Well, I tried mascara again today.

Well, I tried mascara again today. Let’s see if it stays on.

Wt: 139.2
Mood: Pensive. Also stupid. The IRA Regatta’s happening RIGHT NOW at Cooper River. I thought I was going to cover today, so I dressed in jeans. Oops. I don’t go until tomorrow. (sheepish)
Work docket: Did scrapbook and communities. Working on golf now. I also have to clean up my recipes database. Some funky data is causing the section not to work.
Lunch: Brought a Smart Ones chicken lunch.
Afternoon/Evening: Unknown. I suppose I’ll update ladygypsy.net, since it will be a week since Mickey’s passing. :( And I want to go drop off some jewelry to be repaired. I may take another stab at “Moveable Type” because I’m becoming impatient with Blogger’s downtime and screwy archiving. Maybe it’s due to a popularity surge, but since the Google Acquisition, I’m getting more errors trying to deal with Blogger than ever. :(

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If I’m going to be weepy like this, I’m going to have to swear off mascara

(sigh) If I’m going to be weepy like this, I’m going to have to swear off mascara. Got the final bill from the UoP today. A week ago I was excited about bringing Mickey home. What a difference a week can make.

I went to the Limited…found my sweet little dress…in my size…but it had cruddy orange foundation makeup marks all over the collar. Grrrr. Ladies…do be careful when trying on dresses. All I ended up with was a Maltese angel from Jake’s dog house. Yes…sometimes I *do* torture myself.

Okay. Time again to get out of the house.

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ay Devils

Yay Devils!

Wt: 139.8 (I’m impressed…it does feel good to be eating sensibly again though)
Mood: Sad. Clark and Janet gave me a sympathy card today..that was so sweet!
Work docket: Finish up Bride and Groom section. There is a rumored Voter’s Guide to be done, but I haven’t received info yet. Update recipes.
Lunch: Didn’t bring anything so I’ll go to the mall
Afternoon: continue laundry
Evening: Yoga at 7:30.

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Things I can do instead of wallowing

List: Things I can do instead of wallowing:

  • Go to the gym Did that. Not my best workout, but I’ve been away from it for over a week
  • Research what kind of plants/flowers will do best on my balcony this year
  • Crack open a PERL book
  • Dabble in PHP
  • Run to Cherry Hill mall to see if they have my sweet lil’ “Down with Love” dress that I saw in Echelon (but not in my size) yesterday
  • Continue with Trip report
  • Play with LadyGypsy.Net
  • Play Asheron’s Call
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