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Currently.. (Wrestlemania Sunday)

Watching: WRESTLEMANIA! We have the WWE network and stream it via the Playstation. I’ll be honest, other than New Day there wasn’t a storyline compelling enough that I would have spent the $60 for it this year. Luckily, $9.99 gives me all of the PPVs.

Polished: This week it’s Essie Master Plan. It’s been 4 weeks since I’ve stopped biting 90% of my nails (that pinky…) and it’s nice having a Sunday nail-polish routine. Maybe next month I’ll get a real manicure.

Max: Still alive, and after 9 months here in the house he has discovered that there are stairs that lead to the rest of the house. Because he’s mostly blind, we’ve duped him into thinking that the downstairs is it, because we don’t want him tumbling down the stairs. Luckily, he has a younger brother who sits atop the stairs and all Max has to do is follow his nose. Time to get the gate out.

This is Max, slowly figuring out that we've been deceiving him into thinking we only have one floor in the house.

This is Max, slowly figuring out that we’ve been deceiving him into thinking we only have one floor in the house.

Webkeeping: I made a new header! I know, right? It’s been ages! My next trick is to get some social media icons up there with the navigation. This is the blog that will not die. Mostly because there aren’t many blogs out there from women around my age anymore and eventually it’ll be left to me to carry the flag for the GenX ladies.

Reading: STILL READING HAMILTON. I think I’m about 100 pages from the end. I made a Goodreads goal to read 45 books this year and thanks to this behemoth, I’m behind.

Losing: 22 lbs and still counting! Wooooo! I’m not buying new duds until the current ones literally fall off. Saggy pants FTW!

Fading: The rosacea redness is definitely fading and I’m cautiously excited!

Eating: I’m loving Planters Nut-rition Blueberry Nut Protein Mix. I could eat the whole can in one sitting, but I’ll just stick to 1/4 cup at a time. 🙂

Freezing: It’s windy and cold here, and after a week of delightfully springy weather, I’m chilled.

This week

Reading: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. I’ve had it on hold since November 30th. I have three weeks to finish it. Tick tock…

At the Philadelphia Flower Show last week.

At the Philadelphia Flower Show last week.

Watching: Fuller House. I was initially doubtful, but it’s funny and sweet. For kids, it’s basically a reboot of Full House. For adults, it’s an ever-so-slightly saltier version of the original. I got teary at the split-screening in the first episode, and I cried at Stephanie’s revelation in episode five. I didn’t expect that. The Tanner family is cursed.

I’m also amused that Kimmy Gibbler is the most pulled-together of the three ladies, in her own Gibbler way.

Losing: 19.2 lbs. My goal is to lose 50.

Listening: To podcasts again. Mostly while I’m cooking or cleaning. Currently the playlist includes The Broad Experience, Book Riot, Dear Sugar Radio, and Pop Culture Happy Hour.

Working: From home tomorrow. We need our gas meter replaced, and while I had the option to leave the key someplace for them to get to (uh, no!), I’m thankful I have the option of working from home when these events crop up.

Planning: To paint the craft room Surfboard Yellow once we move into open-the-window weather. I think I’ll be ordering seeds this week or next, too.

Anticipating: Dinner with a lovely internet friend on Friday!

Remembering: My aunt’s birthday would have been today. She is well and truly missed.

Friday 5, Saturday edition: Belly up to the Bar

Happy Saturday!


Max, looking dead but still alive. Promise.

It’s a lovely, sunny morning at the home on Literary Lane that we’re calling Angry Man Farm. (We aren’t angry and it’s not a farm, but the name is great!) I have some oatmeal and coffee in my belly. The dogs are snoozing. Max is still alive, though a bit addled this week. He has about 2 ‘off’ days every few weeks. WM has some classwork to do (grad school! so proud!) and I am staring at a to-do list that includes researching when to plant seeds, spending time in the room that will become my own craft room/office and looking ahead at March.

This Friday 5, “Belly up to the Bar” was supposed to be written and posted last night, but after work, dinner, and exercise, I settled in to watch some NXT and slipped into such a sleep I barely remember going upstairs to bed. Sweet, sweet Friday night sleep. 🙂

1. What’s the Good News?

I went to the dentist on Thursday for a regular cleaning and checkup, and other than the gaping hole that tooth #7 has left in my smile, my teeth are in great shape and I had no cavities. But the REALLY good news is that next week I get to meet with the surgeon to see how my jaw has taken to the bone grafts. I might be ready for the next step of this dental implant process. March 11th will mark 6 months into this year-or-so process. But this incoming fake tooth has to last me at least another 40 years, so it’ll be worth it.

2. When did you last Take 5, and how did you spend it?

I had that four day weekend/staycation last week, and I mostly cleaned this house. One of my fears buying this place was that it was so much bigger than the apartment and that I would have lose more of my spare time to cleaning it. That fear came true. It’s worth it, but yeesh.

3. Who’s a Big Hunk?

Besides WM? My Big Hunk of the week continues to be WWE wrestler Alberto del Rio. [drools, fans self]

4. In what way has this week been a Rocky Road?

You know when you hold an institution in high esteem and then it makes a decision that’s ‘best for business’ which disappoints you? Makes for a little bit of rockiness.

OF COURSE this is nonbloggable but will likely be in my memoir entitled “I Fell Asleep and Forgot to Post.” Look for it in 2046.

5. What’s something you’re keeping Skor on?

Skor bar…okay now I’m drooling! The answer is NOT the presidential election. I watched 15 minutes of the debate a few nights ago and now I see why people like Trump. Here is a guy is not a career politician and in the debates, he verbally beats up Cruz and Rubio to the point where they are just sputtering and sweating! Who wouldn’t want to see this? I kind of wish he’d guest star in one of the Clinton/Sanders debates. Heck, I wish people could hire Trump to debate in their own local and gubernatorial debates. School board appearances, mayoral town halls. I think he has a great second career going.

I fear a President Trump far less than I fear a President Cruz. I can’t see the Congresscritters working with Trump at all, and from the last 8 years, we know what happens when you can’t get Congress on your side.

I’ll still be casting my general election vote to the chosen [D] because, well, I kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind of fear for our civil rights if I don’t. Which [D] do I prefer? Neither yet. I wobble almost daily.

Okay, fine! I guess I AM keeping SKOR on the election. Bah.

From the depths of the 2016 blizzard

Snow: 2 feet, with drifts over 4 feet.

kcup snowman

My kind of snowman.

Watching: Fixer Upper, Master of None, WWE wrestling
Reading: Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman
Listening: The Hamilton Soundtrack
Wearing: Layers
Hair color: Garnier 50 – Medium Natural Brown

We didn’t exchange Christmas gifts this year because we wanted to save money for Disney in Feburary. Alas, we decided to be adults and cancel that trip for a bit so we can Dave Ramsey ourselves back into a comfortable spot. (Ollie’s dental surgery knocked out a significant chunk of our emergency account.) But once we canceled the trip, we ordered one gift for the both of us: a Total Gym.

Last week I worked out 6 days, with Wednesday off. I’m aiming for 20 minutes at a time, because I am pretty out of shape. I alternate between a beginner’s workout on the Total Gym, and a 20-minute beginning yoga routine. Whenever I exercise, it sounds like a Foley artist is behind me breaking stalks of celery. That’s ok.

We are cooking dinner every night. While WM does most of the cooking (I excel at packing lunches) I bought Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything: The Basics and I’m finding it’s the perfect remedial book for someone like me. I made his roast chicken cutlets last week and they were goooooooooooooooooooooood.


max sleeping

Although Max is alive and well, he looks like he’s dead every time he falls asleep. It’s jarring.

Max is great. He is still diabetic and blind and old. But he still loves to eat and play and still can get around great. Max’s quality of life is still burning brightly, as evidenced by his cuddles and tail wags. He’s up to 11 units of insulin twice a day. He’s been so stable that I haven’t had to test his pee in months. Every day that he’s still with us is a gift.


Ollie is down almost 10 lbs from his largest. The vet staff is very proud of us. Ollie is probably the most successful of us all in managing his weight. 😉

This blog:

Sheesh. I am having such a time with this blog. All sorts of little dinky reverberations from the weird hacky attempts in November. Now I have a bunch of plugins not working, and my scheduled posts aren’t working either. I have a hunch my cron jobs aren’t working as they should. It’s ok. I’m smart woman formerly in tech. I can figure this out. Maybe.

I hope!

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