October 28, 2003 – morning

David brought Max’s new cage crate home last night. He spoke with the Vet’s office and visited some sites on crate-training pups. (David, that is, not Max) Apparently, according to the psycho-babble, we’re not allowed to play tug of war with the dog (lets dog think he can fight for what he wants) or allow the dog on furniture (lets the dog think he plays a bigger role in the pack than he really does). They also said that dogs are naturally den animals, and like having their own space. Okayyyy. As I mentioned, I’m not thrilled with this new plan, but have pledged my support.

David also said we needed a word to cue Max to get into his crate. I suggested “Lockdown” but that wasn’t very well-received. (smirk)

To be honest, though, I’m just jaded by watching people cage crate their dogs the wrong way. David is handling it very compassionately. The crate has a blanket and pillow inside, so it’s cozy. They played near the cage crate, and David threw Scooby snacks inside. When Max would get in to retrieve the treats, David would praise. Repeat ad nauseum.

This morning, to my amazement, David was sleeping on the loveseat, and Max was sleeping in the crate, door shut! David said Max went in on his own.

Then again, each day I voluntarily sit within a cubicle. Maybe I’m a den animal too!

Wt: 147.8 Wheeeeeee!
Mood: Pleasant
Work docket: Did the hand section update. I have a late “Not Job” to do. Obits/classifieds didn’t automatically go this morning, so when Systems comes to work, I’ll have to get those databases updated. I’m working on an HTML mail for our upcoming Looney Tunes contest. Great Pumpkin galleries need to go up. Update Millionaire sponsors
Lunch plans: David foodshopped yesterday, so I’m set w/frozen food. Today is Healthy Choice Creamy Herb Roasted Chicken.
Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max on his afternoon furlough. Update LadyGypsy.net a smidgen.
Evening: Gym at 7:00. Dunno why I thought I’d go yesterday.

October 27, 2003 – morning

Hello! Blogging LIVE from…work. Well, that’s boring…

Due to nasty weather in Atlanta, both of our flights were delayed an hour. After picking up Max from Mom’s we didn’t get settled in at home until after midnight. I didn’t really sleep on the flights, as they were both very turbulent.

And yes, I’m here at work. It’s like I was never gone. After 8 days at Walt Disney World I half-expected to be smacked by a stroller while walking across the parking lot this morning.

David’s off this entire week as well. Hmpf!

Wt: 148.8. Sweet merciful crap!!! I guess it is a bad thing to have ice cream sandwiches (made with gooey bakery chocolate chip cookies) for breakfast. (sigh) Nose to the grindstone, Lady…
Mood: Sleepy, but it’s nice to be back.
Work docket: To be honest, I have no clue. I did the Ingle column. There was a Voter Guide due to come out last week, but I don’t see any trace of it. Not surprising, since I’m the one who rigs that stuff up. Have to check w/Damon to see if anything was given to us. My boss’ name is still on his parking spot — so I assume he didn’t take/didn’t get that other job. I’m sifting through over 1000 emails in my box. Most of them are spam, but I still root though the deleted folder incase a coworker sent me something with any of my filter words (porn, refinance, viagra, etc) in it. You never know.
Lunch: Veggie delight at Subway. Diet coke. No exceptions
Afternoon: Take Max for a rousing walk. Go to the gym
Evening: Collapse. I mean, unpack and do laundry.

Max: He hasn’t made any strides with housebreaking, so we’re going to crate train him. I’m bummed about it, because I never liked the idea of crating. But it’s supposed to work, and it may help with his other behavioral issues. We’re also going to take him to obedience classes. Poor dog. He’s messed up. Sometimes I wonder if I was too rash in deciding to adopt him. :/

The future: Now that vacation’s over, I have some real-life things to attend to. I need to finish up this Perl book and knock out that resolution. Cookie Cam 2003 launches next month! Eeek!

And in case you care, Phil “Arcade-Stealer” Mickelson finished tied for 30th in the Funai Classic. I don’t think I’ll go back to WDW while that golf tourney’s happening in the future. I found that most of the guests that were affiliated with the event (you could tell — they were wearing ID tags) were rude and easily irritated. I’ve been to WDW during the Grad Night events, and had less of a hard time.

October 26, 2003 – from Orlando

Hello! Blogging LIVE from Orlando International Airport (MCO) where we have another HOUR to go until our plane takes off to Atlanta. And then about an hour layover. And then a 2 hour flight to Philly. Really!

Boy howdy did it suck to leave Disney. It was another frighteningly gorgeous day in Wally World. I had originally set the alarm to wake at 7am this morning so that we could conquer the Magic Kingdom one more time before we left. The alarm went off, and I snarled. We reset it and didn’t wake until after 9. Ah. More like it!

Small change in plans last night. David watched the Ole Miss game from the room, and I did some free-range shopping at Downtown Disney. Then to the Adventurer’s club where I saw the Balderdash Cup show and the Radiothon. I made it back to the room around midnight.

This I know to be true: Tomorrow, I diet. (typed as she sips a 500 calorie Iced Chai from the airport Starbuck’s)

Words from David: The “Wishes” firework display that occured during halftime as Ole Miss was defeating number 20 Arkansas is better than FiTS (Fantasy in the Sky, for you non-Disneyphiles). That is all. It’s not my fault that we are here hours before we need to be.

That’s all from the airport. Wish you were — um — maybe not.

October 25, 2003 – from WDW

Hello! Blogging LIVE from Epcot’s FutureWorld. Again. Where dozens of happy tourists are slogging their way through their last full day of vacation. Really!

Another eerily beautiful day. It’s in the 80s. Again. But today it’s breezy.

Yesterday, at 5:15pm, Tiger Woods teed off at the 17th hole of the Funai Classic. How do I know this? Because at that EXACT moment, our Disney Bus was driving right by. Did you see us?

We visited Disney’s Wide World of Sports to watch the Martial Arts Expo. David says he’s sorry for making us go. It was mostly kids. Which is fine if it’s your own kid. But watching strange kids compete is weird.

We took the bus from Wide World of Sports to MGM and walked (!!!!) to the Boardwalk complex. Ended up eating dinner at Spoodles. (David: Rigatoni; Me: Scallops) We didn’t have a priority seating reservation so we ended up waiting over an hour for a table. Hakuna Matata. Others weren’t so happy waiting so we had a nice time watching people get mad and blow up. One Mama was almost lunging at the poor hostess.

THEN, we went to Pleasure Island for an evening at the Adventurer’s Club.

Today, we woke up after 11:00. Yeesh. Can you tell we’re worn? Ate lunch at San Angel Inn at the Mexico Pavillion. (Me: chicken tacos al carbon; David: steak) Did Imagination pavillion (I love Figment) and just got finished seeing the “Circle of Life” movie at the Land Pavillion. I learned that humans are intrinsically evil beings. Much guilt for damaging the environment.

Speaking of damage, the University of Mississippi is playing Arkansas tonight on ESPN2. We’ll be watching it — where else– at the ESPN club!

That’s all for now. I probably won’t be blogging again until we get home, as the car is taking us to the airport at 1:45pm tomorrow. (sniff)

Summary: A great time again at Walt Disney World. I’m still not tired of coming here, as each time we leave we remember things we have still yet to experience.

Wish you were here! 🙂 Back Monday with more boring drivel about frozen lunches and my deliquent dog.

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