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Currently (post-party edition)

Today was my nephew’s birthday party. It was Daniel Tiger themed, and if you are a person of a certain age and aren’t exposed to Daniel Tiger, it’s adorable. It’s animated, but it’s a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood of Make Believe, next generation. It’s based around the children of the citizens of the Neighborhood of Make Believe. Too cute for words.

The party was lovely, and I ate responsibly. I miss shoving multiple slices of cake in my cakehole, but it’s okay. Because I’m…

Losing: 24 pounds and counting. The pound-and-a-half this week was a welcome surprise. I’m down 1 to 3 sizes (I hate how things are sized these days) but I’m not buying anything new until I get closer to summer. I’ll just use rope to keep my pants up.

Polished: I was going to do my beloved Lincoln Park After Dark, but when I opened the bottle, the polish was all dried out. Booooooooooo! That’s what I get for biting my nails for years. I settled for OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys, which is an equally old bottle but held up well.

Watching: WM has us watching Mountain Monsters (probably auto-play stupidity). This is the dumbest show on Destination America which is saying a lot. At this point I’m willing to go out there and shoot all of their stupid Bigfoot targets. (Bigfeet?) WM is amused to pieces by this show.

This rogue team “C QUAD?”…I hope it’s their wives screwing with them.

Reading: I’m about 100 pages away from finishing Jemisin’s The Kingdom of Gods and this weekend I bought Hamilton: The Revolution. I’m never going to see this cast perform this musical so this is the next best thing. This book even SMELLS great.

Cooking: I tried Mark Bittman’s chicken salad today. It’s good enough, but WM doesn’t like scallions and I don’t like celery, so I omitted them and it definitely needs some crunch. Maybe carrots?

Giving up: I have a cute photo of the party, but the WordPress 4.5 upgrade is tossing http errors when I try to upload photos. I don’t have an FTP client on my Surface yet (my bad) and it’s after 10pm so the Internet is out of luck.

Friday 5 ON FRIDAY: In the Middle

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow is my amazing nephew’s birthday. He’ll be 2 and I can’t believe how quickly those 2 years have flown.


My welcome home.

He is a giggly, happy little dude and I’m happy to know him.

Today is tax day and let’s not talk about that. Enjoy your refunds.

This week’s Friday 5 subject is In the Middle and it’s already 9:41PM so let’s get moving before I pass out and miss my deadline!

1. What’s something you’re in the middle of?

I have three biggie data projects going on at work right now that I’m in the middle of. One of them includes lots of data entry, and the other two are big Excel spreadsheets of doom.

2. What’s in the middle of you?

The letter “o” of course.

3. What is your residence in the middle of?

Two houses with very well-manicured front lawns. Our lawn, on the other hand, is in bloom. When we went to see this house last year, the lawn was freshly mowed and concealed the dozens of dandelions and wild violets that dot our lawn. It’s pretty.

4. What’s a great food that features something in its middle?

Have you ever had a panzarotti? It’s deep-fried dough with pizza sauce and cheese (and other toppings if you want) in the middle. When it’s fried, it puffs up. And when you sink your teeth into this amazing amazing crunchy dough the pizza goo drips out. Have mercy.

Google tells me there are 786 calories in a panzarotti. Have mercy.

5. What’s the nearest you’ve been to the middle of nowhere?

Years ago when we were in California we drove from San Francisco to Anaheim and there were some pretty deserted areas on the way.

Relatedly, this poppy song got me through some sad times years ago. Video probably not safe for work due to lots of bras and panties.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 5: Ticket to the Weekend

Happy Friday! I wish I could say it was a good week, but holy cow, what a slog.

There are a lot of changes going on in my family that have knocked me for a loop. The stories aren’t mine to tell, but after a long time of stability there’s been a strong surge of sad things happening. I’m having a hard time dealing with it, and my solution has been to just eat my food, exercise and push through day by day trying to find joy between the funerals. It’s tough.

xray of crappy hole in my mouth

I swear to Pete if this wasn’t in the front of my mouth I’d just keep the hole. It’s a clean, pretty hole.

I spent most of Tuesday at a hospital waiting on news about a relative who was in a bad bad bad bad bad accident. Harrowing stuff, and bad news all around. Tuesday night I went to the dentist and was told I have to have ANOTHER procedure done on my gums before I can get the tooth implant in called a ridge augmentation.

Rub your tongue across your upper gums. My gums dip inward above where my tooth is missing. I know it’s necessary. But this procedure costs $1000 on top of what I’ve financed for this whole process, and adds 6 months more time to the process AND won’t even happen until May. That disappointment on top of the horror of the earlier part of the day resulted in me ugly-crying in my car for about 10 minutes after I left the office.

And yet, a missing tooth is so #@!$ TRIVIAL, you know? Awful awful crap is happening to good people and I’m whining over a tooth? I’m a baby. Suck it up, Kim.


This week’s Friday 5 theme is “Ticket to the Weekend” and, fingers crossed, this weekend should be a pretty good one! I have dinner tonight with a lovely lady whom I ‘met’ on Twitter. It’ll be good to see her in person.

1. How many traffic tickets have you received, and what was the first?

Two total, for speeding. I’ve been pulled over four times for speeding, but I only got warnings for the other two. It’s been over 10 years since my last pull-over.

2. What are some of the ticket stubs you’ve held onto?

I have a George Michael concert ticket stub from 1988, and a Dave Matthews band from 2004 I think. And the Grand Rapids Symphony ticket from 2006. I feel bad that tickets now are just printouts that I make at home. I don’t feel as sentimentally toward them as the old stubs.

3. What have you seen because someone had extra tickets?

We used to have extra tickets to Philadelphia Wings lacrosse games all the time when I worked at the Courier-Post. Sometimes readers wouldn’t pick tickets up, and we’d give them out in-house. Then the HARD TIMES came and … nuffin. The Wings aren’t even in Philadelphia anymore, which is sad.

4. What have you won in drawings or raffles?

I won tickets to the Philadelphia Flower show this week! I won ski party tickets from a radio station back in high school, but had to decline them because I had no way of getting to the party bus. (I hope someone from the station kept them.)

5. How do you and your friends usually handle a restaurant bill

We split it, or if it’s just 2 of us, we’ll alternate paying.

I finally managed to fix my scheduled posts problem, so expect a little more action on the blog. And go hug your people/dogs/cats/ferrets.

Edited to add: Upon posting I got this error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted…blah blah

So I guess the site’s still having problems. Will troubleshoot later.

This week

Reading: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. I’ve had it on hold since November 30th. I have three weeks to finish it. Tick tock…

At the Philadelphia Flower Show last week.

At the Philadelphia Flower Show last week.

Watching: Fuller House. I was initially doubtful, but it’s funny and sweet. For kids, it’s basically a reboot of Full House. For adults, it’s an ever-so-slightly saltier version of the original. I got teary at the split-screening in the first episode, and I cried at Stephanie’s revelation in episode five. I didn’t expect that. The Tanner family is cursed.

I’m also amused that Kimmy Gibbler is the most pulled-together of the three ladies, in her own Gibbler way.

Losing: 19.2 lbs. My goal is to lose 50.

Listening: To podcasts again. Mostly while I’m cooking or cleaning. Currently the playlist includes The Broad Experience, Book Riot, Dear Sugar Radio, and Pop Culture Happy Hour.

Working: From home tomorrow. We need our gas meter replaced, and while I had the option to leave the key someplace for them to get to (uh, no!), I’m thankful I have the option of working from home when these events crop up.

Planning: To paint the craft room Surfboard Yellow once we move into open-the-window weather. I think I’ll be ordering seeds this week or next, too.

Anticipating: Dinner with a lovely internet friend on Friday!

Remembering: My aunt’s birthday would have been today. She is well and truly missed.

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