Friday 5, Saturday edition: Belly up to the Bar

Happy Saturday!


Max, looking dead but still alive. Promise.

It’s a lovely, sunny morning at the home on Literary Lane that we’re calling Angry Man Farm. (We aren’t angry and it’s not a farm, but the name is great!) I have some oatmeal and coffee in my belly. The dogs are snoozing. Max is still alive, though a bit addled this week. He has about 2 ‘off’ days every few weeks. WM has some classwork to do (grad school! so proud!) and I am staring at a to-do list that includes researching when to plant seeds, spending time in the room that will become my own craft room/office and looking ahead at March.

This Friday 5, “Belly up to the Bar” was supposed to be written and posted last night, but after work, dinner, and exercise, I settled in to watch some NXT and slipped into such a sleep I barely remember going upstairs to bed. Sweet, sweet Friday night sleep. 🙂

1. What’s the Good News?

I went to the dentist on Thursday for a regular cleaning and checkup, and other than the gaping hole that tooth #7 has left in my smile, my teeth are in great shape and I had no cavities. But the REALLY good news is that next week I get to meet with the surgeon to see how my jaw has taken to the bone grafts. I might be ready for the next step of this dental implant process. March 11th will mark 6 months into this year-or-so process. But this incoming fake tooth has to last me at least another 40 years, so it’ll be worth it.

2. When did you last Take 5, and how did you spend it?

I had that four day weekend/staycation last week, and I mostly cleaned this house. One of my fears buying this place was that it was so much bigger than the apartment and that I would have lose more of my spare time to cleaning it. That fear came true. It’s worth it, but yeesh.

3. Who’s a Big Hunk?

Besides WM? My Big Hunk of the week continues to be WWE wrestler Alberto del Rio. [drools, fans self]

4. In what way has this week been a Rocky Road?

You know when you hold an institution in high esteem and then it makes a decision that’s ‘best for business’ which disappoints you? Makes for a little bit of rockiness.

OF COURSE this is nonbloggable but will likely be in my memoir entitled “I Fell Asleep and Forgot to Post.” Look for it in 2046.

5. What’s something you’re keeping Skor on?

Skor bar…okay now I’m drooling! The answer is NOT the presidential election. I watched 15 minutes of the debate a few nights ago and now I see why people like Trump. Here is a guy is not a career politician and in the debates, he verbally beats up Cruz and Rubio to the point where they are just sputtering and sweating! Who wouldn’t want to see this? I kind of wish he’d guest star in one of the Clinton/Sanders debates. Heck, I wish people could hire Trump to debate in their own local and gubernatorial debates. School board appearances, mayoral town halls. I think he has a great second career going.

I fear a President Trump far less than I fear a President Cruz. I can’t see the Congresscritters working with Trump at all, and from the last 8 years, we know what happens when you can’t get Congress on your side.

I’ll still be casting my general election vote to the chosen [D] because, well, I kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind of fear for our civil rights if I don’t. Which [D] do I prefer? Neither yet. I wobble almost daily.

Okay, fine! I guess I AM keeping SKOR on the election. Bah.

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