I’m trade-publication famous!

I try very hard to separate work from blog, but I’m very proud and can’t let this go by without saying something…

Last month, Associations Now magazine (official magazine of ASAE) interviewed my manager and me about how we manage data collection at TNP. The interview was published online last week and I think it turned out really well.

You can read it here: Member-Data Collection: The Never-ending story.

I love my job!

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Wordless Wednesday: How to drive me crazy

The elevator buttons at my office building spin around. I could easily spend all of my time fixing them on every floor.

The elevator buttons at my office building spin around. I could easily spend all of my time fixing them on every floor.

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A depressing dream

Last night I had a dream…

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It was depressing. I don’t share these feelings a lot, because you can look at my blog and life and fill in enough blanks to make sense of things.

If you’re not in for sadness today, you can flee without guilt. Which is also why this post isn’t being shared on Facebook, because everyone there thinks I’m a giant ball of happy all the time, and breaking that image even the tiniest bit results in my having to comfort others when I’m the one that’s blue. Twitter gets the post because it’s a far bigger sea and I can be more real there.

Back to the beginning. Last night I had a dream…

We were moving into a house and I was pregnant. Big-bellied pregnant and happy. A stranger asked me when my due date was and I didn’t know. My belly shrank. Someone else asked me what the ultrasound looked like – I panicked because I never had an ultrasound. My belly shrank further. Someone asked to feel it kick. But there was no kick, and my belly shrank.

The questions kept coming and my stomach shrank to normal size and I realized I was never pregnant to begin with. And the last person called me “a fraud of a woman.”

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Yeah. Ooof, right? I think I’m going to be extra kind to myself for the next few days.

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Friday 5: Stitches



Happy, oh hell I know it’s Saturday, but I slipped a bit from using my planner and blog disaster happened. Let’s get back on track, though.

I’d be crowing HAPPY SPRING WE MADE IT but we saw 5 inches of snow yesterday. While it’s all melting away today…my enthusiasm for March has dampened considerably.

Here’s yesterday’s Friday 5 – the theme was Stitches.

1. Where on your body have you had stitches, and what were the circumstances?

I had an apicoectomy almost 2 years ago – that’s the oral surgery procedure you get when your root canal just isn’t enough! The stitches were rubbing the inside of my lip raw so I .. um … took them out a few days early.

2. Who most recently left you in stitches?

My husband is a truly funny guy, and we lost it this morning talking about tattoos.

3. “A stitch in time saves nine,” says the proverb, which means that mending one small tear in a fabric now prevents having to make nine stitches later when the damage is worse. How has this been illustrated in your life?

I spent part of my week doing data entry because having all of those people in our AMS now will prevent a lot of stress trying to get them in while our Big Annual Meeting is happening, and prevent a lot of extra work when it is time to get our Big Annual Meeting activity back into the AMS. Sometimes the only way out of things is through.

4. What are your thoughts on Disney’s Lilo & Stitch?

You will not believe this, but I never saw the whole thing straight through. The plot sounded too depressing. Stitch himself is pretty annoying. :)

5. What experience do you have with needle and thread?

Ten years ago, before crafting became A BIG DEAL I would have said I’m average. I’ve made some skirts and costumes in the past. When we get a house (ugh ugh ugh why do we hate everything!?!) I’ll drag out my sewing machine and give it a go again. :)

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