Friday 5: I’m trying to preposition you

Hey, it’s time for the Friday Five!

Funny note: remember the little calendar pages I used to post along with the Friday 5s? Those came from a notepad that I used to keep track of all of my C-P duties. Things were pretty bad for me there for a good 2 years before I left, so I’d often take that list into my manager for a little bit of guidance — you know — “what are YOUR priorities” and all that jazz.

A past manager on his brief foray through the CP (not any of the ones who comment or read here) said: “Well no wonder you feel like you’re overwhelmed. I’d feel overwhelmed too if I wrote down everything I needed to do!” He was serious.

Good times. I need to move my 401(k).

Where was I? Oh! Friday Five! Today’s theme is I’m trying to preposition you.

1. What’s something that’s better on the rocks?
A sloe gin fizz — my very first drink of choice when I turned 21. It’s been forever since I had one. I also slip an ice cube or two into restaurant coffee to bring to down to a non-lip-scalding temperature.

2. Whose behavior has been beyond belief?
Everyone involved in the Petraeus scandal. But remember, if she’s a slut, he’s one too. If he’s just a guy being normal, so is she. I think the world should take Holly out for a cup of coffee.

3. In what way do you color outside the lines?
I hate coloring. Always have. It was the most boring time in school for me, and I was very happy when it faded away. I do still love the smell of crayons though and keep a pack in my drawer to sniff. (Yes, along with the Play-Doh.) But to answer the question, I read magazines from back to front. I don’t know why.

4. When were you recently relieved to be in the clear?
We are in the middle switching banks, so right now one paycheck goes into the evil TDBank (who will probably charge me a fee to mention them) and the other goes into the sunny, friendly credit union. We’re slowly switching our autopays to the new account, so the fact that we have survived this so far with everything clearing is a miracle/relief.

5. What seems to have disappeared without a trace?
Reports of voter tampering in the presidential election. Funny, that. Did you know that Romney didn’t receive one vote in 59 voter districts in Philadelphia? Not one. Not even an accidental one by a Mr. Magoo type. Corruption stinks on both sides of the aisle. But hey, whatever!

Enjoy your weekend! I think we’re putting up our tree. 🙂

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One Response to Friday 5: I’m trying to preposition you

  1. scrivener November 16, 2012 at 10:49 pm #

    That magazine back-to-front thing? I do that too. Not with them all, but sometimes with those whose content is seldom more than a page or two in length, like Entertainment Weekly. I’m not sure why I do it either. Seems more interesting.

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