October 24, 2003 – from WDW

Hello! Blogging LIVE from Main Street USA in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, where the steam train is chugging out of the station right above me. Really!

(correction: the arcade at the Poly is being used as a daycare/nursery for more than just Phil Mickleson’s kids. If I’m being snide, I may as well be correctly snide, right?)

OK. La Nouba is very overrated. We spent over $70. per ticket, and I would have been happier with a sweatshirt. It was entertaining, but not the second coming of entertainment. Think of the worst hangover dream you’ve had. That’s Cirque du Soleil. I mean…we liked it (don’t hate me) but when all is said and done, it’s just a circus.

We did have a great time yesterday riding Water Mice (teeny speedboats) around the Seven Seas Lagoon (where I want my cremains sprinkled — just sayin’) and Bay Lake. Sipped fruity drinks by the volcano pool. Took a swim in the ‘quiet’ pool as the sun started to dip behind the palm trees. Ate dinner at DisneyQuest and after La Nouba (overrated) hung out at Pleasure Island.

Today we woke at 10ish (see a trend here?) and are now at the Magic Kingdom. The Martial Arts Expo starts at 6pm. Besides that, we have no plans for today.

Off to Casey’s to have a hot dog.

Wish you were here! 🙂

October 23, 2003 – from WDW

Hello! Blogging LIVE from FutureWorld in Epcot, where the JAMMITORS are beating their drums behind me. Really!

The Funai Golf Classic is happening at one of the golf courses across the street from the Polynesian. Our arcade has been ‘closed’ since we arrived. This morning we found out why. Phil Mickelson stays here at the Poly w/his family, and they actually take over the arcade and make it a quarters for the NANNIES. No joke. We heard this from a member of the Poly staff who has been here over 20 years. Hmpf! Grumpy Phil can’t give his nannies a real room?

Yesterday we went to MGM, and boy howdy it was crowded. We don’t understand why — last Oct. it was wonderful. We got a fastpass for the Tower of Terror, but it was for SIX hours later. All we did there was do the Muppets 3D movie (a must-see), eat lunch, and bolt. Hung at the Poly for a smidge. Went to Epcot for more of the Food and Wine Festival for dinner. Watched Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, and headed to Disney’s Boardwalk for evening activities.

Tonight’s fun was at Jellyrolls, an over-21 dueling pianos/singalong club. It started off slowly — everyone and their aunt was requesting Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Meatloaf. But we spent a few hours there (and tossed back a few) and had a great time.

Today we let room service bring us our breakfast (David: pancakes, me: ham and cheese omelet) and headed out to see the Martial Arts Festival at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. That means we take the bus to Disney/MGM studios, and then another bus to WWoS. Ooops. The WWoS driver tells us that the Martial Arts thingy starts tomorrow. D’oh! David, my green belt warrior, is bummed.

SO…we end up at MGM again. Still insanely crowded. STILL a huge wait for Tower of Terror. We take a “FriendShip” from MGM to Epcot and walk around World Showcase. At Canada, we decide to split up. David headed back to the room, and I stayed to watch Off Kilter perform at Canada. I did the “Single Riders” line at Mission:SPACE (only a 5 min wait) and now I’m here, blogging.

Tonight we have tickets for Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba at 9pm. I have no expectations for it…so I should be pleased. My vacation’s slipping away quickly. And my cold is doing better. I should be fine by the time—I head back to work. Figures, hm?

Oh well, it could be worse — I could be Phil Mikkelson’s nanny.

Wish you were here!

October 22, 2003 – from WDW

Aloha! Blogging LIVE from the Polynesian again (where I’m supposed to be grabbing breakfast for David and more cold meds for me.)

Another sunny 80+ degree day ahead. If it weren’t for my battle w/the sniffles/coughles I’d call this a perfect vacation.

After blogging yesterday, we rode Spaceship Earth (dated, but a fave of mine) and headed back to the room, where we experienced a decadent thing…the vacation NAP. See, having been here more times than I can count w/o using feet, we’ve seen almost everything. So there is no guilt in taking an hour or two for a siesta.

Headed back to Epcot last night at 6ish. Experienced Cranium Command at the Wonders of Life pavillion and then putzed around Epcot until our 8:00 pm priority seating at Le Cellier. Le Cellier is Epcot’s top rated restaurant, and as we dined on filet mignon and drank a bottle of fine wine, we chuckled at those who think we’re eating only chicken fingers and fries!

The wine (2000 Sausal Zinfandel) did it’s job, and we headed back to the room, numb.

Woke at 9:15!! this morning. Read a bit on the patio. I think we’re heading to Disney/MGM studios. If I ever get off of the PC.

I feel a bit out of sorts — I haven’t watched or read any news since we arrived. It’ll be fun catching up when I get home.


October 21, 2003 – from WDW

(insert Moroccan greeting here) Blogging LIVE from Epcot’s Morocco this morning! We’re at the Food and Wine Festival, and just a few moments ago, I ate FROG LEG CHOWDER!.


Dinner last night was very good — we had eaten at Artist Point on our 1st anniversary, and the food was as good as I remembered. I had the cedar plank smoked salmon and David had a Buffalo steak. As in steak from a buffalo — not steak covered in spicy sauce. Afterward, we went to Pleasure Island. We experienced some live jazz, saw a show at the Adventurers Club and then went to a show at the Comedy Warehouse. It’s improv comedy, and unfortunately they really had an off night. A long and dark bus ride took us back to the room, where we dozed off after 11.

Today we woke again at 8:30. Came to Epcot and rode MISSION:Space! Twice. Within an hour. (urk) The ride, we feel, is truly worth the hype surrounding it. Now we’re grazing from the Food and Wine Festival booths, which I think I already typed, but the windows on this kiosk are so darn small I can’t see what I typed.

Tonight we’re dining at Le Cellier (Epcot Canada) if we’re not too stuffed from the grazing. It’s 86 degrees, sunny, and humid. Hottest day yet. Maybe a trip to the pool this afternoon is in order.

Wish you were here! (Insert Moroccan goodbye here)

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