Friday Five: Let’s get personal (or not)

My last summer Friday coincides with Labor Day weekend. So. FOUR. DAY. WEEKEND!

Plans? None. Which is good, because other than last night I think I’ve been out every night after work this week, and last week. I’m surrounded by sleeping dogs and cat. Life is good. I want to dye my hair brown because I’m again in my “I want to look like Lisa Loeb” phase. I’ll probably try that on Sunday so I can moan and cry Monday.

What do Nick Offerman, my birthday, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg have in common? Next week. \m/

With not much to else to report, here’s the Friday Five. Theme: Let’s get personal (or not)

1. What are you on?

A diet of coffee and cupcakes. I realize how bad this is, but once I get past birthday weekend things should go back to a regulated dietary normal.

2. What are you hiding?

If I answered that I’m not hiding anything anymore, am I? But I’ll tell you what I usually hide on the blog: dates and hotel details of vacations and trips until after I’m home. It’s probably one of the last things I can successfully hide and I do it because I’m paranoid. I never divulged the name of my apartments, but it’s not hard to figure out. I hide the real name of the company I work for here, but again … painfully easy to find out. WM’s real name — I don’t think I’ve said it, but not that hard.

3. Who gets it when you go?

WM and the animals. BvP was still beneficiary of my Gannett 401(k) until last year. Yeesh. Fixed that, btw.

4. What’s in your wallet?

A Capital One credit card. Seriously! Okay, TWO Capital One credit cards, a regular debit card, Target RED Debit card, driver’s license, health insurance card, a Visa gift card with $7.19 left on it, AAA card, door key from my Virginia Beach trip, blood donor card, 2 SEPTA tokens.

5. What do you waste?

Bandwidth since 1994!

Have a safe and fun weekend!

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