Friday 5: Useless

ollie in a hat

Ollie and Silent Bob strike back

I have a snow day today! Uh huh, oh yeah…go blizzard! Her-cu-les! Her-cu-les!

After a dozen years at the CP, I work at a place that respects the words “State of Emergency.” It seems like such common sense, but whatever. I feel for my former coworkers who still work under a 1977 management mindset that requires them to go to work even though everything that paper does except delivery and printing can be done online and from home.

ANYWAY. We (dogs included) spent Christmas in Michigan with WM’s family. Not something I promote ahead of time because of the “HEY INTERNET COME STEAL MY TV AND CAT” factor. It was delightful, and freezing and full of snow. It was so cold that my windshield wiper fluid froze. I was done with snow for at least the next two years. And of course…cue Hercules.

Gift highlights include : A FF Prime figurine, an Alberto del Rio action figure (siiigh), rainboots, gift cards, kicky nail polish, new charm for my charm bracelet and the entire run of Friends!

Future blog highlights in 2014 include: domain name change once I stop freaking out about it, and for the first 12 weeks, I’ll be following along with Allie of Wardrobe Oxygen and working through The Artist’s Way. And posting about it here. (not a guarantee)

Today’s Friday Five topic is “Useless.”

1. What item in your house is pleasantly useless?

*looks at dogs and cat, all of whom are loudly snoring at the moment*

I have a Mickey Mouse bamboo cutting board that I’ve never used. The wood’s actually starting to split. But it looks cute in my kitchen.

2. What item in your house was used exactly once and will probably never be used for its intended purpose again?

The bouquet of hydrangeas from my wedding are in a vase. As I am NEVER getting married again, they will stay in that vase.

3. What situation do you continue to attempt repairing ‘though your efforts appear to be useless?

Knock on wood, all things are functional at this moment. Moving objects work, relationships are working. It’s all good!

4. What are your thoughts on belly buttons?
Useless, but easily decorated. Which reminds me, my belly button ring fell out last year. I decided not to get it replaced. It was adorable while I had it, but I have to admit it’s very liberating not to have to worry about catching it on the edge of my desk or on the waist of my pants.

5. What food item at your grocery store keeps calling out to you, ‘though you have no idea what you’d do with it?

As I have at least one recipe for every meat or baking item that calls to me, there isn’t much. I also know how to dispose of Pocky pretty quickly. Let’s go with raw vegetables. I know I should eat more, but I’m not sure what to do with them besides put them in a salad or make baked potatoes.

I think I’ll make some jewelry today…

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