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It’s a lazy Saturday on Literary Lane, so I’m going to spend it troubleshooting

(art by KC Green)

. Time for stream of consciousness post!

Things that are causing problems – and these are all on the backend:

  • HTTP errors when uploading photos that are under 2MB – AGAIN
  • >> it’s not the php.ini file OR the captcha that LunarPages installed.

  • A WordPress error file that’s going batshit crazy
  • SERIOUSLY crazy. This is written every time I access the site:

    [04-Feb-2017 09:40:09 America/Los_Angeles] PHP Warning: Module ‘suhosin’ already loaded in Unknown on line 0
    [04-Feb-2017 09:40:09 America/Los_Angeles] PHP Warning: Module ‘PDO’ already loaded in Unknown on line 0
    [04-Feb-2017 09:40:09 America/Los_Angeles] PHP Warning: Module ‘pdo_sqlite’ already loaded in Unknown on line 0
    [04-Feb-2017 09:40:09 America/Los_Angeles] PHP Warning: Module ‘imagick’ already loaded in Unknown on line 0
    [04-Feb-2017 09:40:09 America/Los_Angeles] PHP Warning: Module ‘pdo_mysql’ already loaded in Unknown on line

    Even with all plugins deactivated. Sweet merciful crap. PHP always just …worked.

  • WordPress post.php hangs. The posts do post, but I never move back to the Dashboard unless I refresh the page.
  • > It’s not the theme.
    >>It COULD be a plugin OR THE gigantic error file.
    >>Reverted back to Canvas theme. Error file is up to 65KB in just an hour. Troubleshooting the PHP issue might fix this.

    And I’m sure I’ll find countless other things. To start debugging, I’ve turned off the addons that post to Facebook and Twitter, and switched to a default WordPress theme.

    At worst, I may just obliterate this directory and do a fresh install of WordPress. I should just START with that. 🙂

    Apologies to RSS peeps. Here we go!

    And I’m telling you, I’m not going

    Turns out, when your dog dies, your heater/ac dies, your surviving dog is suddenly old, your country elects a misogynist whose party wants to roll back healthcare (esp for women) over a woman who was 10x more qualified, and your teen idol dies, you kind of give up on blogging. The domain name is a bit of an embarrassment these days and you’re afraid to move the blog to the new one for fear it’ll break everything, hosting costs money, maybe you should just let it go.

    Still here.

    And then…someone tries to hack into it. AGAIN.

    And you wake up. This hot mess of a website? THIS IS MINE. This is 14 years (okay, 12 if you don’t count the gaps of time when I didn’t post) of my life, painfully recorded for posterity,, and the five readers who aren’t my family.

    Good things that happened in the last half of 2016:
    In August, I started playing World of Warcraft again (maybe not all that good)
    In September, I visited Dad in Florida
    In October, we went back to Walt Disney World.
    In November … okay November blew.
    In December, we had a very lovely Christmas.

    I also read 48 books. We tore down and rebuilt a tiny wall in our furnace room. I backed up 11 years of photos. I pushed myself at TNP (which isn’t so new anymore — I’m there 5 years this month!) and created a bunch of dynamic reports that filled in some blanks that we didn’t realize were blanks.

    My 2017 planner.

    Good things that will happen in 2017:
    We are restarting our diet, which died when Max did. After a 10-lb gain over the holidays, I have 25-30 lbs to go.
    I’m doing 31 days of yoga.
    We are paying down our debts.
    The dental implant process will be done and I’ll FINALLY have a permanent tooth in front.
    Spring Business Trip! Beach days!
    A new pupper in the summer to keep Ollie company.


    Sometime over the next month or two, I’m going to try to switch this domain from to, which will probably destroy half of my old links.

    And now I’m going to hit publish and hope things don’t explode.

    Happy New Year.

    Currently (post-party edition)

    Today was my nephew’s birthday party. It was Daniel Tiger themed, and if you are a person of a certain age and aren’t exposed to Daniel Tiger, it’s adorable. It’s animated, but it’s a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood of Make Believe, next generation. It’s based around the children of the citizens of the Neighborhood of Make Believe. Too cute for words.

    The party was lovely, and I ate responsibly. I miss shoving multiple slices of cake in my cakehole, but it’s okay. Because I’m…

    Losing: 24 pounds and counting. The pound-and-a-half this week was a welcome surprise. I’m down 1 to 3 sizes (I hate how things are sized these days) but I’m not buying anything new until I get closer to summer. I’ll just use rope to keep my pants up.

    Polished: I was going to do my beloved Lincoln Park After Dark, but when I opened the bottle, the polish was all dried out. Booooooooooo! That’s what I get for biting my nails for years. I settled for OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys, which is an equally old bottle but held up well.

    Watching: WM has us watching Mountain Monsters (probably auto-play stupidity). This is the dumbest show on Destination America which is saying a lot. At this point I’m willing to go out there and shoot all of their stupid Bigfoot targets. (Bigfeet?) WM is amused to pieces by this show.

    This rogue team “C QUAD?”…I hope it’s their wives screwing with them.

    Reading: I’m about 100 pages away from finishing Jemisin’s The Kingdom of Gods and this weekend I bought Hamilton: The Revolution. I’m never going to see this cast perform this musical so this is the next best thing. This book even SMELLS great.

    Cooking: I tried Mark Bittman’s chicken salad today. It’s good enough, but WM doesn’t like scallions and I don’t like celery, so I omitted them and it definitely needs some crunch. Maybe carrots?

    Giving up: I have a cute photo of the party, but the WordPress 4.5 upgrade is tossing http errors when I try to upload photos. I don’t have an FTP client on my Surface yet (my bad) and it’s after 10pm so the Internet is out of luck.

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