NaNoWriMo 2012: Permanently Shelved

Rabbit, rabbit!

I realized this morning as I was posting the “Break my Stride” video to Facebook that my Facebook page has replaced this blog. So from now on, 85% of the dumb crap that I post on FB will be posted here. AKA, will return to being the home of all of my dumb crap.

nanowrimo 2012

Thus, I give you the first 347 awful words of my NaNoWriMo effort for 2012 — Permanently Shelved.

Oliver Beauregard snatched every newspaper copy he could get his hands on that sunny October morning. He practically broke into a jog to get back to his apartment. He sprinted up the three flights of stairs and burst into the front door. His wife, Maxine, had a pot of coffee on already and the kids were off to school.

“Someone’s happy today,” she remarked as she poured him a cup and offered him a slice of toast.

But he ignored her as he flipped through the pages of the Times. Finding the headline he was looking for, his smile tightened. “Miller bio a mixed bag?” he read aloud.

Maxine put the pot down. “Mixed means there’s some good in there.”

He scanned the story. .”’.mired in boring details.’ Boring? I can’t help it if his life was a bit slow in parts. I’m a biographer, not a fiction writer,” he bellowed. ” ‘Obviously padded word count’ …padded? But…Miller WANTED all of that info about his schooling in there. Obviously, this reviewer’s from the other party.

He harrumphed and tossed the paper aside. Maxine picked it up and skimmed the story as best she could. “Oliver…it says in here that your interpretation of Miller’s first foree—“

“FOR-AY,” he corrected as he tore through The Daily Call and Response for their review.

“…foray into politics was masterful. That’s good.”

“It’s all supposed to be good, Maxine. Do you think people ever remember the good parts of a review? “

Maxine paused. “Well what’s the Call say?”

Oliver’s expression darkened. “Mayor’s story a snoozer.”

“Oh my.” Maxine poured herself a coffee and sat down. She had read Oliver’s work twice over before the book was published and although she took vows 11 years ago to support and respect her husband she quietly found herself in agreement with the reviews. Mayor Lawrence Miller was a colorful character. He incorporated their beachside town and turned it into a destination for the local upper echelon of society. Sure, The Beauregards had to move into a smaller town a few miles away because their landlord turned them out in favor of a better heeled couple, but Miller did a lot for the town. And Oliver’s book was far from colorful.

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  1. Steve Hall November 1, 2012 at 10:55 am #

    Yay for more on the blog! (Since I avoid FB like the plague)

    Also, hurray for NaNo! Although I’m not playing this year, I’m supporting many who are. Would love to have you join us at

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