1) I weighed myself at lunch. It’s not bad at all. Just a few lbs up – easily knocked off in a week.
2) Went to yoga and kicked myself for waiting so long to go back. Tomorrow I’ll most likely not be able to lift my arms above shoulder level, but tonight I’m happy.
3) Still behind in Facebook and email. Maybe tomorrow night.
4) Didn’t touch the skirt tonight either.
5) Great day at work. Got some excellent news about the future of online at our paper. Still no pill I can swallow for instant mastery of PHP, though.

And that’s all. Just wanted to let you know I tamed the crazy. At least for now.

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Sunday night blues

There is no rhyme, reason, or coherence here. Just stream of consciousness craziness, tapped straight from the brain.

My diet’s gone MIA for the entire last week. I’m not weighing myself until NEXT Monday. Speaking of Mondays – there’s a new 4-week ‘beginners’ yoga class at the place I went to 2 years ago that starts tomorrow at 5:30. I want to go but I’d have to head to work a half hour early to get out by five (my schedule’s usually 9:00 – 5:30). I also have a half-dozen other excuses* but I need to add some movement to my life and maybe 60-90 minutes spent with just me once a week would be a good thing.

I’m completely behind in Facebook and email again. I haven’t visited Facebook in a few weeks I think, and I feel guilty for the messages I’m sure are on there that I haven’t seen. I mean, how the heck hard is it for me to log into a website once a day? Hang in there, friends…I’m coming back.

This weekend I tried to sew a skirt, after not having touched patterns in ages. So I went to Joann fabric in Haddon Heights and picked this pattern (it says EASY!!!) :

And some light corduroy fabric – black with white polka dots…like this napkin. I cut out the pattern (I’m using skirt “C” without the button embellishment) and started pinning it to the fabric. Found out I didn’t have enough straight pins – went to Target today for more. Pinned the pattern, cut out the fabric, neglected to cut the little notches and crap that I was supposed to cut, and cursed myself for picking such a busy fabric. Now it’s all pinned together and sitting on top of the sewing machine waiting patiently for me to finish it. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow night. After the yoga class I most likely won’t attend.

It’s August. My summer’s speeding away from me and I can’t stop it. My birthday’s coming up next month and the thought of “36” knocks the wind out of me. I can’t believe I’m turning into one of “those” women who angsts about their age. I don’t want to be that person.

And oh my gosh work. Work is fantastic. I love my job and I love my team (I hate where I sit, but that’s a long story that’ll never get posted here because my boss reads this blog – hi, Boss! Suffice it to say that quiet designers/coders shouldn’t sit with noisy, cheerful & boisterous salespeople) but I worry tremendously that I’ll be laid off. Again, nothing I can DO about that, but the worries are still there. So as of tomorrow, I’m swearing off reading the unauthorized blog about my parent company which does nothing but scare me shitless about “what could happen on Friday!!”

I played a lot of World of Warcraft this weekend…got my shadow priest from level 46 to level 53. And with Akromah, I did some PvP with the guild and went on my first Gruul’s Lair raid. Ugh…I haven’t updated my WoW blog in a month! Will put that on the list for tomorrow. Another thing to think about. Should’ve screenshotted something from Gruul. :/

So tonight as I lie in bed I’ll pray for the calming of my worries, for health, for the willpower to get back on the healthy track (could I have regained all 17 lbs in one week of bad eating?), for the ability to continue to do my job well (please, Lord…PHP/MySQL implanted in my brain overnight would be faboo!) for prosperity and abundance, and for the wellbeing of the usual suspects whom I include in my nightly prayers.

And as I try not to feel like I’m being pulled underwater by a riptide of stressors, I’ll cling to what’s important.

* 1) It’s $10 a week, which turns out to be $40. Which isn’t much, but still, I worry; 2) I am so out of shape right now I’m afraid I’d be the worst one there – just like HS gym; 3) By the end of the workday I just want to come straight home; 4) What if nobody talks to me?; 5) What if somebody talks to me?; 6) Would once-a-week yoga really do me any good?
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Rabbit Rabbit – August

I’ll get to the Friday Five in a moment, but first I wanted to share with you my new baby.

Ain’t she pretty? I found her through Craigslist. I wanted a new sewing machine (my first one, a yard sale purchase, worked for a long time but was at end-of-life) but because I don’t have table space for a truly portable one, I wanted one that came with its own stand. This one works AND only cost me $45!

I haven’t sewn in years, and I’m excited at the thought of being able to make my own clothing again. All I need now is some fabric, needles, and a cheapo pattern.

And now, the Friday Five: Before Your Time

1. Of television programs that aired before you were born, what’s your favorite?
The Mickey Mouse Club, naturally! I like the hokey skits, the earnestness of the cast, and the sneak peeks at Disney stuff.

2. What person of historical significance was from your neighborhood or city?
Um. Ali Larter from Heroes is from Cherry Hill, where I grew up. I didn’t know her. Michael Landon is from Collingswood, where I am now. I think that’s about it, and they’re not even historical. Across the river though, in Philly? Lots of history there. :)

3. What’s a story that’s often been told about someone in your family in the years before you came along?
I love my family…but every story I heard through the years consisted of someone doing something stupid.

4. Which of previous generations’ dumb mistakes (in deed or thought) baffles you the most?
The “Greatest Generation”/”Baby Boomers” decision to move to a whole language philosophy of teaching and abandon rote memorization. I’m glad I learned to read and write while we were still marked down for spelling and grammatical errors.

5. What aspect of life in the good old days would you love to see a return to?
Dressing better! I’d love to be able to wear dresses, hats and gloves every day without looking overly eccentric. I’d love for people to dress up on airplanes and while shopping again.

I took off from work today because of the Camden County 4-H fair. I’d never been, and we were going to go. Unfortunately, it starts at 6pm, so the day off wasn’t necessary. So…I have no idea what to do. I’m toying of taking WM to Seaside Heights for the day, but time’s ticking and I haven’t moved yet.

Enjoy your day, and as always, thanks for stopping by! :)

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Tuesday Five: Metaphors be with you

(aka yes, I am pathetic!)

Here are my answers to Friday’s questions

1. When you go to the beach, lake, or pool, are you more likely to lower yourself gradually into cold water or to take a determined plunge and get it over with?

I slowly creep into the cold water until I can’t take the torture anymore (about butt-level) and then just submerge myself to get it over with. So a little of both!

2. How is this like (or unlike) your approach to other tasks or ordeals?

Eerily similar. I’ll peel a band aid off eighth-inch by painful eighth-inch, ’til I grow tired of the ripping and just finish it. I’ll drag out a tedious task at work as long as I can (reading then re-reading documentation, writing out plans over and over again) and then just toss on the headphones and do it.

3. When someone gives you flowers, are you more likely to let them turn completely brown and gross before throwing them out, or to discard them the moment they take on that sick-flower look?

I toss them when they first start to die. Why spend days and says watching them turn to mush?

4. How is this like (or unlike) your approach to other gifts, purchases, or relationships?

I think it’s an apples/oranges type of comparison. Flowers can’t be fixed – they can only be preserved as long as possible. If something can be fixed, I’ll try to fix it first.

5. Think of your favorite movie (or a movie you really like, if you can’t think of a favorite). Some people say that the reasons you love your favorite movie are related to what you value in romantic relationships. How is this true or untrue in your case?

For the most part, I dislike movies. I don’t like spending 2 hours of my time being emotionally manipulated. It’s hard for me to get lost in a film because I’m always distracted by blatant product placements, predictable subplots and looking at my watch. The recent movies that have sucked me in are Independence Day and 300. So I guess that means I value blood, gore, and ass-kickery in relationships.

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