Still with me? Good.

(Kim peeks at the monitor)

Still with me? Good. I’ve been told that my blog is depressing. So I reread and , yup…June was pretty depressing and the first week of July wasn’t much better. So I’m going to endeavor to keep a chipper outlook on things. Thanks for staying.

I had, by far, one of the best weekends yet this summer. It was filled with movies, outings, and lots of game-time. (Dierdre is level 75 now. 75!!) Not much housework at all. Which I’m sure I’ll pay for in the next few days.

Saturday morning we saw the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which paled in comparison to Pirates. Saturday afternoon we went to the Haddonfield Craft Festival. I enjoyed it so much that I took Mom back there on Sunday. Bought a wooden basket that folds completely flat, our names in Chinese, an inspirational quote, and a few magnets. (Like I don’t have enough magnets already)

Wt: 137.8. Wow. I ate like a BEAST this week. To be at this weight after ALL that I ate is a miracle. I guess the weight will go up once I have a few days of eating healthfully.
Mood: Better than last week. Much. Again, thanks for enduring.
Work Docket: Did Ingle. Working on Hot Jobs now. I have to release the ads two at a time to get them to convert, as opposed to releasing them all at once. Takes longer, but it works. Will do careers and faith updates, and then brush up on some Open AdStream stuff in prep for off-site training on Wed. and Thurs.
Lunch: Out of frozens, so I’ll have to venture out into the world for a salad or Subway or something. And work on Perl.
Afternoon: Going to the gym at 3:00.
Evening: Will update, and MAYBE hit the Gaerlan quest at 10:00pm. Depends on how I’m feeling.

Time to release two more ads and maybe track down some Orlando Bloom for my wallpaper. ;)

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a perfect summer film

WELL, last night we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean and had a fantastic time. To me, it was a perfect summer film. No heavyhanded social message, lots of (relatively harmless) swordplay and action, a touch of romance and lots of humor. Johnny Depp stole the show as Captain Jack Sparrow. And Orlando Bloom is very drool-worthy in his role as a human (read non-sissy-looking elf) blacksmith-turned-hero. He’s now my wallpaper.

Have the airfare and mears transfers and hotel set for our whirlwind WDW commando weekend. Between that and Kim’s California Adventure Part Deux, August should be a fun month.

Dierdre the Pain hit level 73 last night as well, during the big Valley of Death run. She only died once, which gives her a death count total of 694.

Edited to add on 9/11/07: I never thought that I’d be divorced by the time the 3rd installment of this movie aired.

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I never thought that Keds would hurt

I’m wearing a pair of plain white (and very unstylish, I read) Keds as part of my casual Friday outfit. And they hurt! I never thought that Keds would hurt. So I guess I’ll be padding around in socks until the rest of the world comes to work.

Wt: Um…I had tons of food yesterday, and am still starving, so I’m not going to weigh until Monday.

Mood: Blah. I had dreams of Mickey last night…that he was very sick, but alive and at the hospital for weeks and weeks. I wouldn’t go see him, and finally, I gave the order to put him down by saying, “Execute him!” I’m still so wracked with guilt over putting him to sleep. Rationally, I know the decision was the right one, and even supported by the vet team at UPenn. And we put Noelle to sleep when it was her time, so it wasn’t my first time making that decision. (Noelle was easier…she was having seizures and yowling and in pain — Mickey wagged his tail and licked my hand moments before I gave the kill order. He also couldn’t breathe unassisted, but that’s harder to remember.) But at the end of the day, when it’s just me and my thoughts, I think of myself as someone who had her dog killed. I’m so sorry, Mick.

Work docket: Hot properties (waiting for ads now), Ticketmaster promo, 11:00 meeting about something, and I REALLY have to start community guide.

Lunch: Smart Ones Chicken Fajita something or other. And Perl.

Afternoon: Dunno.
Evening: Dunno.
Weekend: I either want to see Pirates of the Caribbean (yo ho!) or the League of Extrordinary Gentlemen.

(checks ads, still not done)

And now, if you haven’t slit your wrists yet from reading my morning blog SO far, here’s the Friday Five!

1. Do you remember your first best friend? Who was it?
Yes. Her name was Amy and we were friends in elementary school. She made fun of me constantly, but I was so happy to have a ‘best friend’ that I accepted it.

2. Are you still in touch with this person?
Nope. We went separate ways in Jr. High.

3. Do you have a current close friend?
David. And Erin. And Ruth, although I haven’t spoken w/her in a while.

4. How did you become friends with this person?
David: From chatting online many many years ago. We got to know each other as people before it grew into more. Ruth and Erin I met at my former job. I was in Ruth’s wedding, and her daughter is my Godchild. Funny thing is, Erin and I actually got closer once I left that job. We shared the most manipulative, rotten-to-the-core, lying boss in the world, and I think that forged our friendship.

5. Is there a friend from your past that you wish you were still in contact with? Why?
My best friend through High School was Nadia. We hung together constantly, even through college (although we went to separate schools). Once I hit the working world, things changed and we started to lose touch. (I had some issues at home and wasn’t able to commit as much time to the friendship as I needed to.) Last I heard, she went to Suffolk Law School. I’m glad for her — I know she always wanted to be a lawyer.

Friends: I find it really hard to make friends, even as an adult.

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Fact: I left my Learning Perl book at home today, so I guess I’ll ignore the frozen meal I brought and go out for lunch.
Fact: I also left my wallet at home (in yoga bag), so I guess I’m staying IN for lunch.

Wt: 137.6. Now that I have eaten every Cool Ranch Dorito in the apartment, I think my eating plan will be smoother for the next few days.
Mood: Askew. I’ve not been sleeping well at all lately, and it’s starting to show.
Work docket: Communities is good. Will do scrapbook, work on a contest promo, and HOPEFULLY start working on the Community guide. I seriously need to get moving on that. Today I’ll work on new photos/cutlines.
Lunch plans: Ummm…staying in. (sheepish smile)
Afternoon: Dunno
Evening: I *think* Coffee and Coping at Starbuck’s.

Travel: OK…New York is off, but I’m going to Florida with Erin the first weekend in August for a Disney Commando weekend. Get there Friday 8/1 in time for dinner. Be back Sunday 8/3 in time for bed and work on Monday morning. Not too shabby, hm? I’m going to keep this somewhat on the down-low here, as I fear my coworkers already think I’m crazy.

I did get my weeping wand yesterday (and Dierdre the Pain hit level 72!) but I can’t wield it until I have a base Life Magic Skill of 300. Which is 40 points away from what my skill is now. Oh, and the wand is no-drop, so I have to lug it around until I can use it. :)

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