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Every Sunday, WM and I have breakfast at Starbucks. While he works on his lesson plans I go through the Sunday paper — clipping coupons, reading stories and working the crossword puzzles. It puts into a wonderfully relaxed state of mind.

This weekend that Sunday-kind-of-feeling ALMOST lasted until we made it into our apartment door, due to a neighbor asking us if we had no water, too.

Faucet on. No water. Blah. Calls to our helpful maintenance department went unanswered, so WM strolled down to chat. Turns out the line that went from the water main to our apartment complex broke. When would it be fixed?

“Don’t know,” the maintenance employee at the desk answered as she ignored the ringing phones. She’s so helpful. She lives on the 2nd floor of my building with a bunch of kids who write on the walls and break the locks on the outside door so they can get in and out easier. Charming family.

A poorly-spelled memo taped to the lobby door stated 12-24 hours until we got water back. Neighbors said to expect closer to 48 hours.

All we need is duct tape and we can start a panic!

All we need is duct tape and we can start a panic!

After some discussion (and the inevitable imminent post-coffee pee) we headed back out to Target, where we bought 10 gallon-bottles of water and 16 single serving bottles.

And Arby’s Beef’n’Cheddar sandwiches. Hi, emotional eater here, how’re you?

So while the dogs and cats enjoyed their frou-frou bottled water, I learned that it takes 2 gallons of water to fill up the toilet tank so I can flush it.

Monday morning we woke to running water, but with an advisory to not drink from it, cook with it or clean dishes with it unless we 1) boiled it for a minute or 2) added chlorine bleach to it. But bathing would be fine!

Uh…no. I showered at Mom’s and the dogs not only continued to enjoy the bottled water, but requested I get them Evian and not Target brand. Ungrateful beasts.

Finally, FINALLY last night there was a poorly-spelled and crookedly-photocopied memo taped up next to the elevator that said the water was safe to consume. I guess we’ll put the remaining gallon bottles under the sink for storage and finish the bottles eventually. (I’m a Brita girl – I prefer that to bottled water).

Lesson learned: It is EASY to take for granted something as routine (to us) as clean running water. Be more thankful!

Friday Five: Lessons

Even though I have much to write about, here’s a Friday Five interlude!

Friday Five: Lessons

1. What kind of out-of-school lessons did you take as a kid?

I failed swim lessons at the YMCA when I was 10. I don’t wanna talk about that. But everything else was in-school.

2. What valuable lesson did you learn this past week?

On Sunday night, our last night in WDW, it rained. No, it POURED. Thunder, lightning, the whole kit’n’caboodle. We were at the Magic Kingdom because it was open until midnight for those who stayed on property.* I was a bit bummed, but we stuck it out and you know what happened?

“It quit raining!” the blog readers say in unison.

No, it still poured like a mofo. But people began to give up and leave the park in droves. The place was practically empty and we walked onto every attraction. Even Buzz Lightyear. So tough out the rain and good things will happen.

3. Who in your life really needs to be taught a lesson?
Heh. Honestly, Friday five…you want us all to get into trouble, don’t you? I’m not answering this one.

4. What kinds of lessons would you love to have a private teacher for right now?

A personal trainer would be fantastic. But a compassionate one who understands all I do is sit all day and I have the athletic prowess and grace of a puppy with its head stuck in a bucket.

5. What steps have you taken to lessen the impact of these rough economic times?

I clip more coupons and buy more store brand merchandise. I tweeze my brows instead of waxing. I dye and cut my own hair. And I don’t charge a damn thing anymore, instead choosing to pay off my debt.

*Hey, Disney, bring back the wristbands, please! It’s much easier to flash a wristband than to show room keys at every ride. I know you’re trying to save money, but still.

Disney Musings – That’ll be the Day


Our vacation was magical and wondrous and far too short, as all of my Walt Disney World vacations are. I hope you’ll forgive me for not doing a countdown to the trip, but I’m rather weird about giving vacation dates out on the blog. I’m not afraid that we’ll be robbed (renter’s insurance!) but I’m afraid an evil being will call Disney and cancel our reservations. So yeah…the internet knows my name, where I work, and roundabout where I live, but not when I’m going on vacation. (Unless the evil being follows me on Twitter.) I need help, apparently.

Anyway, rather than do a huge trip report, I’ll highlight the quirky bits over the next week or so.

As we did in 2007, we stayed in All Star Music. It’s fun and gives us great bang for the buck. We requested a king-bed room in Jazz Inn. We got a room with 2 full beds in Broadway.

I can deal with the giant top hats, gloves, and canes. What I couldn’t deal with was this – the wallpaper in the bathroom:


Yes, Virginia, this is the view from the throne. If you’re a guy, you see the same thing, but behind the tank.

There are references to Beale and Bourbon Streets. I have to assume that the portraits of the artists are VERY general representations because getting permission to put peoples’ likenesses on wallpaper must be a nightmare.

Anyway, the guy at the bottom left is a Sinatra type. There’s a Motown girl band and a Ray Charles-esque gentleman.

The one that creeped me out he most is on the second row, at the right, next to the jukebox. That has to be Buddy Holly. I do not need Buddy Holly staring at me while I pee.

“I’m watching you, Peggy Sue,
While you sit there on the loo…”

The most puzzling one is the top row, second after the piano keys. Who is that? We called him/her “Smudge” through the trip but could never really pinpoint it. We have it narrowed down to either 1990’s Madonna or Billy Idol. With a goodly part of their head blown off by an angry fan.

who's that girl? or guy?

Any idea who that can be?

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