March 26, 2003 – afternoon

What a productive morning!

Wt: 139.6. Yes, I’ve lost 4.5 pounds in two days. I’ve given up trying to rationalize how. I’m just happy to (again) be less than 5 lbs from my ever-elusive goal. On April 1, I will have been on a diet for a year. It’s all the donut’s fault.

Right now: I just slurped down a Smart Ones Basil chicken meal. Delightful!

Today: I updated my recipes database — over 600 recipes now! — and fitted it with our snazzy new ad tags. Also did Online Mall. And some Customer Service work. And updated Static.

Later: I hope to play some AC when I get home, and perhaps update LGN. I have yoga at 7:30 tonight.

Household: David and I have been leaving each other “Honey Do” lists each day. So far we’re keeping the tasks manageable, since we know if one of us assigns something barbaric, the other will reciprocate the next day. I did clean out the closet yesterday. This month’s RealSimple mag gives a comprehensive plan for spring cleaning your house. Yes, I need to read magazines to learn how to do this stuff.

Vacation: We’re below the 40 day mark until we head to WDW. We’re kicking around the idea of switching our ressie to the Polynesian again.

Oh! Yesterday I got my Day 1, Charter Cardmember Disney Credit Card! It’s red and sparkly! I cancelled my Capital One Gold account, too. I don’t need it anymore. Too many credit cards is a bad thing.

Still don’t look like Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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March 25, 2003 – afternoon

Working thru lunch…again.

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March 25, 2003 – morning

Nah. Don’t look like Catherine Zeta-Jones today. (sigh)

Wt: 142.2. I think my scale’s being operated by Al-Jazeera.
Mood: TRYING to be sunny and optimistic
Work docket: Static. Gotta do this week’s edition. I also have to re-do the tracking coding and ad tags thru the whole section. Since I have to touch every page anyway, I want to try and tweak the design a bit, since I’ve made no secret about it being the ugliest section I’ve ever done. Oh and it is UGLY.
Lunch: (sigh) Nuthin’. Maybe I’ll grab a Subway
Afternoon: FOOD SHOP
Evening: unknown

Re: not-for-profit: I guess to get a free site for a school/church, we’d either have to:
A) Fundraise for each organization…get corporate sponsors for each separate site
B) Fundraise overall, and just rotate sponsors on the sites we do using an ad-server program.
C) Combination of A and B.

Schools would be easier to fundraise for than churches. People seem to love to throw money at anything having to do with kids.

Bah…pipe dreaming….back to work.

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March 24, 2003 – evening

Kitchen cleaned. For dinner, rather than go out, I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich using my George Foreman grill. (LOVE that thing) and a poor girl’s version of “Freedom” Onion soup. I took a can of Campbell’s “Freedom” Onion Soup, cooked it. Threw a torn up slice of bread in the soup, topped it with provolone cheese, nuked it for 20 seconds. I think next time I try this, I’ll toast the bread first, as it got VERY soggy in the soup.

Now I’m going to shoot up the dog (with insulin…what were YOU thinking?) and head to bed. Maybe I’ll wake up looking like Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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