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I’m Kim. I’m in my early mid LATE 30s (ugh ugh ugh) oh heck, I’m 40 now. And live in Southern New Jersey with my boyfriend fiance husband, two dogs and geriatric cat.

I’ve been online in various forms since 1994. I started calling myself LadyGypsy in a Prodigy chat room back in 1994 or so. It stuck. Unfortunately, the word “Gypsy” is quickly becoming an ethnic slur. I’m slowly changing my username across the various websites I use. So if you see a ladygypsy and it doesn’t sound like me, it might not be me. These accounts *are* me.

This domain will be the last to change because I really have no idea about the best way to go about it.

This blog was started on December 30, 2002. It’s mostly petty and shallow and I have few “expert” opinions on anything. But all blogs are petty and shallow, and I think I’m less self-absorbed and blindly judgmental than most. As of January 2013, I’ve made $72 from blog ad revenue. My hosting costs $8.99 a month, and has so for about 9 years. So I’m not making money from the blog. I dumped my BlogHer ads in July 2013. They weren’t working for me, and I was tired of being a link farm for other blogs that I didn’t like.

I write about anything that strikes my fancy but notsomuch politics as that tends to really piss people off. Which leads me to this: if you know me in person, you may not want to read this. Why? Because chances are I’ll eventually say something that will upset you. And I don’t mean to — but how exciting would the world be if everyone agreed on everything?

I worked at the Courier-Post newspaper for twelve years, which was about five years too long. As of January 2012, I’m working for a non-profit in Philadelphia staring at data and turning it into stories. I call that place TNP, short for The New Place.

As of September, 2013, my template is a modified version of Canvas from WooThemes, and I altered the header image from a free piece of clipart. The header font I’ve been using forever is Bounce from Letterhead Fonts. I bought it YEARS ago.

Here will go my stab at the 100 things about me meme.

100 things about me (a work in progress)

  1. My first name is Kimberly
  2. Kimberly was the 4th most popular name in the year I was born, 1972.
  3. Which makes me the 70’s version of “Emma”
  4. I was named after the actress Kim Novak.
  5. My middle name is Ann.
  6. I wish it were spelled with an “e.” “Anne” is royal. “Ann” is Raggedy.
  7. I live in Southern New Jersey, about 10 minutes away from Philadelphia.
  8. At 33, I got my first ‘place’ of my own.
  9. I’d like to leave New Jersey someday.
  10. The Carolinas speak to me. So does Florida and San Francisco.
  11. I’m half Italian, and the balance is Irish, English, and French.
  12. And happy to be an American.
  13. My current musical obsessions are Dave Matthews Band, Michael Buble, and Barenaked Ladies
  14. But my continuing musical love is Big Band Music.
  15. I cried when Frank Sinatra died.
  16. I used to be way into New Kids on the Block.
  17. Not ashamed about it either…they were the perfect distraction for me when I was a teen.
  18. And they’re still fun now.
  19. My first musical love was Wham!
  20. I didn’t think George Michael was gay until he was busted for soliciting.
  21. I worked at a newspaper
  22. In the advertising department
  23. Which was not what I had planned, but how things worked out.
  24. I was not sad to quit the newspaper after being there 12 years.
  25. However, it’s sad that it was NOT sad to leave.
  26. Now I work for a nonprofit helping with their database. I haven’t had to think so much in YEARS!
  27. I’m debating getting a Master’s degree
  28. Not because I want to – because I feel like I’ll need it to remain competitive as I age through the workforce.
  29. I miss web design
  30. I love smart guys with a good sense of humor
  31. In suits/ties/suspenders
  32. Or kilts
  33. I met my ex-husband (referred to as BvP) in an online chat room on Prodigy back in 1994
  34. We married in Spring, 1997
  35. We separated in Summer, 2006.
  36. We amicably divorced in Autumn, 2006.
  37. I met my current husband (Wandering Minstrel, or WM) online as well. See: Old dogs, new tricks.
  38. He moved here in 2007.
  39. After MUCH balking on my part, we married in July, 2012
  40. And honeymooned in Walt Disney World
  41. It’s my favorite vacation spot!
  42. I toy around with my hair color a lot.
  43. I was a blonde child
  44. But now I think I’m a light brunette.
  45. It’s hard to tell, since it’s been over 15 years since I’ve seen my real color.
  46. I regret starting to dye it in the first place
  47. After 4 years of silent desire, I got my navel pierced on 5/31/06
  48. And as of June 2012, it’s gone. I think it fell out one day.
  49. I won’t be getting a new ring there. To every thing there is a season.
  50. I don’t smoke.
  51. I tried 2 cigarettes when I was 21, and didn’t like them at all.
  52. I drink occasionally.
  53. Mostly on vacation or on holidays.
  54. Sometimes Friday nights after work.
  55. Mixed drinks > wine > beer.
  56. Mountain Dew > all of the above.
  57. I used to be scared I’d become an alcoholic, but if I’ve made it 40 years without being one, chances of my becoming one now are slim.
  58. Out of curiosity, I took 2 “hits” from a joint once.
  59. As I was already drunk on Long Island Iced tea, it made me very giggly.
  60. I won’t do it again. It wasn’t for me.
  61. Oddly enough, I know many more people who smoke marijuana now than I did back in high school and college.
  62. Which is fine with me. These people are smart, pulled-together. They’re good people.
  63. So I think marijuana should be legalized.
  64. I have no children
  65. I’d have liked two.
  66. But that window has closed for me now.
  67. It is my greatest sadness.
  68. But this is the life I have, and I try not to wallow.
  69. I voted Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Kerry, McCain, Obama.
  70. Yes, I regret voting for W. Bush.
  71. But I thought at the time he’d fix Social Security.
  72. After losing faith in the Republican party, I registered as a Libertarian in 2007.
  73. I just think we could stand to have less government spending
  74. I also want government to stop trying to interfere in peoples’ sex lives. Are you and your partner(s) adults? Yes? Rock on.
  75. I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal
  76. I really really dislike spiders and bats
  77. I startle easily. Please don’t come up behind me and frighten me. My heart will race for at least an hour, and I may scream at you.
  78. And I won’t be sorry I screamed. But you will be.
  79. Once upon a time, I wanted to be a talk show host
  80. I cried when Johnny Carson died.
  81. I love hats, ankle strap shoes and twirly skirts and dresses.
  82. I wrote a personal mission statement for myself back in college
  83. “To always act, no matter what the situation, with the grace and dignity that befits a lady.”
  84. I constantly fall short of that ideal, but I keep trying.
  85. I love MMORPGs.
  86. I play World of Warcraft
  87. I have three level 90 characters: Akromah (paladin), Leota (mage), and Snerk (shaman).
  88. I have a hard time keeping track of my email
  89. My highest adult weight was 188 lbs
  90. My lowest was 136
  91. When I was 136, I was hungry all the time and exhausted from exercising
  92. I wear glasses for distance.
  93. My hearing’s off. Not enough for a hearing aid, but enough to bug me and probably others.
  94. I try to give blood twice a year.
  95. I’m O-

more to come…

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