Friday Five: I do believe the worst is behind us

Happy Friday! it seems like my seeping illness of the past week is finally lifting. My appetite is coming back so I baked some chocolate chip cookies tonight. It’s going to be nice just puttering around the apartment this weekend and breathing without chemical assistance. Our Christmas tree is still up and I’m fine with that.

Here’s the Friday Five! This week’s theme is: I do believe the worst is behind us.

1. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done in the past six months?
I got married on July 5.

2. What recently could qualify as a happy accident?
Disney discounted room rates yesterday for the time we have our next trip planned. After an hour’s wait on the phone, BOOM! We saved 30% on the room!

3. When did you last experience Buyer’s Remorse?
Five months and 29 days ago.


Kidding! Back in March I went to get my hair cut at a swank-a-doo local salon. The cut was…okay. But even though I told the stylist that I don’t spend lots of time on my hair each day, the style required lots of product (which I bought) and precise blowing out to maintain. If I didn’t dry my hair all the way and kept it wavy, the layers looked weird and chewed up. I’ve spent the last 8 months growing it out enough so that I can get the last layer lopped off and still maintain a decent length. The loppening is coming.

And I had gift cards, so it wasn’t even money out of my own pocket.

4. In what way do people keep underestimating you?

I know how to operate a computer.

5. What have you got in your pocket?

Change from lunch (Coconut Thai curry soup from the cafeteria — thanks TM for the lunch tip!) and an expired SEPTA transfer.

Today is Scrivener’s birthday. He’s the intelligent dude behind the Friday Five questions each week. Happy birthday, Scrivener! He’d like for us to quote a lyric from our favorite recent song for him so here goes:

We could close the curtains
Pretend like there’s no world outside

And we could pretend it all the time
Can’t you see that it’s just raining?
Ain’t no need to go outside
–Banana Pancakes, Jack Johnson

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