New workspace – 12/19/08

This is my 8th desk move in 9 years. And unless they trade me to another department for draft picks or future considerations, the next time I pack up this desk will be to walk out the door.

My workspace – 12/19/08

See what’s in front of me? WALL. That is awesome. Walls are quiet and unassuming. New Boss is in the cube in front (to the left) of me. Coworker S would have been in back (to the right) of me. (sniff..miss her).

You can click the photo to my Flickr account for additional notes.

PS…upgraded to WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” last night. My UI is completely different.

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On notice

Dear dogs and cats,

We have TWO water bowls here for you. Two water bowls so that you can drink separately without having to endure the other species’ stink which apparently offends you so.

But as much as you like YOUR bowl, there is another bowl. So if your bowl is empty and you start complaining, and I get up and the OTHER bowl is brimming with water, I’m a-gonna be pissed.

The four of you would make a very nice coat.

Love, me

PS: Ollie, if you drop your slobbery Kong Binkie on me while I’m in bed one more time I’m chucking it out the window.

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I’d like to thank the Academy!

CookieCam was featured on the front page!

Thanks to Joe from for grabbing the screencap of that, and to everyone who visited CookieCam this year!

It was only a 2-night run, but it was a whole new system and I had a great time with the live format. I’ll definitely do it again next year.

But now? Sleep.

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CookieCam live at 6:45pm (hopefully)

Mogulus is doing server maintenance ’til 6:45pm. So I’ll see you then!

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