Today was the 6-year anniversary of the death of my grandmother. I still miss her every day.

That is all.

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Friday Five: How?

Pushing me ever closer to my goal of 30 blog posts in 30 days, it’s the Friday Five!

1. How’s your health?

Fantastic. I’m blessed. The worst I’m dealing with is chapped lips. Three days of real winter weather and they’re chapped already. Where’s my Blistex?

2. How was your day?
It’s 8am, so I don’t know. But I’ll predict it. I’ll make some coffee and head to work. There, I’ll sit there torturing myself with thoughts like, “Hey, this is the last Friday that some of these people will be here!” and “Oh sweet mother of GOD I KNOW they know who they’re laying off…why not do it right now?” Phones will ring all day and sales reps will holler at each other over my head, which will make it difficult to do my job. There will be good times, too. Like helping readers navigate the site and laughing with CoWorker S over various events of the day. Tonight I’ll get home, have some dinner, and collapse in front of the computer, where I’ll play a bit of World of Warcraft before bed. With any luck, I’ll be awake enough to cuddle with WM.

3. How’s the weather?
Cold and gray with millions of tiny snowflakes falling.

4. How do you expect to get anywhere in life with an attitude like that?
I know, I know…I’m sorry. It’s just…our industry is at trouble. And there is one department who can try to turn it around. But it doesn’t even look like they try anymore. It’s really really frustrating. Add to that my worrying about people I know who are in job trouble too, and you have my attitude. Frustrated.

5. How many people made you smile today?
WM leaves for work before my facial muscles start moving. I’m going to predict 12 people today.

Come on, that’s your cue, world! Make me smile!

Happy birthday to my 2 cousins, one on each side of my family!

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An evening at the Used Book Sale

The Cherry Hill Libary (to which I pay $25 every 2 years for membership) has a used book sale twice a year. Tonight was the first “open to the public” evening, so WM and I went after work.

He adores used book sales. He’s partial to history and religion books – you should see our bookcases! While he dove into the stacks and boxes, I took note of the titles available.

Most of the books are donated by the community so these were cast-off books. Some of the books were very old, so I assumed they were donated after the original owner passed on. Others were “trendy” books like the DaVinci Code and the Harry Potter series. Books that EVERYONE read once, but while some attached themselves to the books, most moved on and the books ended up donated.

There were heaps of self-help books, which is pretty telling about us as a society. I saw 3 copies of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” 5 copies of “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” 4 copies of “Passages,” and 4 copies of “Simple Abundance.”

There was also an old family Bible with the names of a couple and a date of 1947 engraved on the front. A wedding gift, perhaps? I believe there is a special place in hell for people who’d dump the family Bible in the library donation box, and my belief has nothing to do with religion.

The saddest boxes of all are what I call the “dream deferred” boxes, like the one above which mostly holds books bought by and for aspiring writers. There were three of them like this, replete with Style Manuals, Market Guides, and freelancing tips. Did these writers succeed and decide they didn’t need the books anymore? Or did they put away their pens and notebooks permanently? We’ll never know. I prefer to think of the aspiring writer who’ll find these books in their boxes and follow their own dream.

WM and I came away with 12 books. His were, as I predicted, all history and religion. I picked up “Good in Bed,” “Atonement,” “The Jane Austin Book Club” and a book of daily devotionals.

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Some things get better with age

The new holiday Gap ads are out, featuring stars in ensembles that would look completely garish on mere mortals, but hip and cute in the ads.

And this year I have reason to rejoice, because they feature the recipient of my very first fan letter, Jason Bateman.

Jason played “David,” the oldest brother on the sitcom Valerie, which was then called Valerie’s Family then the Hogan family after Valerie Harper quit the show. He was a handsome, roguish type, and in a scene from the opening of the show that forever remains burned in my brain, he played hockey. (Go here and forward to the :33 mark. Rawr!)

And now he’s 39 years old. And ohmigod….


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