Friday Five: It’s not the end of the world

It’s just a rainy, miserable day. Ugh! Let’s cheer it up with some Friday Five. Today’s theme is: It’s not the end of the world.


1. What’s something gross you’ve seen or tasted recently?
There are boxes and boxes of sweets in our office right now. I tried a piece of candy thinking it was caramel filled. But it had some foul-flavored goop inside that I couldn’t identify.

2. What movie this holiday season are you most looking forward to?

The good news is that I took second place in a holiday trivia contest at work, so I have 2 free movie tickets and some gift cards for the concession stand. Yay! The meh news is that I’m not into movies, especially not any that are out at the moment. I’ll probably go see Les Miserables with WM. Django Unchained is definitely not my thing. The Hobbit…I’m not a Tolkien person, and 3 hours of movie set to that gloomy dwarven song sounds like sleeping conditions. This is 40? I know.

3. What makes one photographer better or worse than any other?

The amount of post-processing used that isn’t necessary. Some bloggers seem to run their photos through 800 crazy filters and then think they’re photographers. Have you been to You Are Not a Photographer yet? Funny stuff, NSFW though.

Santa's firetruck. There is a chair strapped to the top for him to sit on.

Santa’s firetruck. There is a chair strapped to the top for him to sit on.

4. What specific, annual part of this season most makes you feel all the positive feelings again?

In this area, Santa Claus rides through the neighborhoods on a fire truck. This has been happening since I was a child and until about 15 years ago I had no clue this didn’t happen everywhere. Santa came by on Monday night, and I was out on our balcony waving like a nut. He totally saw me.

5. What are your thoughts on eggnog?
I can’t get enough of it. I have a container and a half in the fridge at all times so I never run out during the holidays. I spike the hell out of it during the weekends and other times I use it as creamer in my coffee. It’s the best stuff on earth.

It’s a four-day weekend for me because I have Christmas Eve off for the first time ever. Usually I have to flee work, change, grab presents and race to Christmas Eve dinner. This year I’m looking forward to a leisurely Christmas Eve. I’m behind on presents thanks to some of my selections being backordered, so I’ll end up wading out into the furious crowds tomorrow to finish up. Tonight I’ll bake the dough I froze a few weeks ago. Sunday I’ll decorate them.

Still heartbroken over Newtown, but I’m no longer in favor of arming the entire PTA. Cooler heads prevail once again.

If the world ends today, it’s been a pleasure knowing you all. My only real regret in this world remains dropping advanced science (QPS) in grade 9. That’s a life well lived.

One Response to Friday Five: It’s not the end of the world

  1. Dave December 21, 2012 at 9:45 am #

    All I can say is thanks for the You Are Not A Photographer link. Being an avid photographer since high school and somewhat aware of technique and such, I will have fun looking at that site 🙂

    Looks like I may Friday 5 it today as well. My blog needs a refill.

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