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Taken January 19, 2015 outside of the Rodin Museum.

Taken January 19, 2015 outside of the Rodin Museum.

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The Rosie Project review

The Rosie Project (Don Tillman #1)The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is minorly spoilery, but I’m not going to mark it as such. You can look at the cover and summary of this book, and realize for yourself that we won’t be sobbing tears of sadness and heartbreak at the end.

I originally gave this three stars and then after sleeping on it, upped it to four.

Don Tillman is a 39 year old genetics professor who lives a very literal and organized life. He decides it’s time to find a wife so he turns to his colleague Gene and his wife Claudia to help him with The Wife Project. Next thing he knows, the highly unsuitable Rosie shows up at his office. And hijinks ensue. This reminded me of a 1960s slapstick romantic comedy and it made me smile.

I think it’s easy to get tied up in the whole Aspergers storyline and see the Rosie Project as what “fixed” Don’s condition – whatever it may be. But it’s more a story of Don – a guy who’s decidedly not your typical dude – and how he learned about relationships, love, and living. He’s not going to be fixed. But he, like we, can learn.

It’s a super-quick and fun read but not a manifesto on the care and feeding of a person with Aspergers. Nobody’s going to read this book and say “Aspies are easy to love and I’m going to snag me one!”

I’ll read the sequel, too.

This was the 43rd book I read in 2014. View all my reviews on Goodreads!

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Friday 5: Home is where the Hearth is

I limped through another 5-day workweek, although I worked from home on Monday so I guess it didn’t really count. I

We packed away the Christmas decor this week. WM has a sense of humor about my strange attachment to ceramic Christmas trees.

We packed away the Christmas decor this week. WM has a sense of humor about my strange attachment to ceramic Christmas trees.

figure I’ll get the hang of the five-day workweeks by the time President’s Day rolls around. For now, though, the productivity juices are really starting to flow again. I mean, I don’t want to brag, but today I was a productivity goddess.

Notable things this week:

  • I was gifted a Mickey Mouse Chia Pet from coworker DR. The seeds sprouted tiny roots, but it dried up over the 3-day span I wasn’t there. I started it up again today with a plastic bag over it. CHILDREN grow Chia Pets. I’m sure I can make this work.
  • I made Bang Bang shrimp for dinner tonight. Just cooking for myself, but it cost more to buy the ingredients than it would have to take myself to Bonefish Grill. It was still pretty tasty.
  • It’s soooooo cold. I’m finding solace in the fact that the sun is setting later each day again. Fry the climate all you want and kill the change of seasons, but you’ll never affect the solstices and equinoxes.
  • I’m still taking myself out for fancy coffee every Friday morning. Today I sat next to a meeting between a mentor and a mentee. At first I was all eye-rolly and cynical but then I listened in. The “find a mentor” thing wasn’t around when I started out in the workforce, so I’ll admit to being a bit jealous. Even though I’m not in the same field as they are, it’s still nice to glean words of wisdom from people who have been working longer than I have.
  • I finally purchased World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and my video card can’t take it. It heats up to almost 100 degrees C and then the computer dies. That stinks, because I played the beta and it was fine. I guess I need a new video card (sigh) but that’s going to have to wait a week or so.

I started this blog post at 11:45, so it technically still counts as a Friday 5 on Friday even though it’s now 12:06am Saturday morning. The Friday 5 home office is in Hawaii, so I’m going to use that as my time standard.

This week’s theme is Home is where the Hearth is. Let’s do it!

1. What is your approach to dealing with (or preventing) clutter?

Clothing-wise, I get rid of anything I haven’t worn in a year. Let’s face it, my weight fluctuates. But I can’t keep a closet with clothes from size 8 to size *cough* because I don’t have the space. So if I ever get to an 8 again, I’ll get new duds. It’s okay. For general clutter, I find great inspiration from UFYH. The concept of a 20/10 was a gamechanger for me. It’s EASY to take only 20 minutes and dump things you don’t want.

Here’s where I get politically incorrect. I think the push to donate and recycle anything you can really hampers peoples’ ability to get rid of things. Because then these things get put into bags and boxes, and STILL remain in the house until people can get to the dump/Goodwill/library/etc. I’ll recycle. I’ll donate my undamaged clothes. But the rest gets trashed.

2. What kinds of (tangible) things do you seem to have an unreasonable time letting go of?

Birthday and Christmas cards from other people. I trashed them all a few years back, but I felt so guilty – especially when I got rid of family photo Christmas cards. But years and years of cards were really starting to take up space. Now I take time to read everything one more time before they get recycled.

3. If you could start completely over with your existing living space (and money were only a slight limitation), how would you make it more suited to you and your lifestyle?

I’d upgrade my charming red sofa to a sectional that would fit me along with the other human and dogs who like to hang with me.

4. How many standalone small kitchen appliances do you own, and how many do you use regularly?

  • Waffle maker – use frequently
  • Ninja blender thingy – use occasionally
  • FoodSaver – use rarely
  • George Forman grill – use rarely because it doesn’t heat up like the old models did.
  • Keurig coffee maker – use at least twice a day
  • Kitchen Aid mixer – use frequently
  • Toaster – use frequently

5. What does your current living space really need more of?

I would love some kicky area rugs, but the window of opportunity between Old & Leaky Cat and Old & Leaky Dog was too small to make that move.

WM’s away visiting his family this weekend so I’m bacheloretting it. Other than a trip to the bank to deposit a check and to Target for necessaries, looks like I’ll be spending this weekend going through my SQL book while streaming Friends off off Netflix.

Happy weekend to you!

Next morning edits – I shouldn’t blog after midnight:

  • Corrected spelling to gamechanger
  • Added link to UFYH
  • Added toaster to appliances
  • Added categories/tag
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Facebook’s thought process

I love Facebook. I do I do I do. Now that I’ve blocked

  • All political “news” sites (I’m never going to take a story from “I Love the Left!” or “RightNewsRightNow” seriously and neither should you)
  • All of the natural/homeopathic sites (mm, yes, tell me again how the thing I drink every day is “toxic?”)
  • All of the viral news sites and George Takei (YOU WON’T BELIEVE how this CORGI folded this SHIRT and look SCIENCE!) and
  • Almost every animal rescue around (Love dogs, can’t handle the “this dog in Kansas will be executed tomorrow morning unless you act now!” notes)

it’s a great place to waste time. Cute kids, cute pets, pictures of tasty meals. It’s like how blogging used to be.

Rarely, very rarely, I report comments to Facebook. I only do it when it’s egregious – like a porn site leaving a spam comment on a post about The Mindy Project*. The profile picture was of a topless woman cropped JUUUUUUUUST above the nipple. This is how my last encounter went. Underlining is mine.

Yes, I will put up a screenshot with USA Sex Video in it, but I'll crop out my embarrassingly low battery meter. I have standards!

Yes, I will put up a screenshot with USA Sex Video in it, but I’ll crop out my embarrassingly low battery meter. I have standards!

I laughed it off. I expect precious little from Facebook, and I’m never disappointed. I guess an almost nude profile pic advertising the sale of movies featuring LOTS of nudity on a post that wasn’t about nudity at all isn’t realllllly nudity. But then…last week…justice prevailed!

Another crop. In 2015 I'll be better with charging my phone.

Another crop. In 2015 I’ll be better with charging my phone.

So it was only deleted because the account was closed, probably because it was porny.

Like I said, I like Facebook. I just wish there was a liiiiiitle more common sense involved. Oh, and also had a way to report people who post pictures of their bloody injuries. Don’t do that. Nobody wants to see your bloody toe. Nobody.

* (doo doo doo DOO doodoodoo)

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