Cast of Characters

In my quest not to completely embarrass anyone in my life via this blog, I make up code names for people. So if you’ve been tryng to figure out who he HECK I’m talking about, check here.

Me, aka LadyGypsy: born, school, college, job, graduation, job, engaged, job, married, apartment, job, job, promotion, house, separation, apartment, demotion, divorce, boyfriend, job, wedding. Toss in a couple of cars and pets along the way for good measure. This site has existed in various forms on various hosts since 1994, but the blog portion started in 2002. I currently work for a non-profit association in Philadelphia, (otherwise known as TNP for The New Place) and am so happy with my job! I love reading, beading, crossword puzzles, World of Warcraft and dog noses. Want to know more? Here are (almost) 100 things about me.

WM: The husband. WM is short for “Wandering Minstrel” which is the name he used when he commented here years ago. He is a history teacher, Indiana Jones nut, pen snob and an all-around wonderful guy. He’s also a bit younger than I am, which makes me quite the cougar. Rawr!

Mom: My partner in crime when it comes to shopping, beaching, and trips to Disney. She lives in the house I grew up in, a mere 8 miles away. Owner of Chip, beaglie-poo playmate of Ollie.

Dad: Living la vida retired in Florida. He fishes, golfs, and does all sorts of retiree-things. He also sends me pictures of palm trees and beaches in the middle of my workday, which makes me very jealous.

John: The brother. He’s seven years younger than I am and loves all things “sport.” In August, 2010, he married the lovely Kristen and now I have a sister-in-law!

Charlie: Came to me as an older kitten in July, 1997. He’s fat, but affectionate. Charlie loves food, WM, me, Ollie, laying on crinkly things, and Max, in that order.

Max: Max came to me from the Animal Orphanage in Voorhees in 2003 when he was about 1 or 2 years old. We’ll never know for sure. He’s…a tough dog. He had a hard start as a stray (whom I think was abused before he was a stray). I am completely enamored with this little street dog. He worships the ground that I walk on, loves Ollie and WM, and tolerates the cat.

Ollie: Our cocker spaniel mix that we brought home in September, 2007. He looks more like a “Golden Basset.” Ollie loves life, Max, popcorn, Max, tennis balls and Max. Ollie is the dumbest dog I’ve ever had.

BvP: The ex-husband, and emeritus. He’s good people, and there are no hard feelings.

Boss Emeritus: He’s at another paper up North now, and is kind of an unofficial mentor. He also comments here, but his secret identity will remain secret.

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