Friday Five: Topically unrelated

sep6Hello, hello! My 41st birthday was yesterday and wonderfully lovely. I’ll share the details this weekend when I’m less grumpy and tired. School started for WM and Mom this week (separate districts) and for some reason, *I’ve* been completely stressed.

I just want them to get through the school year without being shot or stabbed by angry students. I hate that schools are so dangerous. I wish they’d get boring office jobs.

Anyway, this week’s Friday Five theme is “Topically Unrelated.” Which is good because I need to change the subject.

1. What’s something you think you could have been good at, if you’d started at a young age?

Computer programming. I dabbled (and still do) but I think I’d have been much better at it if I was exposed to more programming as a younger person and a teen. I think computer programming is still a rich kid’s area of study. PCs used to be super-expensive. Now those prices have dropped, but it’s still cheaper to buy a kid a tablet to play games on than their own PC to play games on. But you can’t run programs on a tablet. You can’t crack it open and put more memory in it. You can’t mess with the operating system without jailbreaking it. And I don’t think many parents would look kindly on a kid futzing around on the family PC, trying to install Linux.

2. What TV show’s theme song do you really like?

I stopped watching it a few years back but I like “Bad Things” from True Blood.

3. What’s the dumbest dare you ever took, or what’s the dumbest dare you witnessed someone taking?

I don’t take dares. In Truth or Dare, I’d rather tell the truth. I think every stupid stunt David Blaine has done is the dumbest, but the one where he was locked in a glass cube in London for a month and a half takes the cake.

4. What’s the most exotic thing you’ve eaten?

I had frog leg soup once. I was unimpressed. It was in Epcot, and was shortly after Disney’s acquisition of the Muppets. 😉

5. What was the last thing you changed the batteries for?

Our camera before my Virginia Beach vacation! The upside of the camera is that it uses regular AA batteries. The downside is that it takes blurry pictures unless it is always in sports mode. Which shouldn’t be.

If recharging counts, my Clarisonic is currently juicing up in the bathroom.

Happy Friday!


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