Stupid Beading Tricks: Tropical necklace

Lest you think my hands have been idle when they’re not playing WoW or dinking with the new iPhone apps, here is proof that I’m still beading.

The orangey beads came from Michael’s…they are Blue Moon’s “Enchanted Planet” collection. The turquoise-esque round beads came from an old “power bracelet” that my mom had from about 10 years ago. She gave it to me and the beads went into my box. The wee dangly beads came from a lot I bought off of eBay.

WM thinks it looks beachy, and I have to agree. It’s a bit heavier than I’d like but it will go smashingly with an outfit I have.

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Monday Five?

The adventures of the veggie cheesesteak bumped out the usual Friday Five post. And since I’m in a writing slump lately, I have to ration out the content a bit to avoid long periods of nothinginess.

So without further ado, Friday Five: Bad Food

1. What was the last meal that caused you to be ill?
The weekend of July 4th, WM whipped up a chicken salad using Betty Crocker’s “Suddenly Salad!” meal “kit.” Blech. We both were ill (not seriously, but inconveniently) for the next day or so and found quite a few S-words that could fill in this blank: “Suddenly _____!”

2. Are there any places you never dine anymore because of a bad experience hours after the meal?
Ages ago, BVP (he’s doing well, thanks!) and I got the stomach flu the day after we ate at Red Lobster. Red Lobster didn’t cause it, but the reappearance of the prior night’s dinner soured us on Red Lobster for a long time. Despite the decadent cheesy biscuits there, I’m still reluctant to go back.

3. What’s your prescription for dealing with a food-caused illness?

4. When friends tell you about coming down with food-caused illnesses, do you avoid the places they name, or do you figure it’s a dice-roll wherever you go?
I figure it’s a dice-roll. I mean, look at the whole tomato/salmonella controversy. The government was convinced that the sickened people were sickened because of tomatoes. People changed their diets. Restaurants changed their menus. Tomato growers recorded huge losses. Then, all of a sudden, it’s okay again to eat them again. Nothing was proven. But there remains a tepid warning against jalapeno peppers. People get sick. Sometimes it can’t be explained.

5. After numerous citations, a very, very popular restaurant that you’re quite fond of is shut down by the health department until it can get everything up to code. When the health department gives the restaurant the o.k. to reopen, do you go?

Of course. If I was eating there when it was not up to code and lived, eating there right after the OK is probably the best time to eat there!

Firefox 3 slow?
I was up late last night doing a System Restore on my PC. Ever since I installed Firefox 3, my system just dragged. I did Virus scans and malware scans, but nothing turned up. Finally, after waiting five minutes tonight for Firefox to start after I double clicked the icon, I rolled the system back to June 16. I reinstalled Firefox and it’s all zippy again. The downside is that I have to reinstall the last few World of Warcraft patches.

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Have I mentioned that MSN hates single women in their 30s?

Yeah, it’s a real stereotype-a-rama. Featuring lines like:

…as if there was this voice whispering at me most of the time we were together saying, She’s 35—don’t stay with this girl unless you’re serious about settling down with her. I know that sounds crazy, but I assumed, given the biological facts of life, that she didn’t have time to waste on a casual relationship.

And maybe I’m hypersensitive about it (I’m 35, WM’s 29) but while I do want a child and feel sad that my window for that is closing sooner rather than later, my getting into this relationship did not hinge on whether WM wanted kids sooner, later, or at all.

The “How much does age matter when dating?” story actually talks about dating younger people when you’re over 50.

In less-vitriolic news, I bought a bunch of fresh basil today from Wegmans. I want to freeze it, but many of the freezing “recipes” feature chopping it with olive oil and freezing it in ice cube trays. I wonder if the olive oil will cause future uses to become too fatty.

I bought “Twilight” yesterday, primarily because a lot of the bloggers I read have been loving it. I tore through 295 pages in one sitting. I love vampire stories – used to adore Anne Rice’s stuff until it got religious and weird. The best part is I’m so late to this bandwagon that there are two (and soon to be three) books AFTER this one! And a movie coming out in December!

This afternoon I’m off to Michael’s with Mom to look at beads (I have a coupon!), then maybe look for a cute pair of black kitten heel slides.

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Adventures in food: Vegetarian cheesesteak

Vegetarian cheesesteak

At the insistence of the coworkers, I had a veggie cheesesteak for lunch. We ordered from Zizi’s in Pennsauken.

And it wasn’t bad. Coworker Sharon was right. If you’re expecting a cheesesteak taste alike, you’ll be disappointed. To me, a cheesesteak is a multi-sensory experience. The weight of the bun. The scent of the onions. The sensation of the warmed shredded beef on your tongue. And while this sandwich was good for a bun filled with chunks of something, a fake cheese sauce and onions, the other senses didn’t get their fill.

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