Goodbye, January!

Today is day 15 of our “omg what is WRONG with us we need to turn this around NOW” life plan. I’m so stinking proud of us. The plan is as follows:


My exercise assistant.

  • Eat our own food. No takeout. (Wednesday dinner w/Mom is an exception, as are lunches that work buys for us, as long as I eat one serving and not three. And Fancy Coffee Friday, because that’s just yogurt, granola, and black coffee.) We make a menu on Sundays and we stick with it.
  • One cheat meal twice a month. Cheat day does not work for us, because we are Summa Cum Laude Cheat Dayers. When it comes to maximizing the amount of awful food one can intake in a single day, we excel.
  • Exercise 6 days a week. I’m not talking anything awful, just 25 minutes a go.
  • For me, no drinking in January. That was easy.

Today I prepped and roasted four pounds of chicken breasts. Most of them went to lunches, but two were reserved for tonight’s dinner. I’m using this recipe from Gimme Some Oven (I love that name!) with a rub from Penzeys and as God is my witness I will never eat dried out chicken again.


I am destined to never make it more than 25 months with the same iphone.

In 2012 I dunked my iPhone 2 into a sink, and had to buy a 4s.

In 2014, exactly 2 years to the DAY later, I dropped my 4s in the toilet. Bought an iPhone 5s.

Here in 2016, 2 years and 9 days later, my 5s decided that the external speaker was optional. No music, no ring, no text tones, no alarm. Just vibration ’til the end of days. Except, I don’t wear my phone on me, so that wouldn’t work. I spent last night wiping and resetting and trying every solution found online. Today I went to the Apple Store and got the 6s on AT&T’s 24 month payment plan. My 5s netted me a $200 gift card which I spent on the tax and … Applecare. Finally, I’m learning.

(I bought the rose gold model, and ordered this Kate Spade case.)

And today my worlds collided on Twitter:

tweet between Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

tweet between Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

I love this life! Bring on February!

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From the depths of the 2016 blizzard

Snow: 2 feet, with drifts over 4 feet.

kcup snowman

My kind of snowman.

Watching: Fixer Upper, Master of None, WWE wrestling
Reading: Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman
Listening: The Hamilton Soundtrack
Wearing: Layers
Hair color: Garnier 50 – Medium Natural Brown

We didn’t exchange Christmas gifts this year because we wanted to save money for Disney in Feburary. Alas, we decided to be adults and cancel that trip for a bit so we can Dave Ramsey ourselves back into a comfortable spot. (Ollie’s dental surgery knocked out a significant chunk of our emergency account.) But once we canceled the trip, we ordered one gift for the both of us: a Total Gym.

Last week I worked out 6 days, with Wednesday off. I’m aiming for 20 minutes at a time, because I am pretty out of shape. I alternate between a beginner’s workout on the Total Gym, and a 20-minute beginning yoga routine. Whenever I exercise, it sounds like a Foley artist is behind me breaking stalks of celery. That’s ok.

We are cooking dinner every night. While WM does most of the cooking (I excel at packing lunches) I bought Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything: The Basics and I’m finding it’s the perfect remedial book for someone like me. I made his roast chicken cutlets last week and they were goooooooooooooooooooooood.


max sleeping

Although Max is alive and well, he looks like he’s dead every time he falls asleep. It’s jarring.

Max is great. He is still diabetic and blind and old. But he still loves to eat and play and still can get around great. Max’s quality of life is still burning brightly, as evidenced by his cuddles and tail wags. He’s up to 11 units of insulin twice a day. He’s been so stable that I haven’t had to test his pee in months. Every day that he’s still with us is a gift.


Ollie is down almost 10 lbs from his largest. The vet staff is very proud of us. Ollie is probably the most successful of us all in managing his weight. 😉

This blog:

Sheesh. I am having such a time with this blog. All sorts of little dinky reverberations from the weird hacky attempts in November. Now I have a bunch of plugins not working, and my scheduled posts aren’t working either. I have a hunch my cron jobs aren’t working as they should. It’s ok. I’m smart woman formerly in tech. I can figure this out. Maybe.

I hope!

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Come to the Edge book review

Come to the EdgeCome to the Edge by Christina Haag
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At 43, I am too young to care about the Kennedys. They are a relic of generations before me, and I have the privilege (?) of seeing them both through more unbiased reporting and the lackluster current generation. JFK Jr included.

But I heard this was a book about young love and I am a sucker for poignant love stories that don’t pan out.

Christina Haag is a fantastic writer. She made me care about these two super-privileged kids and their unconventional relationship. And while she confirmed my suspicion that Jr. was a risk-taking dudebro who wasn’t very bright, I didn’t hate him. I couldn’t. I even warmed up to Jackie, whom I always regarded as a cold, money-focused debutante.

There is an ache that can only be caused by loving someone wildly in your 20s and having that love die for no real reason at all. This book completely captures the ache.

My only beef is that it’s not written chronologically. One paragraph she’s at John’s memorial service, and the next it’s a week before their play. But even though I knew how the story ended, I still held hope that it wouldn’t.

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Hello, it’s me…

I was wondering if after all these years
You’d like to meet, to go over everything

First Christmas in our new home.

First Christmas in our new home.

When last she left you, your authoress was excited about posting every day in November. And life said, “yeah right…” Let’s rewind to November and December…

  • This site suffered a slew of spammy attempts to log into the WordPress admin panel. The attacks were causing my site to take up too much CPU resources on the server I share with other sites. I had to work with my host, Lunarpages, to batten down the hatches. This went on for weeks. I think (hope?) it’s calmed down now.
  • I had the remnants of my tooth pulled out and the gums stitched up.
  • Ollie had dental surgery – teeth cleaning and a bunch of extractions.
  • I had a doctor appointment that, while not bad, wasn’t what I wanted to hear.
  • On the night before Thanksgiving, my aunt collapsed. She died on December 3. My family isn’t large. I only had two aunts and an uncle. Now I have one aunt left. It’s very sobering that death in my parent’s generation is no longer a fluke but a regularity. I’m still gutted. Her funeral was mid-December.
  • I emotionally limped through the holidays.

And here I am. Back to work and (faking) back to life. Blowing the dust off of the blog again.

Current mood: Until then we have to muddle through somehow….

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