November 19, 2003

Dave Matthews Band, I’m such a fool for you.

Yesterday I purchased the 3-CD “Central Park Concert” set from Sam Goody. (Only $13.99, which blew me away. I was expecting at least $20.00. Could this be the RIAA trying to play nice?) It’s 3 hours of live music. All songs I’ve heard from you before (except Cortez the Killer, which I never even HEARD of before). Yet I eagerly lapped it up anyway. Why? Because I buy every album. Even the live ones of concerts I haven’t seen where you sing songs I’ve heard before.

This purchase pushes DMB past New Kids on the Block (laugh and I’ll punch you) to earn the title of “Kim’s most-owned band.” Which clues you in to how long it’s been since I’ve had a favorite band.

By the way, DMB, if you’re reading – I love that version of Crush. Track 5. Disc 1. It’s very drool-worthy, and beats the acoustic Dave-and-Tim version that I previously lusted over. Crush is my most favorite song. It dries out my mouth and makes me weak in the knees.

Mood: Depressed. Last night I realized that there is very little that is the same in my life from last year. Consider:

  • Saturday, 11/22 will mark 1 year since we lost my grandmother. The glue of our family. The center of our holidays.
  • That same date will mark 6 months since the loss of Mickey. I’m still tortured by how sick he was. I still miss his snuffles. Yes, I have Max, but right now he’s a round peg trying to fill an elliptical hole. It helps, but there are still gaps of emptiness.
  • This summer was overshadowed by non-blogable-worries and rain. I only made it to my beloved beach twice.
  • The one constant through all of this crap was my job. Now that’s all changing too.

    Remember all of that fun-fun kum-ba-ya poetic “winds of change” crap from yesterday? Screw it. I’m just a cork being tossed helplessly around by the tumultuous tidal waves of change. Bobbing along…bobbing along…in the beautiful briny sea. I realized last night that all I do anymore is eat and sleep. Kind of like that sad little scribbled oval in the Zoloft commercials.

    OK, where was I?

    Work docket: God only knows. I’ve been hammered left and right with issues about online classified ads. Here’s a tip about writing an ad — if you want a word to be your internet search term, put it in your ad! Selling a car? Don’t screw with the make and model in your ad if you want people to be able to search for it. ‘Nuff said. Besides that, I have to do the weekly hit report for the Wednesday OC meeting (to which we have no representative)
    Afternoon plans: Rousing walk with Max, who has been exceptionally behaved lately. I think he’s planning something.
    Evening: Yoga at 7:30, but I’m headed to the gym at 6:45 to get some cardio work in before hand. To make up for the Mexican Pizza I had yesterday. And the candy I just had for breakfast. And the Mrs. Fields cookies yesterday. And the chocolate milk I’m about to buy. And…..(tbc)

  • November 18, 2003 – morning

    Wind will scatter any lightweight objects that you haven’t secured, so you end up chasing them down the street and looking silly. Wind can chill you to the bone, can ruin the nicest hairdo and can chap your lips. Wind can even blow you to the ground if it takes you by surprise.

    But without wind, there would be no gorgeous waves on the ocean. Or sailboats for that matter. Wind helps to pollinate plants. Imagine the world without as many plants as it has now. Flags would droop sadly instead of snapping to attention.

    The winds of change are blowing through my life right now. I’m going to grab my kite!

    Mood: Pleasant. Still weird without the ex-boss around.
    Work docket: Did the hand section update. One of my new ‘duties’ so to speak are the department’s weekly numbers. That’s done. (hopes to God that they’re correct) It’s much easier to do when nobody’s around to distract. Will finalize coupon product and resume Letters to the Editor scripting. Everytime I pick that back up, I get pulled off of it. I hope that won’t be the case now since we don’t have anyone to pull me off! Bwahaha…
    Lunch: Going to Cherry Hill Mall to pick up the new Dave Matthews Band Central Park Concert CD. I want the DVD as well, but I’ll put that on my Wish list for Christmas. I also want to look for a nice red or purple suit. I don’t have enough nice, corporate-looking outfits.
    Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max. Make hair appointment.
    Evening: I can’t think of any plans offhand. Last night I read the entire MadPony site. While it was fun to read (and I’ve added it to my Favorites) I’m pretty sure there were other things I could have been doing.

    November 17, 2003 – evening

    AstareiKim’s definition of unfair: Seeing women at the YMCA come out of a grueling hour-long aerobics class with not only their makeup still on, but their ponytails still sporting perky little flips. On a GOOD day, my hair bears a striking resemblance to Phyllis Diller. And that’s before gym. If I could only get my lazy @$$ out of bed an hour earlier, I could effectively STYLE my hair before work. Imagine that!

    Speaking of my @$$, do you know how it hurts to see Britney Spears writhe and shimmy all over the TV whilst I puff away on the YMCA elliptical machine? (30 minutes, burned 287 calories, baby!) It sucks to be 31 years old and want to look like Britney Spears.

    And speaking of a hawtie, the little vixen you see up there is Astarei, my level 7 White Mage in Final Fantasy XI. The game takes my breath away, but it’s not very soloable (for me as a mage at least) and that may be what causes me to cancel my sub. I still have until 12/7 to decide if it’s the game for me. Astarei has great hair.

    A big ‘congratulations’ to my brother John (who’s almost 24 and available, ladies) for picking up his college cap and gown today. He’s graduating college on 1/30. The party starts on 1/31. John will be interviewing for jobs, and we’ll STILL be hung over. That’s how much we’re going to party. 😉

    November 17, 2003

    Today is the first day of the rest of my career…

    First day without the ex-Boss. I peeped into his office and yup, it’s empty. STILL don’t know to whom we’ll be reporting in the interim. But it’ll be interesting to sit back and watch the office politics play out. For example, it’ll be fun to see which managers/higher-ups pop in to ‘check up’ on us. Don’t worry about us — we have enough to keep us busy.

    Did some more cleaning yesterday, as well as hosted Mom and John for this month’s WWE pay-per-view. Last night was “Survivor Series.” I don’t watch wrestling on a weekly basis anymore, and it really shows when I watch PPVs.

    Wt: Not weighing until next Monday, for my own twisted psychological reasons
    Mood: Pleasant, and hungry. Ugh, I am hungry ALL of the time anymore.
    Work docket: Did Ingle column. Must fix the classified and obit databases because the feeds didn’t go yesterday or today. Yeesh. Plus a splash page for an advertiser. Meeting at 11:00 am. And I haven’t brushed my hair or put makeup on yet. (shudder)
    Lunch: Lean Cuisine Shrimp and Pasta.
    Afternoon: Rousing walk with Max.
    Evening: To the gym!

    By the way, I updated the rest of my site a little bit last night, including my first big step toward launching CookieCam 2003. Go check out the LadyGypsy.Net home page for the skinny!

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