A day by the sea

L: March 08; R: June 08

L: March 2, 2008. R: June 21, 2008

Mom and I went to Ocean City on Saturday. You can see photos here.

I’m majorly bummed that the weekend is over. I love my weekends so much that it almost seems like I wish away the weeks to get to them. I must stop wishing away 5/7 of my life. :/

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Mr. Softee

From my cell phone!

Mr. Softee

Summer starts at 11:59pm. Are you ready?

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Friday Five: Too Much for My Taste

And now for my weekly dose of blog-filler…the Friday Five!

Subject: Too Much for My Taste

1. What’s too spicy for your tastes?
Foods with gobs of cayenne pepper. A little is nice…a lot…not so much.

2. What’s too sweet for your tastes?
Grocery store cake frosting. I can do bakery frosting, and I can do canned frosting, but typical grocery store birthday cake frosting gets scraped off and left on my plate. I can’t do it.

3. What’s too salty for your tastes?
Salt bagels. Yes, bagels covered in salt. Some of the people at work LOVE them but they are so salty that if I take a bagel that’s been NEXT TO a salt bagel, that bagel is now too salty for me.

4. What’s too bitter for your tastes?
Grapefruit. Never could stand it, still can’t.

5. What’s too sour for your tastes?
There is a super sour candy (Warheads?) that is so horrible in my mouth I feel like I have to puke. I haven’t had one since my teens but I still remember how bad it was. My mouth is watering (in defense) as I type this.


My upcoming weekend:

Tonight: High School Graduation party at a cousin’s house. While I’ll pass on the swimming pool, I think a nice glass of red wine outside as the summer sun sets sounds absolutely fabu. (Note to self: Save 200 calories. ‘Nother note to self: buy gift card for graduate.)

Tomorrow: The beach with Mom! I haven’t been to the beach in the warmth in…years? Horrible for a girl who used to go weekly.

Sunday: Rest. Beading. Maybe some World of Warcraft. (More likely it’ll go, World of Warcraft. Rest. Maybe some Beading.)

Happy Friday!

Edited to add: FIFTEEN POUNDS LOST! HOLY CRAP! That is THREE five-pound bags of flour, people! I am now wearing the next-size-down jeans, which I took out of my closet on a whim. They are slightly tight but not painful. Yay! Woot!

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(Mud)sliding off track

This week’s fare: frozen carrots, frozen corn, cherry jello, large garden salad, pineapple and frozen lemons.

Frozen lemons? Sure! I saw on Evany’s blog that she (like I) enjoys a slice of lemon in her water. But lemons tend to go bad by the time you use up every last wedge. So she froze the wedges and now has fresh slices that not only flavor her water, but cool it down as well! Can’t wait to try it.

It was a frustrating 2 weeks, diet-wise. I was just hovering between 9 and 12 lbs lost. I was feeling pretty down and ALMOST wanted to quit. Then I realized that I was slacking off on the weekends, and spending most of the workweek taking off that damage.

According to the Hungry Girl Cookbook (which I have yet to buy) a mudslide is about 850 calories. I had no idea they were that much. So guess what I’d been drinking on weekends from Memorial Day and the 2 weeks following? And guess what I had to stop drinking in order to get back on track?

This weekend I made awesome choices and even managed a slice of Sicilian pizza on Saturday night. And now I’m up to 14.5 lbs lost.

I don’t look any different. The only difference I feel is NOT feeling constricted in my work clothes and NOT wanting to change into the sweatpants as soon as I walk in the door. My jeans are comfy again. I SHOULD try the next size down (I have many sizes in my closet) but I think I’ll hold off a little bit longer.

Thanks to my great planning and timing, I’ll look great in a swimsuit come…December. :/

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