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One of the benefits of having a blog for so long is that I can use it to do some research.

And the answer is, yes…this is the worst cold I’ve had in the last 6 years. Worse than the various stomach ailments. Worse than the wheeziness of last spring. This one takes the cake.

I can feel my php skills dwindling again from being away from the computer.

< ?php echo "cough"; ?>

But as it is currently 53 and not-raining-or-snowing outside, we’re throwing the windows open and going to Starbucks for breakfast. Fresh air’ll do me good.


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State of the Blogger address

Good morning, my fellow Internetters. Here’s a bullet-point update as to what’s been going on. Breaking the writer’s block and all…

  • Health & Human Services: WM’s been sick for over 2 weeks now with some bug, and everytime I think I’m coming down with it, it backs off. I’m actually rooting to get ill so I’ll get over the getting ill process already.
  • Department of Labor: I am still employed; however, all Gannettoids have to take 5 mandatory unpaid days of in the first fiscal Quarter. So I’ll be sporadically unemployed through February and March. To be completely honest, at work I am incredibly busy and incredibly lonely at the same time. I miss everyone.
  • Transportation & Travel: My W2 came in yesterday, but TurboTax was down. WM did his last week and is getting a tidy refund. With his tidy refund and my hopefully middling one, we may be stupid whimsical and go to Walt Disney World for a four-day weekend in May to celebrate his birthday. Long-time readers should note that will mark an 18-month WDW dry spell. Dad also sent us a $200 Southwest gift card, so I’ll be making another trip to the Sunshine state in the near future to visit him in Retired Guy land.
  • Department of Wildlife: A mouse ran through our kitchen last Wednesday, freaking me out considerably. I twittered my reaction and the response was, “Don’t you have cats?” Yes, but they were sleeping at the time. I decided the mouse was inside because it was miserable and cold out and as long as he didn’t poop here, I’d be okay. I named him Remy. I heard him running through the walls, squeaking and I smiled, knowing he was okay. Saturday, we heard Charlie meowing from the kitchen. When we turned, we saw him slinking toward the bedroom, brown lifeless parcel in his mouth. RIP, Remy.
  • Education: About 70% of my spare time is spent anymore with my nose in a PHP book or script. Every New Year I make the resolution to learn PHP & MySQL. Something clicked this time, and I can’t stop. I have scripts all over my computer with cryptic names like echoecho.php, pizza.php, pizzascraps.php, and loopdeloop.php. Most of them work, too! Although my beads are collecting dust, this can only mean good things for me. The downside is that I’m always at a computer anymore and my hermit tendencies are kicking in again. Always something…
  • Department of the Exterior: On Friday, I glued fake nails on in an attempt to kick the biting habit again. So far, so good, but it’s really hard to work the iPhone!
  • Environment: Yesterday it felt like spring and I was happy. Today it is snowing and I feel duped.

I have to be AT WORK in 26 minutes, so time to pull out the hot rollers and get a move on. I’m still humming “Jungle Love,” by the way. :) Oh ee oh ee oh!

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oh ee oh ee oh!

I don’t touch on the age difference between WM and me often. Ninety-seven percent of the time it’s a complete non-issue. Of the remaining 3 percent, 1 percent is when I realize he’s the same age as my brother and his friends. The other two percent is when I chat about music I liked growing up, and he doesn’t know it.

Case in point: About 2 weeks ago…

Me: Do you know what song I have in my head?
WM: No.
Me: Jungle love.
WM: Wha?
Me: Jungle love! (singing, poorly) Jungle Love! Yeah! Oh ee oh ee oh. Girl I wanna show ya, show ya!**
Me: And there’s monkey noises in it too.
WM: I’m sorry…I was never into 80’s music.
Me: Okay. Whatever (to self) Yeah! oh ee oh ee oh…

Fast forward to this past Saturday. I’m working on my PHP book, like a good little mid-life career focus-changer, and WM’s flipping through the TV. The last third of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is on, so he stops to watch. At the end of the movie…(warning:f-bombs in the video)

And I immediately start squealing “Jungle Love! It’s Jungle Love! That’s the song! Oh ee oh ee oh!!” And he remembered that was the song I was talking about way back when and recognizes it and life was, again, good.

**In writing this post, I just realized that one if the lines in the song is…
“I, I drive a little dangerous” and not “I, I drive like Danger Mouse.”

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Dour cashiers make Al Gore cry

I have a few reusable shopping bags here, but for Christmas, Kristen gave me one of the Envirosax models. Actually, this one…

It's in the Bag!

I was pretty psyched about it because I’ve been following the brand and its growth since I read about it on Not Martha a while back.

I’m not a hard-core environmentalist. I don’t think the earth is fragile. However, I do think we have more than enough plastic shopping bags in our streets, trees, landfills and bodies of water. So I like the idea of reusing bags.

My bag has been in my purse since Christmas. Today, I finally remembered to use it in Barnes & Noble. I was there purchasing yet another PHP book. (Yes, I continue to charge full speed at the brick wall of PHP. I’m dizzy and injured, but actaully starting to put a crack in the wall.) But when I told the cashier (dour, middle-aged woman*) I had my own bag, she rolled her eyes and sighed. Hm.

Thinking back, this is not the first time I’ve encountered that behavior. I’ve used store reusable bags in the past (mostly at Wegmans) and they were mostly met with the same level of eye-rolling disdain and annoyance.

Have any of you had this experience?

*The majority of employees at my B&N are not nice. Nor are they helpful. This is the place that didn’t even CALL me for holiday help. I’d certainly be nicer.

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