Friday 5: Wisdom

Happy Friday!

I was asleep on/before 10:00 every night this week except Tuesday, because I was happy The Mindy Project was back. I made up for that on Wednesday night when I passed out on the sofa before 9. Nine! There is nothing physically wrong with me (although I’ve been really blue, but I’m dealing with that), so I’ll chalk this up to siphoning off WM’s back-to-school fatigue. I must stop being so empathetic.

Before I pass out, here week’s Friday 5 theme is Wisdom. Oh, that’s something I’m an expert on. *maniacal laughter*

1. Some people say you should never mix business with friendship. What experience have you had that would either refute or confirm this wisdom?

Refuted! I can’t say I’ve had a bad relationship being friendly with a coworker or client. I think when I was a young manager at the C-P I could have drawn a bolder line in between me and my department to make some things easier, but I don’t think we suffered much from it.

2. Some people say you should never let ‘em see you sweat. What experience have you had that would either refute or confirm this wisdom?

Confirmed! I hate speaking in front of a group, even if I know them. I’ve given many presentations where I was absolutely terrified from three days before until an hour after, but people never saw through it because I was loud and sounded confident. You can basically say ANYTHING in front of a group with very little consequence as long as you’re confident about it. (See also: Jameis Winston, Joan Rivers, blog conference speakers.)

3. It is often said that you should never put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today. What experience have you had that would either refute or confirm this wisdom?

Confirmed! Sometimes there is a task that I put off for so long that the mere mention of the task becomes terrifying. (Home: laundry; Work: annual meeting data import.) As the days go by and people ask about the import while my clean panty supply dwindles, the scale of the task snowballs. But once I do it, the task isn’t awful at all. So yeah, do it as soon as you can. If it’s a big task, break it down into the tiniest steps (Home: check balance on laundry smartcard; Work: send email suggesting a meeting.) and once you check off those steps, the momentum will grow. It works! (See also: UFYH.)

4. It is often said that you should never get romantically involved with someone at work (there’s a cruder way of putting it, but I’m declining to use that selection of words). What experience have you had that would either refute or confirm this wisdom?

Confirmed-ish. I was responsible for the breakdown of the relationship and handled it poorly. Afterward it was very awkward getting change for my cash register. (Back then people used actual currency. Google it!) But I was young and dumb and maybe that contributed to how awkward it became?

5. What piece of wisdom from your own life should be a catchy proverb for others to live by?

Don’t be a douchebag.
Konnichiwa, bitches!
Can we stop being douchebags, already?
Never exist digitally naked.

If you don’t have the big life you imagined you’d have, you can still live your small life big.

This weekend we are babysitting my adorable and squashy-cheeked nephew, and then heading to the Ren Faire. We are not taking Nephew to the Ren Faire because it’s Scottish/Celtic weekend and he’s too young to witness Auntie drooling over kilts. There will also be laundry done (see above mention of dwindling panty supply) and healthy foods purchased.

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Missing Charlie

I still hear him in his litterbox in the bathroom, scratching around and tossing litter all over the floor. We miss him at night when he doesn’t sit by WM’s feet. I miss his big fatness crammed in between the sofa and the wall.

Meditating cat.

Meditating cat.

We ordered this fat orange cat statue. It goes with the meditating pig but more importantly it makes me remember my fat orange cat and smile.

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The Island review

The IslandThe Island by Elin Hilderbrand
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Island is a sweet story of two sets of sisters. Each woman brings her own agenda & problems to a month-long stay in a rustic family beach house. I was supposed to read this on my beach trip in August, but I chose Landline first. I wish I had done it the other way around.

Elin Hilderbrand’s a crafty, crafty lady. Because even if are bored or irritated with one of the characters (for me it was Chess) you still have three other women to enjoy. I especially liked Tate. You know that child who gets no attention because she is happy and even-keeled? That’s Tate. I rooted hard for Tate because her family sure didn’t bother.

In fact, even though this book is supposedly more about Birdie’s & Chess’s stories, India’s and Tate’s stole my heart. India’s story was written very tenderly and went in a different direction than I expected from a book like this.

Sure, there are eye-rolling moments, and maybe if I read this in the dark and damp gloom of November I’d have liked it less and would be railing about the imaginary problems of moneyed women with WASPy nicknames like Birdie and Chess. But it fit the bill for a breezy summer read. When summer rolls around again I’ll reach for another Elin Hilderbrand book.

I keep going back and forth clicking the third and fourth stars. Let’s just call this 3 1/2 stars.

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Bead Fest 2014

I’m pretty lucky that Bead Fest, “the largest bead and jewelry-making event on the east coast” is about an hour and ten minutes away from where I live. Mom and I head out every year and I spend too much money.

That's me. Vintage Kim. Bead Haven's booth.

That’s me. Vintage Kim. Bead Haven’s booth.

I don’t take any classes, because they are so very pricey. I can’t fathom spending over around $200 for a class and still having to bring my own supplies. I know the classes are hours long and the instructors are top-notch and there is a kit included. But that money hurdle seems really high when you add it to the money I’d spend anyway on beads in the Expo Hall.

This year Mom and I went on Saturday, August 23rd and here’s my haul!

Bead Haven

Bead Haven

These are either going to make an amazing bracelet or a bunch of amazing earrings. Or if I could make brooches, these would be great to sell in November and donate the proceeds to Wounded Warriors! Someone buy these beads from Bead Haven and do that!

Veni Vidi Beadi

Veni Vidi Beadi

I make sure to visit Veni Vidi Beadi’s booth each year. The beads in the tube are pewter spacer beads — the beads that go in between your flashier beads. I liked the fallish colors of the strings of beads you see, and I’m a stupid sucker for grab bag mixes.

Suburban Girl Studio

Suburban Girl Studio

I have seen Suburban Girl Studio‘s face beads in a bunch of jewelry magazines, and I couldn’t wait to see them in person. The seashells will become earrings, and the little ceramic flowers are telling me they want to be tiny pendants.



Some wire so I can make my own earwires and clasps. I also do some wrapping. ParaWire is my go-to brand for all of that. It’s non-tarnish, something I wish I knew about when I started. Some of my old pieces I wear are getting very cruddy looking. I’m not a fan of patinas – I like my jewelry to shine.

And you can't make pretties without the rings, pins, and findings to do so!

And you can’t make pretties without the rings, pins, and findings to do so! I liked BuyBead’s table because it was nothing but findings. No nonsense. Those filigree cones though – I have great plans for them. You’ll have to wait ’til early October to see them.

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