Stupid Beading Tricks: Copper Wirework Necklace

Materials: 18 gauge copper wire for the large links, 20 gauge copper wire for the beaded links, 3 glass beads (Blue Moon) and a bunch of copper/black/yellow “E” beads. Wire cutters, flat nose pliers, round nose pliers.

Damn, this necklace hurt to make! It took me 2 nights of casually making wire loops, then then the wire wrapped bead links. I wanted the whole thing to be handmade, so I made the clasp too…it shows. I could have done it in one night if I pushed myself. But my thumb was throbbing from working the wire around. I suppose the better I get at it the less my fingers will hurt.

The big question – what to wear it with?

I have to take the car back to the shop tomorrow – they needed to obtain a part. Estimate is between $200 and $400. But my stimulus check came today – four days early! – so it won’t hurt as much and I won’t have to juggle money to pay for it. Or put it on a credit card, which is something I didn’t want to do either. Whenever I think that I get screwed, something always happens to provide for me. It’s a good feeling. :)

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In the continuing saga of the paid-off Saturn


This weekend the fan stopped blowing. The AC works, mind you, but you have to put your hand to the vents to feel it. WM changed a fuse, but that wasn’t it. So I’ll call the shop this morning and hope they can take me ASAP.

Because it’s been over 95 degrees all weekend, and supposed to be 99 today. At least my stimulus check is coming on Friday. Maybe. Hopefully.

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Screw you (again), MSN

Hopping off the scale, proud of what’s going on…I’m rocking the “I’m dedicated and strong” attitude. I hop on the PC to get my morning dose of web and…

National Doughnut Day

Aw…go suck it, MSN.

Happy Friday!

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Still losing

More chopped up food

I just hit 12 lbs lost this morning! I keep telling myself as the scale hops up and down, “Slow and steady…slow and steady.” I’m hoping to get to 13lbs lost by the time the week’s done. I wish I felt a difference. I think my clothing’s getting loose, but it’s hard to tell.

Which is good, because I’m in a “weight loss” competition at work with two of my coworkers. We’re pitting my old-school 1200 calorie-a-day program against Weight Watchers POINTS and the 6-Day Body Makeover program (which’ll transition into the 6 week program for the participant.)

Anyway, I’ve found that if we don’t want to cook, I’m much better off heading to a drive-through fast food place than going and sitting in a restaurant. I think it’s because I tend to plan better that way and I’m not swayed by what other people are eating or by spending time in front of their menu. I had McDonald’s Premium Southwest Salad w/Grilled Chicken for dinner Monday night and it was so good!

Last night I portioned out more snacks/sides for the week. So this week, in addition to the salad, I have mixed vegetables, green beans, pineapples, cherries and jello.

I’m also getting ready to leave behind my Arizona Diet Iced green tea for something better and Splenda-free. I know the real answer is for me to brew my own green tea, but…I don’t brew tea very well.

Apologies if this is starting to sound like a diet blog and/or a beading blog. It’s not meant to be either of those, but those are the two things going on right now.

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