NKOTB concert: 17 again

Admitting to the web that one voted for John McCain makes little posts like “I went to the New Kids show last night!” so much easier to write. You already know I’m … different.


Just to make it all clear before I start… I’m not talking opera, or Mozart or even Dave Matthews Band. This is a post about a New Kids on the Block show. Non-believers can scoot away right now and I’ll see you later in the week.

Everyone else still with me? Good. Let’s start…

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Friday Five: Bugs

Happy Friday! This week’s Friday Five is about bugs. Ewww….

1. What bugs truly freak you out?
Spiders. I hate the huge hairy looking ones. Granted, in this area of NJ I only see the skinny leggy kind, but I’d still run far and fast if I saw a hairy one. There has only been one good spider in my life, by the way.

2. Which Bugs Bunny cartoon do you remember most fondly?
As a single episode, I’ll always remember Rabbit of Seville. However, I most enjoyed the series of cartoons where Bugs tries to help his nephew with school work and makes it all up, inserting rabbits in key points in history.

3. What bugs you most about your life online?
That so many people in my real life read my blog (and my Facebook, which pulls in these entries as notes) that I can’t really vent or be honest anymore for fear I’ll hurt someone.

I’d also like to get BlogHer ads on here, but I’m always on a waiting list. I just think I’m not approved for them because I’m not a Mommy Blog. Que sera, sera, I suppose, but it seems anymore that the blogosphere is meant for 1) Moms and 2) The 20 or so people involved with the creation of Blogger, WordPress & Typepad.

I don’t want my blog to make me famous. I just want it to grow year to year. And in this Mommy Blogger world it’s not. I suppose I’ll just call this a blog “recession” and work through.

4. Which of your favorite websites seems often to be especially buggy?
I have a lot of problems with TMZ.com getting stuck on an ad and not loading the page. Yes, I read TMZ. It’s evil, but fun.

5. When were you last too sick to get out of bed?
Not since I was a kid and had someone to tell me to stay in bed. These days I have to get up to call out of work, so I’m never in bed all day.

Hey, guess what I’m doing tomorrow night!


Hope it stops raining, as we have lawn “seats”. Yes, we. WM is coming along. He’s a keeper.:)

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