chapter 8 of Learning Perl (regular expressions…they make my head hurt) and maybe start Chapter 9.
Afternoon: Go to the gym. Definately. I’m also out of Oatmeal bowls after this morning, and Berry Burst Cheerios.
Evening Unknown. Will probably collapse on NEW recliner from shock of being back to routine.
Music: Stepping through my Dave Matthews Band collection chronologically. Starting with Under the Table and Dreaming. From what I’ve read, this summer tour is the band’s best in years. A reason to look forward to my birthday!
State of the Spouse: He had a crummy night, but was in bed when my alarm woke up so maybe he’ll be ok soon. Hopefully I don’t catch his bug.

And Barry White’s gone!! He slipped away while we were all celebrating our holiday. :/ Too young.

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All in all, a pretty so-so weekend

All in all, a pretty so-so weekend.

Low points: lots of needless eating, return of the ants, the passing of my Great-Aunt Evelyn in San Diego (I hadn’t been in contact w/her for ages), and now David’s sick.
High points: good BBQ on Friday, ate some really good junk food, Independence Day on FOX tonight, and we got rid of the chaise and got a new recliner.

But next weekend should be better, as we’re planning a jaunt to New York. We haven’t been there since before 9/11/01. I am so NOT tired, but I gotta go to bed.

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