Lunchtime blog.

Lunchtime blog….

Wt: 141.2. Ain’t that a pile of crap? FOUR pounds in a day??? Unbelieveable.
Mood: Wonderful, for the first time in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.
Lunch: Healthy Choice Mac-n-cheese. I’m out of frozen lunches now…
Work docket: Updated Faith, Careers, and Ingle. Did Hot Jobs, and a button for an advertiser.
Afternoon/Evening: I’m going to the beach, baby!!! Going to grab Mom on the way home from work and head to Ocean City, where I’ll be thrilled to smash my feet into the warm sand.

Asheron’s Call: Our little group last night managed to kill Gaerlan. I only died once. I was destroyed by a “Rolling Ball of Death.” Yeah. I have a great screenshot of Dierdre the Pain in her red Gaerlan robe with her new wand. Quite proud am I.

Once upon a time in Gloucester City, there was a terrible fire. Mama was out. Daddy was asleep with his three daughters in the bedroom. Fire erupts, probably due to a carelessly placed cigarette in an old, wooden house. Daddy beats a path out of the house, neglecting to take the kids with him, claiming that he couldn’t see them. Mama comes home from wherever, tries to get in the house, but collapses from smoke inhalation. Daddy is unhurt.

Three brave firefighters lose their lives trying to save the little girls. Two were married with kids. The third, also a dad, just got engaged that very evening.

Communities mourn, and money is collected for the families of the firefighters, and for Mama and Daddy. Shortly thereafter, Daddy’s family starts saying that Mama and Daddy are misspending their money. But that’s OK. After all…they’ve been suffering.

Eleven months later…how does Mama decide to thank the towns and firefighters who lost so much to try and save the kids she left behind?
Mother of 3 fire victims seeks right to sue. Unbe-fricking-leivable.

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What is it?

What is it?
On our way into Campbell’s stadium to watch the Riversharks game, David and I were each handed a rubbery mousepad-like shirt with the Campbell’s field logo on it. It had sleeves and a neck hole. Hm. Too small for a mousepad. Too weird-shaped for a can cozy. Not a glove. When we went up to the suite, my coworkers enlightened us. It’s a bottle holder. MEANT for beer bottles, but as you can see, it worked on a Coke bottle just fine!

We MIGHT go and get bikes today…making good on a threat we’ve been making for 3 years now. Tonight I have a grad dinner to go to at 5:00 for my cousin’s son, and Dierdre’s Gaerlan quest at 10:00 pm. Cross your fingers…tomorrow it should be mostly sunny and 87 degrees. I may grab Mom and swing to the shore after work. It’ll be the first time this season that I’ll be at the beach, due to the rain.

Off to indulge in my Berry Burst. :)

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Last night was bliss.

Last night was bliss. I did a bunch of nothing, made Dierdre the Pain famous (Scroll down to “Down and Out on TD”), rolled into bed at 11ish and slept until 9:30!!

Wt: 137.8. Hmpf! And I didn’t even partake in the Ben & Jerry’s that’s now in our freezer. Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chubby Hubby. (giggle) Those flavors are for David. If I were shopping for me, I’d have chosen Cool Britannia (though that one was discontinued) and Phish Food.

This evening: I possess two tickets to the Riversharks game tonight. If it’s not rained out, we’ll be sitting in a suite. That will be catered. Yum! Yes, Readers, there are quite a few tangible benefits to working for South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper!! I’ll bring my digital camera and take some shots. Maybe I’ll put some on the company Intranet!! (Such a suck-up, aren’t I?)

So NOW I’m going to have some Berry Burst cereal, get Muireann up to level 50 (should take less than an hour) and then head to the gym to work off in advance some of the treats I’ll be having this evening. :) Hope we get hot dogs!

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Eeek! I almost forgot about the Friday Five!

1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Long or short?
My hair’s naturally wavy. I need a good blowout or lots of styling goo to get it to be stick straight. I need rollers/curling iron and lots of styling goo to get it to be curly. But if I let it be, it has a wave and a life of its own. On rainy and humid days, the ends will curl up.

2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime?
I started out golden blonde, became dirty blonde, and was heading to brown when I learned all about hair dye. Since then I’ve been all shades of blonde, some shades of red, and I currently sport blonde highlights and red lowlights.I figure it’s been a good 12 years since I’ve seen my natural color, which is intriguing to me since I don’t really know what it is. My dad started out blond as well, then his hair turned medium brown when he was in his 20s. Most of my life, I’ve had only two real hairstyles: one length with bangs, and one length without bangs. I’m currently without.

3. How do your normally wear your hair?
Most of the time it’s with the top pulled back with a barrette, and the sides and back hanging down.

4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like?
Long (past the shoulders) and chestnut brown. Honestly. Think Catherine Zeta-Jones, but a bit lighter in color.

5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened?
I had a bad perm/haircut in 8th grade which turned my hair to straw. I also managed to turn my hair an interesting orangey-red shade in college. Luckily, that color was semi-permanent and washed out over time. In the meantime, I wore lots of baseball caps.

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