Brothers and very best friends

We’ve been having a lot of thunderstorms lately. During a particularly nasty one, the zoo was hunkered down on the sofa with me. And this happened.

Ollie and Charlie, holding hands. (c) me, Kim Russell

Ollie and Charlie, holding hands. (c) me, Kim Russell

Yes, that’s Charlie and Ollie “holding paws” during the storm. If I could freeze time and keep my current configuration of pets like this forever, I would in a minute.

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Stupid beading tricks: Sprite bracelet

A few years ago at Bead Fest Philadelphia* I bought two bottle cap beads because I thought they were the most unique and happy beads ever. And they are! But I had no idea what to use them for.


I finally forced myself to use one in a bracelet. I used gray waxed Irish linen to tie two strands of green beads and one string of clear glass rounds together. I still don’t know if I like it or not.

*Bead Fest is amazing. Just amazing. I can’t wait. I don’t even take classes. I just walk up and down the rows, touching the tables and drooling.

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Friday 5: All’s Fair

Happy Friday! Summer Friday for me. Started it by waking up on my own with cramps at 7:30am. Huzzah. (Sometimes, I miss the Pill.) But we went out to breakfast, so it got better.

Using Christmas stamps on a July bday card? Classy. That's me.

Using Christmas stamps on a July bday card? Classy. That’s me.

I spent the afternoon doing coursework for my R Programming Coursera class. Warning – if you’re taking the Data Science classes, the 3-5 hours/week they tell you you’ll spend is a dirty, dirty lie. I’m up to 11 hours so far this week and I just realized I skipped a video. Plus I think R’s just an awful language to learn.

On to brighter things…WM had his stitches taken out on Wednesday and his carpal tunnel (and the hand served by it) is healing nicely. He’s heading to Michigan on Monday to visit his family for a week. I’m working from home on Tuesday and am off on Wednesday so the dogs won’t get lonely. (shifty eyes) Okay, fine. It’s so I can blast my music and walk around without pants.

Mom and I are heading back to Virginia Beach in August. Looking forward to it!

And I’m finally married in the eyes of the car insurance company. That’ll save us between $40-$50/month.

This week’s Friday 5 theme is “All’s Fair.” I don’t go to the NJ State Fair because it’s an over 2-hour drive from where I live, and no pig racing is worth that. We do try to go to the Gloucester County 4H Fair (even though I don’t live in Gloucester County) because it’s

1. How do you feel about carnival rides?

Less thrilled the older I get. And it’s not because of the “oh, they get built overnight!” safety crap. They’re just not appealing to me anymore.

2. How do you feel about carnival games?

LOVE. I will spend all of my money AND yours on a rigged ring toss game. I love the sound of the rings clinking against the glass bottles.

3. What’s your favorite carnival food?

French fries, kettle corn & lemonade.

4. Which animals do you look forward to seeing at the fair?

I’m not into fair animals because the tags punched through their ears make me sad. And I’m unimpressed by the “skill” it takes to raise a prize-winning rabbit. And then I start to feel badly for eating meat. I can’t think about it. (fingers in ears) LA! LA! LA!

5. How much does it cost to ride the bus in your city?

Huh? Oh… FARE. Sneaky! I don’t know how much NJ Transit charges for their service, but I know that a subway token in Philadelphia (SEPTA still uses tokens and will for a little while longer) costs $2.25, so I assume that the bus fare costs the same.

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Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore review

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour BookstoreMr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think I may have done this book a disservice by reading it after the Goldfinch, but you know what? It’s a darn charming little book. It’s a little SciFi/Fantasy and a little YA and a little tech, but I enjoyed the crap out of it. I nerded out at the typography parts and the epilogue warmed me to the bottom of my sappy sappy heart.

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