Have been eating like a piggy

Wt: 138.2. Have been eating like a piggy though.

We took Mickey home today. His remains are in a cedar box similar to Noelle’s but a skosh bigger. It’s just sad. I need to get a nameplate made for him (at Things Remembered maybe?). I told Misty and Charlie that they have to hang around for a long time, since we have no more room for pet urns. They looked at me like they didn’t give a crap.

Have I mentioned that it’s raining on a Saturday AGAIN? Time to park myself in front of Asheron’s Call.

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Snottiness is in full effect

Snottiness is in full effect, and my Devils jersey is receiving the proper amount of scorn from my coworkers. See, I did my time as a Flyers fan…I really did. I simply find that the Devils play a better game of hockey — and that’s much more enjoyable to watch than the Flyers’ habitually disappointing games.

Wt: Didn’t weigh.
Mood: Envious of everyone (damon!) who took off this beautiful day. Sunny and 80 today. It’s going to rain tomorrow and be iffy on Sunday.
Work docket: Did hot properties. Will do Swift ads and then maybe work on a look/feel for “Women on the Run”
Lunch: Have to go out, since I haven’t food shopped in months.
Afternoon: Will give second attempt at cleaning kitchen. Also, “The Letter” arrived from the University of Pennsylvania. Mickey’s remains are ready to come home.
Evening: Unknown
Weekend: We’re going to go looking for something to replace the chaise. See, in the time before Mickey’s passing, he had a few seizures on the chaise, which resulted in him wetting it. The odor is still deep in the chair cushion, so it has to go. No hard feelings toward the dog. Mom and I may go to the beach on Sunday.

And now….the Friday Five!

1. How many times have you truly been in love?
There have been three gentlemen in my life for whom my whole body would awaken and tremble at the thought of merely catching a glimpse of them, let alone being lucky enough to spend time with them. For each of these three, the love was of a different caliber, though. Love at fifteen years old is much different from love in your early, and then later, twenties.

2. What was/is so great about the person you love(d) the most?
His intelligence, charm, honor, and empathy.

3. What qualities should a significant other have?
Someone who has to be willing to put up with you even when you are at your ugliest, most antagonistic, most vulnerable, and most stubborn. This acceptance of who you are will give you a solid foundation so that you can continue to grow and bloom (and make mistakes) as an adult without fear of being rejected.

4. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
I have, and it gnaws at me to this day. There should be no such thing as unrequited love…but sometimes love springs in the wrong places and times. Twice I rejected men who loved me, and whom I didn’t love in return.

The third broken heart resulted from my ending our relationship in the effort to ‘do the right thing’ under a set of extraordinary circumstances, which broke my own heart as well. The gentleman was saddened, and angered, and saddened again. I do believe I did the right thing, and that eventually the gentleman would heal and be a better person because of it. Unfortunately, that closure of knowing whether or not he did heal and do the right things for himself is not something that I have the luxury of having.

5. If there was one thing you could teach people about love, what would it be?
That love does NOT mean never having to say you’re sorry. Life is a lot more complex and brutal than a trite romantic movie.

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Erg. I did manage to get out with Mom and John, despite the cramps and an allergy attack that resulted in my left eye turning red and sticky and goopy. Dunno what triggered it, but I’m glad it’s subsided. There is some puffiness below my eye — I hope that disappears before tomorrow. Spent about an hour sobbing to Mom about Mickey, and now I feel oddly peaceful.

And I didn’t buy a darn thing!

Yay Devils! I think I’m going to be a snot and wear the Devils Jersey to work tomorrow. ;)

The three baby robins flew the coop…their little nest was empty yesterday. I never realized how quickly birds mature once they’re hatched. These little guys were out in less than two weeks from birth. And the Circle of Life continues….


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… drugged up and curled in fetal position…

I have cramps so bad right now that it feels as if my body is about to turn inside-out. I have 12 minutes left of my workday, then 20 minutes later I will be drugged up and curled in fetal position on my chair. I am now merely staring at the screen…I have ceased even pretending to work.

At least I know I’ll feel better in about 3 hours. And I have Martha’s words to comfort me.

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