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Big Little LiesBig Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
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At first I haaaaaaated this book. I haaaaaated all of the parents and I strongly disliked all of the kids. I thought the pacing was far too slow and I was annoyed by the little blurbs of inserted testimony.

And then about a third of the way in, something magical happened. I started to care about these flawed parents and their goofy kids. More than halfway through, I didn’t want any of the ones I cared about to be the murder/accident victim and I was starting to dread Trivia Night.

Big Little Lies starts out as a toss-away fluff chick-lit book, and then grows into a twisting work of art, interspersing laugh-out-loud moments and dark gut-punch moments together in a way that cheapens neither. While I did guess who the bully was (sort of) early on, the actual death/accident surprised me in a good way. And in the end, the story belongs to the people you’d least expect.

I’m very glad I stuck with it!

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Max’s eyes

We are two months past Max’s diabetes diagnosis and things are going as well as can be expected. His pee strips were still showing higher levels of sugar, so we’ve slowly moved his insulin dosage up to 9 units twice a day.

Max, dog of my heart.

Max, dog of my heart.

The constant drinking and peeing has stopped, with only an occasional leak here and there which could just be the signs of an old dog.

Now he’s close to 100% blind. It’s heartbreaking to open a bag of treats in the kitchen and watch Ollie speed in alone while Max carefully shuffles in a minute later. And he doesn’t look directly at me anymore. Instead, his cloudy eyes look past me.

But don’t count Max out. He’s scrappy and smart. He’s learning the lay of the land. It’s like watching a little snuffly Roomba robot as he walks the baseboards. He’ll softly bump his nose into something and then adjust. We are talking to him during our walks and getting him used to following our voices. He’s relearned how to use the ottoman to hop onto the sofa. And yesterday, he even stole a toy from Ollie — Just like the old days!

We are in this ’til the end. Max has been with me through a lot of my own changes and crises. The least I can do in return is narrate a walk. :)

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Friday 5: Superpowers

Holy crap am I dragging into this weekend. I was only in work four days. FOUR DAYS! It feels like eighty and I am exhausted. I am a spoiled, spoiled human bean.

A portrait of the author, drinking and whining.

A portrait of the author, drinking and whining.

Or maybe it’s not because of work (which, I sit down all day, mkay?) but because I am constantly worried about everything these days. I’m never paralyzed by the worries, but sometimes they flit into my brain in rapid succession. I discount them quickly (“Well, sure, someone COULD taze me and toss me into a van while I walk between the train station and the shuttle station, but that’s not a very realistic fear so I should let this go.”) but some days triaging them all is a drain. Still working on being brave.

Or it could be because our office fish died this week. He died on Wednesday and it took a larger toll on me than I thought. Honestly, with Charlie’s death, Max’s illnesses, and the fish dying, you should not let me near your pets. Seriously. Watch out, Ollie.

Or it could be because I’ve eaten like a feral six year old for two weeks. That ends Monday.

In any case, I’m keeping this weekend very laid back and low key.

Time for the Friday 5! This week’s theme is Superpowers, so this should be a blast to write!

1. If you temporarily had the power of invisibility, what’s the first thing you’d do with it?

The first thing I would do is sneak on a flight to Anaheim and sneak into Disneyland’s Club 33. I may even snipe some food from other peoples’ plates. A very close runner up would be sneaking on a flight to Washington DC to sit in the Oval Office. Not for anything nefarious! I want to see some meetings happening. Scandal has ruined me.

2. If you temporarily had the power of telekinesis, what’s the first thing you’d do with it?

I’d ring the Liberty Bell. Could you imagine the reaction of the tourists and docents?

3. If you temporarily had the power of teleportation, what’s the first thing you’d do with it?

I’m going to assume that I’d have the power to teleport back to New Jersey. If so, I’d spend the day on a Hawaiian beach. It’s cold here and even though I’m just back from a vacation, I can’t resist the call of the beach.

4. If you temporarily had the power of super-stretchy limbs, what’s the first thing you’d do with it?

I would enter and exit my dee-luxe apartment in the sky by stretching myself down from of my balcony to the ground. If that were a permanent power, I would never, ever, ever use the main lobby door again. You know, I think I might be ready for my own house after all.

5. If you temporarily had the power of super strength, what’s the first thing you’d do with it?

Triumphantly visit parking lots in my area and physically move cars that are improperly parked. Maybe I could stack them up. I’d be a parking paladin!

But if I had to choose a power, it would be flight.

Have a great weekend!

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Even the squirrels are hipsters


A squirrel eats from a discarded Nutella container outside of my dee-luxe apartment in the sky. I think I need to move out of my little hipster town.

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