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Five years!

Five years!

Today is my FIVE YEAR anniversary at TNP, which really isn’t The New Place at all anymore. Not so shabby for someone who thought she’d be fired before her first year was done.

It’s a good place to work, and has allowed me to travel to new places and learn new things. I’m doing great things with Excel, and I’m even doing a bit of SQL work on our database!

(I also received $300 in gift cards, which will be put aside for future travel.)

In unrelated news, I’m 23 days through the Yoga with Adriene 31-day #yogarevolution and with the exception of the angry, angry muscle in my upper back that I tweaked, I’m doing really well!

Friday 5: Mood (and Pope Prep Pix)

Happy Popepocalypse Friday! The impending Papal visit has pretty much disabled much of office-working Philadelphia. Service-working Philadelphia has it pretty crappy, having to make arrangements to sleep at workplaces and such. The homeless will probably be packed in giant shipping containers and let back out on Tuesday. I’m kidding there, but I’m probably not.

I did a little walking around on my lunch yesterday…

Knotted Grotto at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul

Knotted Grotto at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul

Every ribbon is a prayer. You would write a prayer on a ribbon and then tie it somewhere. Then, you’d untie someone else’s prayer, pray for it, and move it. It was originally meant for the dome structure you see, but there are so many prayers that they had to expand. The Pope is going to pray over the ribbons. Yes, I left a prayer.

Logan Square

Logan Square

Logan Square, taken from the middle of the street. William Penn and his wang are in the background.

Stage construction

Stage construction

I wanted to get to the Art Museum itself, but I was running out of lunch time and it was HOT.

Selfie with porta-potties.

Selfie with porta-potties.

And I think if you ask anyone who lives and works in Philadelphia the most memorable part of the preparation, the lines and lines of porta-potties would be number one. They are lined up for blocks and blocks and miles and miles.

TNP is letting us work from home today and Monday. I opted for a vacation day today, because I’m getting a holey heating pipe looked at this afternoon. Which means I spent my morning cleaning and dusting the room that the heater is in. Not living in an apartment with the utilities included makes one into a Director of Household Operations very quickly. It’s a gorgeous day, so all of the windows are open and the pooches are lazing in the yard. This homeowner thing isn’t so bad. It’s EXPENSIVE AS &^%# but it’s not bad.

Here’s something I haven’t done in a while – the Friday 5! This week’s theme is mood, something I can certainly sink my teeth into.

1. When did you last spend kind of a long time in an unpleasant mood?

I’ve been mildly blue since August and in an actively unpleasant mood since September 3 and it’s still going. I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself lately. And I feel guilty about it too, because my life is a FAR CRY from those of Syrian refugees, for example. And I’m not seriously ill. My marriage is strong. Ollie and Max are great. But how many snowflakes does it take to break a branch? Only one…the last one.

2. When you’re in a bad mood, what are strategies you employ for either dealing with it or shaking it?

Eating! Which is awful! A tasty kind of awful…

3. What’s a meal you enjoy only when you’re specifically in the mood for it?

Wings and beer.

4. When you’re in an especially foul mood, how are those close to you most likely to detect it?

Let’s go to the expert. WM says, “Your wee, tiny rage. You scowl and you frown. But it’s not like an angry scowl. You don’t scowl at someone. You just scowl in general.”

I also stop blogging.

And my rage is not wee!

5. What external forces seem most to influence your mood?

Lack of sunlight, Eagles fans, excessive air-conditioning, and the 10,000 giant-ass crickets who live in our yard.

Happy weekend!

I’m trade-publication famous!

I try very hard to separate work from blog, but I’m very proud and can’t let this go by without saying something…

Last month, Associations Now magazine (official magazine of ASAE) interviewed my manager and me about how we manage data collection at TNP. The interview was published online last week and I think it turned out really well.

You can read it here: Member-Data Collection: The Never-ending story.

I love my job!

Three years at TNP! (and the Friday 5)

Brace yourselves, you longtime reader you, because the bomb I’m about to drop will make you realize that life is whizzing by faster than we can handle.

Today marked my three year anniversary at TNP! Wooooooo!

I looked back at my first post about TNP and here are the updates.

  • I no longer feel like I am the stupidest person in the office.
  • I am still jazzed by my commute into and out of the city. Even with the PATCO line’s maintenance schedule, it still beats driving in.
  • I must have passed that Meyer Briggs test
  • Internet sites are still blocked, but I don’t care.
  • I still love wearing jeans every day, but now I try to work some of my nicer pieces through. I guess I miss dressing up sometimes?

So basically…

But in a good way.

And this happened!

Coworker D surprised me with an anniversary turnover! #cubelife

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