My website asplode

Yeeeeeeeah. I overwrote something in my “live” folder. I blew it up. It’s coming together though. Slowly.

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A canine plea

play with me
“play with me, dooshbag”

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Friday Five for August 22: Stupidity caught me…it’s really Thursday. The Friday Five site publishes their questions early, so I figured I’d sleep in 10 more minutes tomorrow morning and do it tonight. Cheers!

Oh, this Friday Five was tailor-made for me! It’s called: Stupidity

1. What’s something really, really stupid you’ve done that could easily have resulted in your own death?
I’ve left candles burning in my apartment overnight and while I’m at work. I’ve also met numerous online people in person – nothing turned out badly (I vet people pretty well) but I’ve heard that sometimes online encounters go bad. ;)

2. What makes you feel stupid?
When I don’t get the whole story about something, either personal or work-related, then my lack of knowledge is put on full display when everyone around me knows everything.

3. What’s something that’s stupid in a very smart way?
Pari!s H!lt0n. She makes money being a stupid heiress.

4. What’s an example of a stupid idea working out in a way that solved a problem?
“Let’s just duct tape it back together!” Who’d have thunk that you could tape things like furniture, cars, appliances, etc, and they’d actually stay together?

5. There is apparently a brand of packaged popcorn called Smartfood. What might be found in the package labeled Stupidfood?
Cheese puffs. They’re radioactive orange, mostly air, and just a skosh of cheese. They’re addictive, so you can eat an entire bag at one sitting and get absolutely no value out of them whatsoever.

What a freaking nutty week. I’m still so very thankful the layoffs passed over me. Must have been the lamb’s blood I painted on my cube wall. ;) Of course, the rumor mill has started up already saying there will be more in December. Whatevs.

Wanna sneaky-peeky of my redesign?:

I’m writing this 99% from scratch, just lifting the WordPress tags from past templates and the Codex. It’s a hell of a challenge, especially continuously checking it in Firefox, IE, and Safari. My goal is to have it launch on September 1. Major challenges include: 1) How to get my sidebars to extend all the way down to the footer? 2) What to do with my HUGE list of links? 2) Re-re-recoding the hostess picture page, and 3) turning “Pets” into “Cast of Characters” page – because seriously, if you’re new to this site, how the heck will you know who WM, Coworker S, and BvP are? I’m proud of the little date block, which I saw on quite a few blogs but coded all by myself!

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I’ve got the world on a string, sittin’ on a rainbow!

To review:

  • I was not laid off yesterday, nor was Coworker S. or Boss. The only downsides to that are 1) all of my work stuff – programming books, Kim Possible snowglobe, etc – is in my car trunk and 2) I did not plan outfits past yesterday.
  • On Monday, WM got a full-time job (w/bennies!) teaching high school history at a place about 15 minutes away, instead of the adjunct position 45 minutes away at Snooty McSnoot Military Academy
  • And…

    no jury duty today!

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy jury duty. But today, I just want to go to work and concentrate on the fact that I still have a job, rather than sit in the courthouse remembering the looks on the faces of my coworkers as they were called into their managers’ offices. I hope I never experience another day like yesterday.

    The way life is going, I bet Barack Obama will tell the world today that I’ve won his veepstakes and will be his running mate.

    In any case, I have to put the days of depression eating and the day of celebration eating behind me and stop eating like a college student. (Cake for lunch? Oh, what the hell…) I have about 20 “Lil’ Green Patch” plants to accept in Facebook tonight and the Democratic National convention to get ready for next week. Barry, call me! ;)

    RIP, LeRoi…thank you for the years and years of music and memories

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