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Have I mentioned that MSN hates single women in their 30s?

Yeah, it’s a real stereotype-a-rama. Featuring lines like: …as if there was this voice whispering at me most of the time we were together saying, She’s 35—don’t stay with this girl unless you’re serious about settling down with her. I know that sounds crazy, but I assumed, given the biological facts of life, that she […]

Screw you (again), MSN

Hopping off the scale, proud of what’s going on…I’m rocking the “I’m dedicated and strong” attitude. I hop on the PC to get my morning dose of web and… Aw…go suck it, MSN. Happy Friday!

Thanks, MSN. Have some Cheetos.

I have MSN as my homepage. I know there are better, more customizable portal pages out there, but where else can I be greeted with a group of diverse headlines such as: 6-year-old’s chalk doodle draws citation for graffiti (Poor Simon.) Most depressing jobs ranked (No comment.) Von Trapp stepson dies (So long…farewell…auf weidersehen goodbye! […]

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