My favorite healthy dessert

Apple and granola.

Apple and granola.

WM came up with this a few weeks ago, and it’s quickly become my go-to for noshing on in front of the TV.

It’s so crunchy and nutty and sweet. I mean, it’s no cheesecake or sleeve of Oreos, but it’s much better for us.

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No book review

Normally I have a book review on Tuesdays, but with only 50 pages left of A Discovery of Witches I found this on my Nook reader:



Bah. Because of my -ahem- rereading of certain parts of Outlander, I lost track of when I checked ADW out. I’m back on the hold list at the library and am amusing myself with The Night Circus while I wait.

For the longest time I would fume because Kindle books regularly drop to $4.99 or so while Nook books are usually always above $10. But I did some reading and downloaded the Calibre E-book manager (not a sponsored link, I suck, etc.). That way I can grab books for cheap on Amazon (like The Night Circus and then read them on the free Kindle app ORRRRRRR move them to my Nook. DRM drives me crazy.

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Thank you, Virginia Tourism Corporation! (and a Max update)

If you recall, Mom and I went to Virginia Beach for vacation last year and this year. Thanks to a helpful birdie at Wired Stone Designs my blog post caught the attention of Val at She kindly sent Mom and me a gift pack of goodies!

I remember this slogan the first time it was used!

I remember this slogan the first time it was used!

When I was little, we went to Virginia on a family trip and my mom bought an original Virginia is for Lovers t-shirt. So it was fitting that I gave the shirt to her. Being my mom, she let me keep the rest of the swag.

There’s a plastic tumbler with straw – that’s going to work to alternate with my Wonder Woman tumbler. The journal and pen will be used during my eighteen-year-long NaNoWriMo edit. And the hat will see lots of weekend and vacation action.

Thank you, Val, for the lovely gifts!

Max: So after 6 days of increased insulin and a switch to high-protein, grain-free food I took him to the vet for another blood glucose test and his levels are … the same. Sugar still in the 500s. Boggling, right? Apparently the doctor thought that too. Even though it was a tech visit, he popped in. He thinks Max’s levels spike due to stress from being at the vet and he might be just fine at home with the amount of insulin he’s on. Especially since he’s asymptomatic. So he told me to stop bringing him in once a week for blood draws and get some urine strips to monitor him at home. They’re not going to keep increasing his insulin because they don’t want to knock him into hypoglycemia. We don’t have another appointment for three months. I ordered the strips from Amazon yesterday and we’re just going to take this day by day.

I’ll admit, I’m thrilled that I can stop taking him in every week. And he’ll be thrilled too. He’s not a fan of the frequent visits.

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Friday 5: Wrap It or Cap It

Happy Friday!

I bought them each a  deer antler at the pet store to chew on. Max keeps stealing Ollie's, no matter which one Ollie has. Max can be a real jerk, but I love him.

I bought them each a deer antler at the pet store to chew on. Max keeps stealing Ollie’s, no matter which one Ollie has. Max can be a real jerk, but I love him.

Tonight I’m off to see Gone Girl with some lovely ladies. Tomorrow Max has a(nother) vet appointment at noon. He’s on new food now. Fingers and paws crossed for nice drop in blood glucose. Otherwise I don’t know what else to do – I really don’t want to have to buy prescription food just for him. It’ll be a nightmare keeping him and Ollie eating out of their proper bowls. He’s already on more insulin than Mickey was, but he also weighs almost twice as much. I looked back at my blog entries from 2003, and when Mickey couldn’t be stabilized he had to be kept at the vet’s all day for monitoring every 2 hours. The vet’s being a lot more laissez-faire this time around, but I have to remember this is a different dog. Mickey had heart problems, too, and Max is thankfully pretty stout and healthy.

Ugh. I’m over-analyzing this. Different dogs are different. Moving on.

Here’s the Friday 5 – this week’s theme is “Wrap It or Cap It” which honestly sounds a bit safe-sexish to me.

1. What did you last stick a sticker on?
I made an appointment with a financial guy (!) to talk about what to do with my Gannett 401k (!!) and about a potential house down payment (!!!). The exclamation points are to indicate terrifyingly adult things that even at forty-cough I’m still amazed I have the chops to do. In my planner, I put a little dollar bill sticker on that date, which completely negates the serious adultness of it all.

2. What did you last put a lid on?

I put the cap onto my eyebrow pencil this morning, if a cap counts. It’s not that my brows are thin (au contraire), it’s just that I’m growing some gray very light almost white-blond eyebrow hairs now and having an eyebrow pencil darken up behind them helps my brows stand out.

3. What did you last wrap in foil?

A sad, leftover turkey burger from earlier this week. We made four, ate three. Number four was wrapped in foil and went into one of WM’s lunches this week.

4. What did you last unscrew a screw out of?

A battery compartment on a little light-up pumpkin I bought at Target. It used AAA batteries which I don’t have, so I immediately re-screwed the lid back onto the battery compartment and moved on. It looks just as lovely without the light.

5. What did you last hold together with tape?

The FedEx label onto our exhibit box when I shipped it back here from Atlanta. I always rip the top sheet off too hard and pull the second layer with it.


Have a great weekend!

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