Stupid Beading Tricks: Beadstravaganza Sunday

After getting yet another text from Mom informing me that so-and-so wants to know if I sell my beady stuff, I rolled my eyes. This is just a hobby.

“So why don’t you make a few necklaces that are similar and put them away in CASE you ever want to do a craft show or just sell,” said the Wandering Minstrel.

Fair enough. Everything I do makes me a better beader. Even if I end up with a bajillion necklaces of my own. So on Sunday I turned off my computer (horror!) and beaded.

This is what I ended up with…

Three necklaces all done similarly with different beads and two bracelets on stretchy elastic (instead of having a traditional clasp closure).

Purposefully made with beads that match nothing I own so I won’t just wear them. Although the little blue/green bracelet’s pretty cute…hm….

So these’ll go “away” in case we fall into another Great Depression and I have to supplement my income by selling stuff to my mother’s teacher friends.

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Monday again? It could be worse. You could be Charlie.


Happy Monday.

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The Friday Five! (somewhat late)

I used to love, Love, LOVE the Friday 5s. Then the site shut down. I since found another one at

Here are the questions from Friday, and I’m going to try to stick with this again. If anything, it’s a great writing exercise.

1. What piece of information do you keep forgetting?
Telephone numbers that are already saved in my cell phone. If I forget my phone at home (often) or it dies (often, for I’m bad at charging it, another thing I forget) I’m screwed.

2. What regular event in your life do you keep forgetting?
Paying the rent. It’s due on the fifth day of the month. At 11:00pm on the fifth day of the month, one of us is usually dashing across the courtyard to the drop box.

3. How are you with remembering the names of people you meet?
Worse as I get older.

4. What kinds of tricks to you have for remembering to do stuff that falls outside your regular routine?
Notes. Copious notes everywhere

5. If you keep a daily planner, what is it like? If you don’t, why not?
I used to have a palm pilot, but now I use Outlook at work for work-related things (Calendar, Tasklist and Contacts. Used to use Journal, but I can look at my completed tasks and see what I did) and my iPhone calendar and notes for regular things. I want to use RememberTheMilk, but I don’t remember to go to the site on a regular basis.

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Bullet dodged. (For now.)

Gannett cuts 55 positions in N.J.

The C-P wasn’t affected. I live to code another day.

I’m not very concerned. I’m rolling out a biggie project at work, so I have job security ’til at least next Thursday. ;)

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