The ghost of #tbt yet to come

My blog’s elevator pitch: Good intentions. Lots of promise. Zero follow-through.

Yup. This is about where I'm at right now.

At least I put the hashtag ON the box, yes?

Things are chugging along. Holiday parties are being had, cards are being written, boxes are being wrapped, cookie recipes are being stared at and put away.

But someday, I’ll have decent #tbt photos! :)

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Fangirl review

FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy this book, because I am old, grumpy and not a Harry Potter fan. And sure enough, I really grumped my way through the first half of the book.

Our main character is Cather, college freshman, twin sister of Wren*, anxiety-sufferer and one of the best Simon Snow fanfic writers out there.

Simon Snow is a boy magician who goes to a magical school to learn magical things. There are 8 books in his series. Cath writes fanfic about Simon being in love with his roommate, the vampire Baz. Cath and Wren threw themselves into the Simon Snow universe after their mother left home on 9/11/01. Yes, THAT 9/11/01.

Their mother, besides having crappy ideas on how to name humans, is a real knob. Cath (the smart one) and Wren (the social one) learned to keep the household humming to support their emotionally-fragile father. They used to write the fanfic together, but now that they are off to college, Wren wants to spread her wings and be her own person. She got a pixie haircut and told Cath they weren’t rooming together.

So Cath miserably goes to college, is assigned a surly roommate (Reagan) with a boyfriend (Levi) that always hangs out in their room, and emos her way through. All the while, she’s worried about Wren’s (typical college freshman) judgment, their father, who has the emotional maturity of a gnat and is alone for the first time, and her epic Simon Snow work, which must be finished before the final Simon Snow book is released.

Because once Cath started pulling it together (this is not spoilery, you know she’s going to start maturing eventually), I dopey-smiled my way through the rest. I liked her friendships with Reagan and Levi. I liked her supportive writing professor. I liked the subplot with their mother and how it ended in a realistic way.

Fangirl has plot holes large enough to drive a bus through and is definitely meant for young adults, but it’s an enjoyable light read even if you are older than Cath’s dad.

(*I’m irritated that some Rowell fangirl is going to totally name her twin girls Cather and Wren.)

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O Christmas tree

*clears throat*

Ode to an artificial tree.

Ode to an artificial tree.

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging!
We bought you, tree, from QVC
Thy leaves are so unchanging!

We chose you from our comfy chair
while shopping in our underwear,
Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!
Delivered in a box, to me!

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!
Aluminum and plastic!
Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!
Assembly is fantastic!

You bring such joy from far and near
And look the same from year to year
Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!
With plastic leaves unchanging!

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Yes Please review

Yes PleaseYes Please by Amy Poehler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hi! I’m a forty-blah year old woman who loves Parks and Recreation and appreciates frank talk and humor! I’m the target audience for this book!

Standard disclaimer: This is not Tina Fey’s Bossypants. There is no rule that says that all female funnypeople have to write books just like Tina Fey. Every person is different. OK? OK.

Yes Please is not purely a memoir. Amy reminisces about her childhood, college and key moments in her career. She talks about the work behind getting Parks and Recreation on the air. There is very little talk about her marriage to Will Arnett, and that’s okay. Her thoughts on divorce are spot on, and I laughed aloud at one of her proposed divorce book titles: ““Hey, Lady, I Don’t Want To F**K Your Husband!” Ain’t that the truth. She loves her family and her kids, but we all suspected that.

I enjoyed her musings about not loving her body or her Irish eyebrows. But mostly, her frank talk about your career and how to deal with difficult situations was great, even if you’re just a mere office worker like me. I want to hang out with her and trade stories of times we ended up hugging people we didn’t want to.

I bought this in ebook format for my Nook, and so most of the little lists and photocopies were impossible to read. I hate that, especially because I paid as much as someone will once this book goes to paperback editions.

Finally: Amy…nobody forced you to write this book. The complaining about writing was funny the first few times. Yes, writing a book is hard. It’s harder if you’re not financially secure, have a small team of child-care workers, and are writing fiction.

So far I’ve read 36 books in 2014. View all my reviews on Goodreads!

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