November 14, 2003

Crib notes for today:

  • I will not get overly emotional on Boss’ last day. It’s a job. People come and go all of the time and it’s not like I’ll never hear from him again.
  • I will not fret about my yearly review. I do good work and play well with others. I will get a raise and all will be well.
  • I will not lay down when I go home.

    Wt: Didn’t weigh. Had a cheesesteak for dinner last night. Am a self-saboteur.
    Mood: Melancholy and appreshensive, which violates my first two crib notes for today.
    Work docket: Hot properties (ads converting now) and coupon product
    Lunch: Lunch with Erin. Yay!!!! 🙂
    Afternoon plans: Rousing walk with Max, then I have some shopping (Mainly food) to do before…
    Evening: Tricia’s 31st birthday celebration (a week early) at the Olive!
    Weekend: Nothing, really. David mentioned perhaps going to dinner tomorrow night. All I feel like doing is rolling myself up in blankets.
    CookieCam status: I downloaded TinCam last night because it can manage two webcams. The first one’s uploding just fine. Now I need a USB extension cord (do they even make those?) so I can rig up the second shot.

    And now, because I haven’t babbled enough (honestly, it only takes me a few minutes to do this — less time than a cigarette break) it’s the Friday Five!

    1. Using one adjective, describe your current living space.

    2. Using two adjectives, describe your current employer.
    complacent, inert

    3. Using three adjectives, describe your favorite hobby/pasttime.
    literary, verbal, didactic

    4. Using four adjectives, describe your typical day.
    hectic, frustrating, quiet, isolated (can you which words describe work?)

    5. Using five adjectives, describe your ideal life.
    loving, comfortable, self-directed, stimulating, warm

  • November 13, 2003 – morning

    Didja miss me?

    Missed yesterday entirely – it’s been pretty busy here at work so I haven’t had time to blog in the mornings. Only reason I can right now is that I took a few minute breather to suck down breakfast (Yellow Cling Sliced Peaches in light syrup, in case you’re curious) PLUS, once I get home I’m so darn tired I don’t do anything. 🙁 Yesterday I fell asleep on the soul-sucking nap chair with the dog at 5ish and didn’t wake up until 8. So we missed yoga and karate. You’d think I’d have trouble getting BACK to sleep, but I went right down at 10:30 and slept until 4:30.

    No. I’m not pregnant. I’m just very tired. I think it’s the stress of not knowing who is going to be signing my payroll next week, or if they’re going to make the opening a “Manager” position (I can apply for that) or a “Director” position (no chance…corporate will bring someone in). And then I KNOW Damon’s going to apply for it too, and I don’t want that to get ugly.

    Weight: 146. Making no progress this week at all. I’m basically running in “Safe mode”
    Mood: Harried. And tired.
    Work docket: Did communities, starting engagements now, have to crunch out the new coupon product by TOMORROW (boss’ last day), and update the Jackson page.
    Lunch: Will go to the mall for a sandwich. If I don’t get out, I’ll work though lunch and I think I really need a break.
    Afternoon:Rousing walk with Max, who is still a terror. That dog will be the death of me. I’ll head to the gym too.
    Evening: Get stuff together for CookieCam 2003. Martha’s December issue arrived yesterday with ONE recipe that, when altered accordingly, can be made into FOUR different cookies!!! PLUS (sounding like a used car dealer now I am) a recipe for homemade peppermint sticks!! I think I can do that. I’m also convinced I need an offset spatula. That’s another Target trip.

    November 11, 2003 – afternoon

    I’m late!

    No…no….not THAT kind of late. Late blog. Had a bunch of website issues this morning, so I didn’t have a chance to jot down my thoughts.

    Wt: Not weighing until next week. But we did go to the gym last night! 🙂
    Mood: Cranky
    Work docket: Had to basically craft most of the sports section and all of business manually, due to some errors in uploading files. I updated the Hand section, and posted this month’s Real Estate special section. The rest of the day was spent learning some more weekly reports. It takes me forever to do them, but Boss assures me I’ll get faster with them the more I do them. I certainly hope so. Techinally, I’m still on lunch now.
    Afternoon: Leaving at 2, go home, get changed, walk Max. Then I pretty much have to head right out and pick up some balloons and a gift tag and head to..
    Evening: Boss’s going-away dinner at 5:00 at Buca di Beppo restaurant. I’m happy to go but it makes for a very long day. :/

    More about the dinner later!

    November 10, 2003 – morning


    It’s 22 degrees out!! Surely it can’t be winter already — it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Yesterday was the most glorious morning I can remember in a long time. Although it was cold, I took Max for a walk at 8:30 am through the red and orange leaves. Now that some of the trees are becoming bare, more sunlight dapples the ground, and the world seems brighter.

    We also started a new online game yesterday — Final Fantasy XI Online. It’s neat starting at level 1 again, and the new graphics card I bought is very drool-worthy. I took a screenshot of my new girl — Astarei — and will post it later. At this rate, I can’t wait to get home and play!

    Annnnnnnnd I’ve been purchasing cookie tins and containers for CookieCam 2003. Target had a Michael Graves cookie sheet, and darn if I didn’t buy it. I’m such a sucker. At least the price was cheaper than the caphalon cookie sheet I was going to buy. CVS has ceramic holiday plates on sale for $2.99, so I may grab a few this week. I have grand plans for the cookies this year!

    Wt: Don’t go there. Suffice it to say I’m back on my eating plan, and am so sick from eating poorly that I think I’ll be walking the straight and narrow for a while. New goal: To lose 10-15 lbs by the proposed January trip to WDW.
    Mood: Bittersweet. This is my boss’s last week. I’ve been working for him for 4 years. I just wrote my entry into his ‘going away’ card.
    Work docket: Did Ingle column — still working on greenbar reports. Damon’s out today, so I’m flying solo.
    Lunch: Healthy Choice Chicken Parm.
    Afternoon: Stopping over Mom’s to look at their computer. Rousing walk w/Max. (hope it warms up a bit by then)
    Evening: The gym w/David at 6:20ish.
    Dinner: I think I’ll have a Saladworks salad or a subway sandwich. Then Final Fantasy!!!!

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