Deaf no more

Deaf no more
cell block tangoI am again among the hearing! :) I coughed a bit last night, but when I woke up, the fluid was gone from my ears. I can hear! Huzzah!

The Rock
Last Monday, we went to visit Alcatraz. Which is now Alcatraz Island State Park. Doesn’t sound so scary anymore. Took the Blue Line Ferry across the Bay for a 20 minute journey to the island. After being briefed by Ranger Joe (not real name) we climbed up to the cellhouse (equivalent of 13 flights of stairs) and received our headset for the self-guiding audio tour. This is a type of tour I first experienced when I visited Graceland in 1995. You are given a headseat and a digital player and you follow the directions on the recording. “Turn right down the first corridor and proceed to cell 102, where you will see Kim in a traditional tourist photograph.” On one hand, it’s a great way to take a tour because you can hear ACTUAL audio clips of ACTUAL hardened criminals talking about their stays in prison. On the other hand, groups of people wander wordlessly from room to room, isolated from each other. But seeing that isolation was a big part of the Alcatraz experience, maybe the tour was done that way on purpose!

Did you know that the wardens’ wives and children also lived on Alcatraz back when it was a prison?

My diet offcially restarts tomorrow. I’ll go back to yoga on Wednesday and restart the gym on Thursday (hopefully I’ll be feeling better by then). To shake things up a bit (and to avoid post-vacation depression) I’m not restarting daily weigh-ins until Monday the 15th.

And so goes another lazy Labor Day. The only ‘must-do’ for me is food shopping. Me cupboard is bare.

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September 1, 2003 – afternoon

feels like: 9:01 pm

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
The one thing that irks me about the Disney resorts (both in Cali and Florida) is that they need to be more wired. Once you step foot on Diz property, web access is nearly impossible for the mere mortal non-business traveler to obtain. I wanted to blog a few times through vacation, but nope. Oh well.

Vacation was fantastic and wonderful and all that jazz. I had a blessedly wonderful time, save the fact I was sick the entire time. Yup. My suspicions were correct. I was coughing from night one, and neither Robitussen DM nor Dayquil could help. Was feeling better yesterday, but now I have an ear infection that I did NOT have before today. How do I know? Well, dear reader, on the way down from the plane, my ears filled up with fluid. They’re still full to the point that I can hear the fluid swish when I tilt my head around. Nice, hm? As a result, I can’t hear very well. Good thing I have off tomorrow, hm? :)

No doubt, I’ll write more about vacation as the week goes on.

While I was gone, Max turned into quite a proper little pup. He is all healed from his surgery, and the lack of … um… a sack … has done him wonders. No more humping. No more snapping. No more baring his teeth at me. David’s turned him into a little cuddle pup. He climbs on your lap and snuggles. He also plays with you, and by himself. He tosses his toys up in the air and thrashes them all around. He still has a housebreaking issue…but we can fix that. I was more concerned with his temprament issues, which have dissipated. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve had a young dog; a dog that tumbles over himself with excitement when you walk into the room. A dog that teethes on your knuckles.

Max is nothing like Mickey was. I’m very glad for that.

My kitties are still in exile, poor loves. Though Charlie will venture out to the breakfast bar to sit by me when I’m here on the PC. That’s where he is now. Misty’s in the bedroom, and Max is dozing by the sliding glass door.

Played with Dierdre the Pain a bit. She’s level 88 now.

I’m going to catch up on some surfing, log into Asheron’s Call for a chat, and then Nyquil myself and call it an evening.

Glad to be home!

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Greetings from Sunny San Francisco!

Local time: 9:35 am

Greetings from Sunny San Francisco! We’re in the midst of a heat wave here — temps have been in the mid to high 80s, not a stitch of fog in sight, and the jacket I’ve been draggin along with me has only been used once. Got in late on Friday night…only room left was a king sized bed one. They brought up a rollaway bed for John. Tee-hee! The next day we moved into the proper room (2 doubles). The rental car has lain (laid?) idle, since the public transportation here in SanFran is fantastic. Busses, streetcars, and the subway stops right in front of our hotel. Sweet!

We hit PacBell park on Saturday to watch the Giants beat the Marlins (yay!) Barry Bonds didn’t play because his dad passed away. :( But the park was fantastic! That night we went to Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner. That place is a tourist trap and is like a boardwalk without the sand. Yesterday John met one of his online friends whilst Mom and I took a ferry to Sausilito. Ate at “Scoma” and did some girly-shopping. Last night we took a cable car to Lombard Street (crookedest street, yada yada yada)…CLIMBED the mofo, walked to Ghirardelli Square (mmmmm…chocolate!), ate more seafood (am going to turn into a fish) and bussed back here.

Today is Alcatraz! Our ferry to there leaves at 11:45 am. I’m just killing time before we leave. Tomorrow we drive to Anaheim and Disneyland…I’m very jacked up about that.

This town is as hilly as you’ve heard. My quads are hurting from climbing up and down the steep hills. Must get back to gym/diet when I get back to the Right Coast.

Anyhoo, cats and kittens, I hope all is well with you. Maybe I can blog again later in the week.

Wish you were here!

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oh, that poor dog

Max — oh, that poor dog. He was so happy to be taken home yesterday. But boy, does he look worn. It looks like it hurts him to walk, sit, and lay down. He’s not perky at all. He’s so flaccid (smirk) that yesterday he and the cats both occupied the living room for hours without him spooking them. It was nice to have my furbabies in one spot. Now Max has a runny, drippy nose. Could he have a cold? From where?

I’m a star! — well, actually, Dierdre the Pain is. This is the official website for Asheron’s Call:Dark Majesty, which is the game I prattle about on a daily basis. Check out the character in the upper right corner! Yeah, baby!!

Woefully unprepared — I barely packed last night. Barely. Ugh. There is so much I need to do today. These include:

  • Purchasing Disneyland Guidebook
  • Getting driving directions from airport to hotel
  • Confirming late arrival at hotel
  • Taking cash out of bank
  • Purchasing batteries for camera
  • Locating and packing carry-on backpack

    Mood: Anxious. I should have taken today off, too. But I am wearing my “Get that girl a pimp” scandalous brown shirt today, so that makes me feel a bit more in control.
    Work docket:Hot Properties, which I cannot get to convert at all. Work on updating some of our advertising campaigns.
    Lunch plans:Will try to skip lunch and go home early
    Afternoon: See above
    Evening: Plane leaves at 5:50 pm. Hope it’s not delayed.

    California trip: Will include San Francisco Giants baseball game, Fisherman’s Wharf, Sausalito, Golden Gate park, Alcatraz, and hopefully a spin thru wine country. Huge drive southward to Anaheim, where we’ll experience Disneyland and Hollywood.

    And now…the Friday Five!

    1. When was the last time you laughed?
    This morning on phone with Mom, talking about the things we haven’t done yet in prep for trip.

    2. Who was the last person you had an argument with?
    Don’t remember. I don’t argue much.

    3. Who was the last person you emailed?
    Cousin Matt last night.

    4. When was the last time you bathed?
    Still squeaky clean (and hair still damp) from my shower this morning

    5. What was the last thing you ate?
    Turkey sandwich from Wawa yesterday afternoon. I’m starving.

    Ugh. Pretty tepid questions this week, hm?

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