Friday 5: Interruptions

Here is one of the biggest differences between WM and me: He’s currently dozing on his recliner in shorts, a tee-shirt, and bare feet. I’m on the sofa wearing fleece pants, a tee shirt, a hoodie, and in two pair of socks. I’m under 2 quilts, Max is next to me, and I have my burning hot laptop directly on top of the quilt instead of my lap desk.

My weather app is called Effing Weather and every day it makes me smile!

My weather app is called Effing Weather and every day it makes me smile!

This is cold!

The week was a little bit nutty, especially with the OMGBlizzard that didn’t materialize on Tuesday. I got to work from home, but I feel pretty duped by the forecasters. I know, I know, people will say that we shouldn’t complain because we didn’t get bad weather. But lots of time and money was lost because of the sensationalism of the news forecasts and I think the local networks need to dial it back a bit.


This week’s Friday 5 theme is Interruptions.

1. How regularly do you get interrupted at work, and how well do you handle it?

Irregularly, considering I work in a cubicle, but when it rains it pours. I can go a few hours working on one thing, and then be interrupted 4 or 5 times in a row. However, I’m one of those people who is constantly interrupted when I talk. I’ve tried talking louder, I’ve tried talking more quickly, and I’ve tried saying “Excuse me, I’m speaking” when I’m interrupted but no dice.

2. What was the occasion the last time a TV program you were watching was interrupted by breaking news?

While we were watching Sleepy Hollow (#RenewSleepyHollow) on Monday, we kept getting interrupted with updates on the “Blizzard.” It was mildly annoying.

3. Whose flow did you most recently interrupt, and what was so important?

Because I’m interrupted so much, I try my damnedest not to interrupt anyone else.

4. How easily does your train of thought get interrupted?

Ugh. The older I get the easier it is for me to get tossed off track. If it gets bad at work, I sign out a conference room for a half hour and go over my task & project lists to re-calibrate my mental compass.

5. What’s something in your life that could use some interrupting?

Ollie is snoring on the other side right now and I really should be stopping that. But I’m under a bunch of blankets and he’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy over there.

No house visits this weekend; instead we’re going to chip the ice off of Molly and go visit some neighborhoods. And then I’m going to catch up on my blog reading! Thanks for spending some of your precious bloggy time here!

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Wordless Wednesday: I hate winter

Taken last Wednesday.

Taken last Wednesday.

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This is Where I Leave You review

This is Where I Leave YouThis is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The premise of “This is Where I Leave You” is fantastic: four adult siblings who really only have their parents in common are summoned to sit a full 7-day Shiva for their dead father. For seven days have to live in the house together, and must all sit shoulder-to-shoulder in tiny, uncomfortable chairs receiving guests.

Except the Foxmans are unlikable and disrespectful jerks and find all sorts of reasons to blow off Shiva and leave the house. There are so many slapsticky scenes written into this book that you forget this is a family that’s supposed to be grieving. There’s an occasional “I miss Dad” tossed in to remind you, but they’re lost among the sex scenes, fights (How can grown men get in this many fistfights and nobody ends up arrested?), and misogyny.

And oh, the misogyny. Judd Foxman is our narrator. He found out that his (perfect, beautiful) wife was cheating on him with his boss and ended their marriage. Except she’s pregnant and now he’s on the hook for that. (Women, aren’t they awful?)

With that, I understand him not being so up on women. But the hateful way that he described the bodies of every single woman that passed within view was a real dealbreaker for me. This one is crinkly, that one is wrinkly, that one is fat. If you are a woman and have any body insecurity at all, Judd/Tropper will find a way to make you feel like crap about how you look.

There’s also a bit of F/M non-consensual sex, but you know, no big. (!!!WTF!!!) Women, they’re just awful.

I give this one two stars (reminder that on GoodReads, 2 stars means “It was ok.”) because there are some poignant sentences that hit you in the gut.

For a sequel, the Foxmans need to go to Mallorca with the family from The Vacationers. Call the book “Privilege Pilgrimage.”

This was the last book I read in 2014. View all my reviews on Goodreads!

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Three years at TNP! (and the Friday 5)

Brace yourselves, you longtime reader you, because the bomb I’m about to drop will make you realize that life is whizzing by faster than we can handle.

Today marked my three year anniversary at TNP! Wooooooo!

I looked back at my first post about TNP and here are the updates.

  • I no longer feel like I am the stupidest person in the office.
  • I am still jazzed by my commute into and out of the city. Even with the PATCO line’s maintenance schedule, it still beats driving in.
  • I must have passed that Meyer Briggs test
  • Internet sites are still blocked, but I don’t care.
  • I still love wearing jeans every day, but now I try to work some of my nicer pieces through. I guess I miss dressing up sometimes?

So basically…

But in a good way.

And this happened!

Coworker D surprised me with an anniversary turnover! #cubelife

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This is getting long, so here’s a jump to the rest of the post… Continue Reading →

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