Back in the summer of 1994 when I finally wheedled my family into getting a computer with a modem and the Prodigy service I was faced with the challenge of choosing a user name or “handle” for the chat rooms. My prodigy-issued account name, KYFX39A, didn’t exactly seem personal.

So I look the name Gypsy72. “Gypsy” sounded dark and exotic (ha!) but was also the name of the robot in Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) who ran the ship. 72 is my birth year. I dropped the 72 when chat people kept asking me if I was 72 years old. I added “Lady” in the front because I was tired of people asking me if I was female (a question that follows me through every online game I play). Thus I became LadyGypsy. Look! History!

MST3K was a guilty pleasure for me for many years. I blame it for the continuous snarky dialogue in my head whenever I watch movies. Then Comedy Central gave up on it and the Sci-Fi channel ruined it and it went away.

Until now. Kind of.

Turns out Joel Hodgson, the creator and first “host” of MST3K who left the series halfway through its run has reorganized four of the original writers/cast members and created Cinematic Titanic. (sweet merciful crap the cast didn’t age well!!) They just started up in December, and in the near future they’ll release DVDs of the cast silhouetted in front of a movie screen, making fun of the movie that’s playing. Sounds like a familiar format but…sweet!

So I thought..hey…I wonder what Mike Nelson’s doing now? He was the head writer of MST3K and took over as host after Joel left. (I liked the Mike episodes better. So sue me.)

A little Googling found Rifftrax , where Mike and two OTHER former castmembers release MP3s of them riffing on movies. You download the MP3 and play it along with your DVD. Oh, and they’re also called The Film Crew. On that site, you can buy DVDs of movies featuring the guys riffing on movies. And they started this in 2006. Sweet!

So it’s Team Joel (Joel, the first Crow/Dr. Forrester, TV’s Frank, Pearl Forrester/Jan in the Pan, and the first Tom Servo/first Gypsy) vs Team Mike (Mike, the second Tom Servo and the second Crow) doing the same darn thing on opposing sites. Team Joel has more writer-power — but probably more ego. Team Mike has fewer members, but aged MUCH better, and they didn’t write a press release with an incorrect use of the word “it’s”.

This is the Jets/Sharks showdown of the geek world! May the snarkiest group win!!


PS: I received the title for my car today! Mua ha ha!

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