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Yes PleaseYes Please by Amy Poehler
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Hi! I’m a forty-blah year old woman who loves Parks and Recreation and appreciates frank talk and humor! I’m the target audience for this book!

Standard disclaimer: This is not Tina Fey’s Bossypants. There is no rule that says that all female funnypeople have to write books just like Tina Fey. Every person is different. OK? OK.

Yes Please is not purely a memoir. Amy reminisces about her childhood, college and key moments in her career. She talks about the work behind getting Parks and Recreation on the air. There is very little talk about her marriage to Will Arnett, and that’s okay. Her thoughts on divorce are spot on, and I laughed aloud at one of her proposed divorce book titles: ““Hey, Lady, I Don’t Want To F**K Your Husband!” Ain’t that the truth. She loves her family and her kids, but we all suspected that.

I enjoyed her musings about not loving her body or her Irish eyebrows. But mostly, her frank talk about your career and how to deal with difficult situations was great, even if you’re just a mere office worker like me. I want to hang out with her and trade stories of times we ended up hugging people we didn’t want to.

I bought this in ebook format for my Nook, and so most of the little lists and photocopies were impossible to read. I hate that, especially because I paid as much as someone will once this book goes to paperback editions.

Finally: Amy…nobody forced you to write this book. The complaining about writing was funny the first few times. Yes, writing a book is hard. It’s harder if you’re not financially secure, have a small team of child-care workers, and are writing fiction.

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W-A-T-E-R Water!

W-A-T-E-R Water!

Max is doing surprisingly well. I say this because just a week ago, we were having the “Quality of Life” discussion, as barely moved for three days and we were carrying him outside to do his business. This post was sitting in my drafts folder and was very different. Last Monday was my brother’s birthday and we were gutted at dinner because the only thing in Max’s “W” column was that he was still eating.

And then on Tuesday the ears pricked up and the tail started wagging again. He accepted his harness and started sniffing everything like it’s brand new. This morning he happily pranced across the street with us for his morning walk. I don’t know what happened, but the only thing I can guess is that he’s adapting to his new reality. The fancy expensive grain-free food isn’t beloved (although Ollie hasn’t puked since we started it) so to get him to eat it all we’re cutting the old Purina Savor food into it. Yes, we are buying two different dog foods to make this work. No, I don’t care.

In the face of this changing landscape, an unlikely pack alpha has emerged.


Hyper-alert guard dog.

Now, this wasn’t always the plan. The “alpha” line of succession went as such…

1) Max
2) Charlie
3) Remy, the tiny mouse that occasionally skittered through the kitchen
4) Ollie

But things being as they are (and Remy having mysteriously vanished), it’s Ollie now.



Max approves.

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Friday 5: Shenanigans

Happy Friday and happy end of the workweek. It was rough transitioning back to a full workweek after the shortened one last week. I had a lot of iMIS training and meetings this week, went to TNP’s Philadelphia chapter meeting last night and tonight my brain is mush. The chapter meeting was at the Chart House restaurant, which was all decorated for Christmas.

Oh WWE...I can't quit you.

Oh WWE…I can’t quit you.

This week the Friday 5 theme is Shenanigans. That’s a fun word to say. Shenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanigans!

1. What’s a memorable prank you were involved in, either as perpetrator, victim, or witness?

I have to go back a long time to come up with a good prank. Back at the C-P, coworker S and I agreed to peek in on coworker D’s cat while they were on a cruise. It was well-known that while kitty was pretty, she wasn’t very friendly. And coworker D was a little nervous about us checking up on her. On the morning he was due back to work, we brought in a box of band-aids and stuck them all over. The more we talked to him about his cruise, the more he noticed our band-aids. As he realized it was probably Kitty that inflicted our injuries, he started to get upset and apologetic. It was pretty funny, but I still feel bad about it.

2. When did you last fool someone into believing something untrue?

I led both of my innocent, unsuspecting husbands into believing that the Beverly drink at Walt Disney World was delicious.

3. What was a secret you accidentally let slip?
Yanno, I can’t think of one!

4. What’s a memorable thing you did when you should have been at work or school?

I never cut school. Even on senior cut day in high school, my mom called me out. I was a big rule-follower. The most subversive thing I did with shady work days off was interview for other jobs. Confession: My mom didn’t have as many doc appointments for her ankle as I led the C-P to believe. I was interviewing like a wild woman.

5. What’s a nice thing you did anonymously for someone?

I’ve been busy.

Tomorrow I’m going to a baby shower for my cousin’s kid. Talk about feeling old as dirt! Otherwise, this weekend will be dedicated to Christmas decorating and dough-making. No Cookie-cam this year, as this apartment kitchen is set up too wrong for it. Maybe this time next year I’ll have a little house with a larger kitchen. Or at least a kitchen where I have room to put a camera in front of the counter.

I am seriously not feeling the cookie-baking this year. Hopefully once I get in the swing of things I’ll be okay. Or not. Maybe I’ll bake larger batches of a smaller selection. Maybe I’ll sleep on it. :D

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Throwback Thursday: Cube decorating

I’m going to say this was December of 2010, because I wasn’t sitting in that spot in December 2009 and I didn’t have that hair color or bangs when I started at TNP in January 2012.

I sort of like Christmas.

I sort of like Christmas.

I could have sworn I posted about the Post-it note (not a sponsor, I suck, blah blah) wreath here, but I can’t find it. We didn’t have tall cubicle walls at the C-P, so by the end of my tenure there I was staring at that bland gray wall all day. (Which I think was painted a sickly green later on, thanks GW.). To break the monotony, I made the wreath from two packs of green Post-it notes and a pack of red apple-shaped Post-its. I took about an hour. I let some of the green Post-its stick out from the wall to give the wreath extra dimension.

I and my coworkers loved it, and the managers worried that I had wasted the C-P’s office supplies to do it. Which was a joke, because the C-P stopped buying us Post-its YEARS before, and by then I was buying all of my own office supplies anyway.

If I were a better blogger, I’d do a whole photographed instructable post on how to make a Post-it wreath, but really, it’s not hard. Stick them on the wall. You can do this.

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