heat wave

It’s so hot and humid out that I feel like I’m living in a swamp. I love it. I love the feeling of the sultry summer heat wrapping around my bare arms, shoulders and legs. To finish my Harry Potter book (only book 2 — the Chamber of Secrets – I’m behind) I shunned my unnaturally air-conditioned living room to sit on the steamy balcony. I love the fact that my hair can’t be controlled in summer. It epitomizes the carefee atmosphere.

I discovered a disturbing trend in the first two Harry Potter books. Hermione seems to do 85% of the footwork and sleuthing, leaving Harry to accidentally stumble across the last 15%, get his butt handed to him in some battle, manage to barely live thanks to someone else’s help, and become the hero. I either hope that changes, or that Hermione gets her own series of novels.

Wt: I hopped on the scale 3 times in a row. I was 137.2, 136.8, and 137.0. You pick which one to believe. Either of the three is pleasing to me. Because if I walk a nice, straight line this weekend, I could conceivably hit my Best…Weight…EVER next week.
Mood: Pleasant.
Work docket: I have 3.25 in-paper pages of Hot Properties churning through the converter for me. That’s the most Hot Properties we’ve had since I started putting them online — about 18 months?
Lunch: Saladworks. It’s been a while.
Afternoon: YMCA. I gotta go.
Evening: A quiet evening playing Asheron’s Call. Maybe I’ll swing by Target to pick up Harry Potter Book 3, Prisoner of Afghanistan or somesuchthing.
Weekend: David works all weekend. No big social plans. I may swing to the beach early tomorrow. I’ll have to see if Mom’s on board.
I think I’ll be running Dierdre the Pain to get her mage armor on Saturday night, and on the (do-over thanks to server rollback) Gaerlan quest on Sunday night. LATE Sunday night. (sigh)

Since my ads STILL aren’t done, here’s my Friday Five!

1. How are you planning to spend the summer [winter]?
Well, since I’m a grown-up girl now, I’ll be working the same full-time job that I have been working. I’ll be sure to pepper my leisure time with swings to the Jersey shore and some lazy afternoons by the apartment pool.

2. What was your first summer job?
Never had one. I made do with an allowance earned by watching my younger brother during the summers.

3. If you could go anywhere this summer [winter], where would you go?
You’d THINK I’d say Walt Disney World, wouldn’t you? Although that’s my fave place, summers there are too crowded for my taste. New Orleans, Niagra Falls, and Las Vegas spring to mind.

4. What was your worst vacation ever?
We drove to Florida when I was 14. I got chicken pox while I was there. Because my dad had paid for 3-day Walt Disney World Tickets for each of us, he didn’t want to go home until we had used up our 3 days. I had to cover up the rash so that others didn’t see me and panic. So I trekked through the hot and humid Florida weather with jeans, a jacket and a hat. We went to Cypress Gardens before I got sick, and I found it to be incredibly boring. We were supposed to visit my great-grandfather as well, but cancelled that because we didn’t want to give him shingles and/or kill him. (He was in his 90s).

5. What was your best vacation ever?
The WDW trip we just took in May. Perfect weather. Beautiful hotel. Saw everything we wanted and left before we got tired of it.

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June 26, 2003

Eeek! The new Blogger’s up and running.

Yoga was fantastic last night…it was good to have Mom back. I always feel really mellow on Thursday mornings because of it. I’m a lot more flexible now than I was this time last year. I did NOT nap yesterday afternoon…I went food shopping instead. Proud?

Wt: 138.8.
Mood: Content.
Work Docket: Finished communities. Will update Scrapbook, create a new ad banner, and hopefully start cleaning up the Community Guide scripts. I’ll probably have some Seabiscuit stuff to do as well.
Lunch: I brought a Healthy Choice lunch…but I’m really hankering for a salad.
Afternoon: Mail birthday card, take car thru car wash, clean up the ‘entry’ to our apartment. The breezeway need a good sweeping, too.
Evening: If I get the afternoon tasks done, I get to spend a nice cozy evening finishing up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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June 25, 2003

Well, I missed Tai Chi (which I’ll probably forever mistakenly call Chai Tea) last night due to a few issues. No worries. I’ll get there next week. (See? I don’t blog EVERYTHING!)

Wt: 139.2
Mood: Summery. It’s so nice to have it hot and humid out. And did I mention sunny?
Lunch: Will either use one of the tuna kits I have stored or go out.
Work docket: Did online mall. Grabbed remainder of missing recipes from archives…will reinsert them into database. Right now I’m working on End of Month Values (an ad supplement). There’s allegedly another ad supplement, Generations, that was supposed to publish today.
Afternoon: Will probably nap. This is NOT a good thing to do, though, because now I’m getting 3 hours of sleep in the afternoons, staying up until after midnight, and grabbing 3 more hours. But if I don’t sleep this afternoon, I’ll be a mess for yoga. Maybe I’ll go food shopping instead.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30. First week of new session.
Sign of impending apocalypse: Here at work we have a closed-circuit TV channel which endlessly loops a string of PowerPoint slides. It gives us info on who’s having a birthday, yesterday’s closing price for Gannett stock, weather, company events, etc. And a Quote of the Day. Yesterday’s quote of the day was from Thomas Kincade, “Painter of Light”©. Shoot me.

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The beach yesterday was fantastic.

The beach yesterday was fantastic. We arrived in Ocean City around 3:45, and I got home before 9:00. We sat on the beach, had a slice of pizza, some Ben & Jerry’s, and enjoyed the first REAL day of summerlike weather we’ve had in a loooooooong time. The only low point was that somebody threw soft serve ice cream onto my car. :( Since the car washes were closed last night when I returned, I have to get it washed on the way home today.

Wt: 139.2. Even after the Ben & Jerry’s. I sat on the beach yesterday and looked at myself. To me, I looked just as large and out of shape as I did last year. I thought I could stand to lose another 10 or 15 lbs. That’s not right. I’d probably have an eating disorder if I didn’t like to eat so darn much! :)
Mood: Rested.
Lunch: Will go out.
Work docket: Hand and Static updates. Finish up Women on the Run look/feel.
Afternoon: Must tidy up the apt. a bit.
Evening: My first Tai Chi class at the YMCA begins at 6:30 tonight. I don’t know what to expect.
Asheron’s Call: Thistledown ( the server I play my game on) crashed Sunday night after our quest. Unfortunately, they couldn’t restore the latest character data, so they had to ‘rollback’ to eeaaaaaaaarly Sunday morning. Remember the quest I completed and was proud of? Gone.

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