Friday (okay Saturday) Five: Usage

apr4-5Happy Saturday! It’s April 5th. Even as the years are peeled off of my life’s calendar, I will always remember this day with a warm smile and a wish that all involved parties are doing well and living authentically.

Yesterday morning before leaving for work I finished week 3 of the DDP yoga program. I went out to lunch. I then went to a happy hour. (Note: I am following the exercise program, not the nutritional part. Obviously.) Those are my prime blogging times, so I didn’t get a chance to complete the Friday Five. So here we go! This week’s theme is usage.

1. What was the occasion that called for your most recent use of a power tool?

I pay rent so that other people use their power tools on my problems. Speaking of which, we’re ready to rent a home here in Southern NJ. If you know of a home for rent in the Westmont/Audubon/Haddon Heights/Haddon Twp/Oaklyn/Collingswood area (aka the PATCO line) with a fenced yard and that will allow my well-behaved pets, let me know!

2. What was the occasion that called for your most recent use of a postage stamp?

Mailing out invitations to the baby shower that you’re probably tired of hearing about. It’s tomorrow, though, and will be very lovely.

3. What was the occasion that called for your most recent use of a threatening word or gesture?

I live and drive in New Jersey, near places where Philadelphians drive to in order to get their suburban shopping mall fix. These Philadelphians, while lovely people, drive like absolute crap. I toss up my hands up in a threatening “what the heck is WRONG with you” gesture at least once every few days at a city driver who believes that they the dividing lines between lanes are merely suggestions.

4. What was the occasion that called for your most recent use of some transparent tape?

I used it a few weeks ago to tape off the end of a strand of beading wire so my beads didn’t shoof off of the other side when I was stringing. There are widgets expressly made for that purpose, but meh. Tape works.

5. What was the occasion that called for your most recent use of Wikipedia?

After seeing this video of Kid & Play on Arsenio, I used Wikipedia to look up how old Will Smith was. Will Smith is 45 years old.


I can’t close on that depressing fact. Here’s a video to watch while I go cry. Happy birthday, Pharrell!

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Throwback Thursday: 1988

A tiny primer for those who don’t remember printed photos from film cameras: your parents would buy a roll of film and it would stay in the camera until it was finished. Then if your parents had money, it would go to a Fotomat or another photolab to get developed in a day or two. If you were us, you’d send it away in a yellow envelope and get your pictures back in a few weeks. The date the film was developed was on back of the each photo, so even if you didn’t write the date on the back (in analog pen) you’d still have an idea of when it was taken.

With that out of the way, I present to you: September, 1988. Sweet sixteen.

Slight Photoshop retouching to remove spots.

Slight Photoshop retouching to remove spots. No filter because we Olds have our own filter called “TIME.”


1) The contents of the top shelf are as “child of the 70s/80s” as you can get, really. The yellow doll was won when I was younger a Wildwood boardwark game. The Basset Hound plushies were popular due to the Hush Puppies brand of shoes. And next to the dog is a painted Strawberry Shortcake figurine

2) The inside of my closet door had the ubiquitous lines indicating my height over the years.

3) This is my childhood bedroom, as taken from our hallway. The room is purple. There are a few posters and pinups (Jason Bateman, George Michael, riiiiiiiiiiight before my HUGE NKOTB era. The Hangin’ Tough album was just released and Please Don’t Go Girl wouldn’t hit top-10 for another few weeks), but they are on the walls that you don’t see from the hallway.

4) Since the timestamp is September, 1988, those balloons (ribbons dangling) were from my Sweet 16 party, a banging barbecue in my backyard with a DJ and a bubble machine and a bunch of my great friends. I didn’t want a party. I didn’t, that is, until a week before my birthday when I said, “hey can I have a party?” and my parents dutifully complied.

5) That shirt! So 80s! So Miami Vice/Kokomo!

6) That hat! The hipster trilby/fedora tend didn’t start yesterday, yanno. :)

7) That wrist scrunchy! When are they coming back into style?

8) My brother’s head is the shadow in the foreground. Ancient photobomb!

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Wordless Wednesday: Judgmental Cat

This is wordless Wednesday material because I have NO WORDS.

This is wordless Wednesday material because I have NO WORDS.

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Stupid Beading Tricks: More bracelets

We are off from work today to celebrate an amazing Annual Meeting. Which I didn’t have to attend, but we get the day off anyway. While I was waiting for maintenance to come in this morning and fix a crack in my bathroom ceiling*, I busted out the beads.

Have you heard? We have a baby shower coming up for the lovely Kristen and I decided to cheap out and make the prizes for “baby shower bingo”. Keeping with the “forest” theme, I have this green beauty:

bracelet - green tree

Green tree pendant from Beadfreaky.

And in case two people call out Bingo at the same time I put this together, using some wood beads, ceramic beads, and “natural” “gemstone” rounds that I picked up from somewhere.

Pendant also by Beadfreaky.

Pendant also by Beadfreaky.

And in case three people tie with baby shower bingo, I’m bringing the hooty-hoo bracelet. If four people tie I’ll just dissolve into awkward ugly crying.

The baby shower is pretty much in the can. The restaurant has the headcount and food choices, we have favors, we have bingo cards, we have centerpieces, we have an “it’s a boy” banner that I MADE using clip art I bought from Etsy, we have a wishing tree ready to go (well, right now it’s just a branch) and now we have prizes. I tried to yarn wrap a letter “A” in honor of baby nephew’s name, but that was a hot mess Pinterest fail. You guys, I seriously can’t wait to share all of it with you because I’m proud of how it turned out.

Now all I have to do is stave off the nightmares of food poisoning or guests throwing rocks at me because I didn’t buy the wine service. (Seriously, the guest of honor can’t drink. Buy yo’ own wine.)

*Now I’m waiting for them to come BACK and check out our sink, because the painter washed his tools in it, and the drain’s slow because of the spackle mix. Can’t win. Can’t win. Can’t win.

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