Phillies Parade & Celebration – the Plan

So I did it. On the week that it was revealed that Gannett’s laying off 10% of its newspaper division by the first week of December I took a vacation day to go to the Phillies parade. Call me fatalistic.

The rest of my sphere of influence is much more responsible than I am, so they’re working and I’m going this alone. Look for me. I’ll be in red. ;)

I managed to get one of the hard-to-get tickets to the end-of-parade festivities in Citizen’s Bank Park, too. It wasn’t hard. It was a download and I got mine 15 minutes after the time window opened. So the whiners you hear on 610-WIP are just that. Whiners.

Here’s the plan:
1 ) Bundle up.
2 ) Head to WaWa (every road trip starts at WaWa) for ATM, coffee, snacks & camera batteries.
3 ) Head to Kayla’s Flower stand to get some goofball Phillies paraphenalia. Beads, boas, etc.
4 ) Take the speedline to the end of the line in Philly, transfer to a local train on SEPTA Broad Street line
5 ) Get off at Broad & Oregon.
6 ) Stake out spot for parade. Apparently I’m already very late, but the sleeping in ’til 8:30 was delicious.
7 ) Watch parade
8 ) Join the swarm and walk to Citizen’s Bank Park That’s about 3/4 mile, by my rotten calculations.
9 ) Get into the Stadium and watch the festivities.

If things look horrible at Broad & Oregon (or if I get on the Sports Express subway by accident that’ll take me directly to the ballpark) I’ll forgo the street part of the parade and get my seat for the finale.

Okay, team. Let’s mobilize.

See you on the other side, Ray.

Edited to add: I’ll be Twittering today, so follow me there if you’d like. :)

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Philadelphia Phillies – 2008 World Champions!

REUTERS/Mike Segar

We could see the fireworks at the ballpark from our window, as well as the random ones shooting up around the neighborhood. Horns are honking, people on the streets outside are cheering, and (as always) the Collingswood Police are patrolling our parking lot.

It was a long, LONG game but a magical, magical night and a long time coming. The parade will most likely be Friday, which means I have two days worth of work to cram into tomorrow. Provided I can take off at all on Halloween, since Coworker S already requested off.

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One more win, Phillies! I want a parade!

(I did a site search to see if I told you this story yet. I couldn’t find it, so apologies if this is the 2nd time.)

In 1980, the Phillies won the World Series. I was in grade 3, and my brother was 10 months old. The whole region was ecstatic. And there was going to be a parade! I really wanted to go and see Pete Rose and Tug McGraw. Other kids were being pulled out of school to go. But Mom gently told me no – my brother was too small to take into Philadelphia. But the next time the Phillies won the World Series, she’d take me.

I was bummed, but it was a fair enough proposition to an 8-year-old. Next time, I’ll see the parade.

And here we are…28 freaking years later. I’m frown with a job and a place of my own. I’m older now than Mom was in 1980. Pete Rose is banned from baseball* and Tug has passed on. And the Phillies are ONE WIN away from a parade. ONE WIN!

I already told (new) Boss that I WILL take off from work on the day of the parade. I don’t know or care who can or can’t come with me. I’m going to make my way to Broad Street and see the show. I can’t wait another 28 years.

I haven’t been more vocal about the Phillies because I’m just afraid I’ll jinx something and they’ll lose.

So let’s hope that by the end of the week, there’ll be Phillies parade pictures here! :)

Happy Monday!

*What a crock of crap that is, by the way. You have football and basketball players who get into and out of legal trouble ALL THE TIME and they’re welcomed back with open arms. Pete gambled, never betting against his own team, and he’s out.

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A proud customer of AT&T since 2002

Thursday morning, I was just getting out of the shower when WM knocked on the door. “Honey? There’s a problem!”

I dashed out and he pointed at the computer screen. Our cellphone bill is automatically deducted from my account on the 22nd of each month. And on Thursday, October 22nd, AT&T deducted over $900.

Luckily, I was paid on Wednesday and was starting to save up for rent so the money was in there to begin with.

I stammered and shook while WM got on the phone with AT&T. He’s very good with situations like that. Turns out, when WM got his iPhone in September, the data plan wasn’t added to his account. So once he went over the 1MB limit that his old plan offered, we were billed approximately $10 per MB transferred.

The representative was very kind on the telephone and understood that it was a big mistake. She arranged for the extra monies (over $770) to be credited to our wireless account. And it was.

Trouble is…that was RENT money. And weekend money. And grocery money*. I logged into ING and moved $1000 into the checking account. That’ll take effect on Monday.

So I called AT&T Friday afternoon and asked for my money back. The representative was, again, very nice and put in a request to have the money returned to my account. She said she would request it to be immediately transferred back, but it might have to come back to me via check. In any case, I’ll have a resolution by 11/3.

AT&T could have been assy about the whole deal, and blame us for not checking our account online a week or so after the iPhone purchase to make sure it was properly set up. They could have blamed me for not looking at the paper statement that arrives a week before the money is taken. (I never do, because it comes out of my account.) But they didn’t. And I appreciate that.

Edited on 10/27 to add: AT&T will be sending the extra $700+ back to my checking account within the next 48 hours. Yay!

*Even with coupons, in-store sales, and Wegmans brand products, we cannot spend less than $70 a week on groceries anymore. We’re eating more home-cooked things, which is better overall but I think it would be cheaper if we ate at Taco Bell & McDonald’s every day.

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